AYHI Chapter 16.1

    After putting the hot water down, Butler Hang sat down at the table, he picked up his chopsticks and tasted the food he had made. In fact, he didn’t need to eat human food to replenish his energy; all he needed was light energy or electricity. But he would still try the food, else wouldn’t the designed taste function on him be a waste?

    Watching Butler Hang sit down Li pushed the food in front of him again, Butler Hang said thank you this time and dispelled the idea of wanting to pass it to Vee. Although he had taught Li a lot over the past two days, he still didn’t know if he would take it back if he handed it to Vee. It was completely childish to know that Li who seems to be scared of being beaten up by Vee will never change his mind about messing with Vee on purpose as well.

    And Vee is quite a hothead, he can be patient, but the limits of that patience are much lower than the norm.

    And after communicating with Gu Xuan from time to time over the past two days, it was finally clear why Vee had lost his temper at that time, to put it simply Vee was just upset that Li had been nice to someone else and not to him. Butler Hang aimed a glance at Li, Li blinked, as if he had received a message from Butler Hang’s eyes, then he pushed the food near his hands in front of Vee.

    Vee raised an eyebrow, the expression on his face changing quite a bit.

    Butler Hang took a bit of his own fried Fang Beast meat to his mouth, nodded and said, “This tastes good, it’s the same taste as the usual fried meat.”

    “Delicious.” Li nodded and praised it as well. His eyes lingered on Vee, watching Vee take the meat into his mouth, and only after watching Vee’s mouth chew, and finally seeing Vee nod slightly, did Li look away.

    The sight was a little baffling, but Vee didn’t care.

    Raymond also followed suit and took a piece of meat into his mouth, and couldn’t help but also lament the deliciousness of it, it really was the wisest thing to come to the Admiral’s house to scrounge up a meal, the meat of the Fanged Beast was indeed very delicious, no matter how it was made, it was a pity that a lot of the meat that Admiral Vee had given him last time had already been eaten up for quite a while.

    “Right, Vee!” Butler Hang put down the cutlery in his hands, “I forgot to tell you, in the two days you were away, Li ate all the leftover Fang Beast meat in the house, and now what’s on this table is the last portion, the one I purposely left behind for you.”

    “…… ” Vee chewed the meat in his mouth, feeling the smooth and delicious fresh taste, and looked up at Butler Hang after his eyes swept the side of the table, “A whole pantry full of meat ……”

    Vee knows best how big his own pantry room is, though there are many other food reserves besides the Fanged Beast’s meat, he remembers that there’s still plenty left before. 

    An ordinary Fang Beast was also over three meters tall and weighed almost 3.5 tons, and there was quite a bit left over after taking some of it to his family and the Emperor. That Fang Beast was the one that he went to hunt to tame shortly after he finished his mutation, but he ended up getting angry and beaten it to death. Soon after beating it to death, he went to the negotiation, and there was no one at home to eat it at all……

    Butler Hang nodded, “Well, it was all eaten by him, he loves to eat the Fanged Beast’s meat, and he kept asking me to make it for him after you left before.”

    “So you made it?”

    “Mm, see he’s been going around me yapping that he wants some of that meat, how could I not do it? He’s a good boy though you know. He had some of it just shortly before you got back, and he only subsided for a moment when I played that show with your virtual actor for him.”

    “I can’t believe he hasn’t bloated to death yet?” Vee couldn’t help but look at Li’s stomach, the place was still flat through his clothes, he was wearing Vee’s clothes, a simple shirt that still fit him well, and as his body moved, the clothes clung to his abdomen, and one could see the outlined abdominal muscles that were solid.

    Feeling the gaze of Vee, Li looked down at his belly, then reached out and touched the area of his abdomen, he chanted as if organizing his language, and shortly after, looked up at Vee and said, “This is a muscle, male, I’m male, can’t have children…”

    Li said and he reached out and pointed to Vee’s abdomen instead, “You’re a sub male, give birth to children……”

    “I have your Uncle’s children!” Vee responded back to Li straightforwardly, his eyes brushing over.

    Li closed his mouth and continued to eat meat.

    “Raymond, prepare me a regular ship tomorrow, I’m going to Planet Ceres.”

    “To catch Fangs?” Raymond couldn’t take his eyes off Li yet, and still found it unbelievable after pondering a series of questions in his mind about how Li can eat so much Fang Beast meat a few moments ago.

    Vee nodded, he drew a tissue and wiped his mouth pushing the untouched meat in front of him to Li, “Everything that should be prepared is ready, His Majesty won’t let me go to the battlefield so going to Ceres shouldn’t be a problem. Having just recovered from that time, there would be even less of a problem going there at this time.”

Translator’s Notes:

Vee, give Butler Hang a raise!

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