PP Chapter 14.1

Tang Junhe lay on his bed with his eyes wide open, looking at the darkness of the room.

He didn’t dare to close his eyes, but as soon as he did, the words Yang Xuan had just said and the look on his face when he said them would immediately appear in his head.

An eerie chill crept slowly up his back.

–what did Yang Xuan just say? Did his mother’s death have something to do with Tang Xiaonian?

He only heard Yang Chengchuan briefly say that Yang Xuan’s mother died of breast cancer, but never thought that this incident would have anything to do with Tang Xiaonian…

Although Tang Xiaonian always repeated in front of him over and over again that it was Yang Xuan and Yang Xuan’s mother who had robbed them of everything they were supposed to be entitled to, in his opinion, Tang Xiaonian had never thought of having it all back. Otherwise, at that time, when he heard the news that Tang Xiaonian was going to marry Yang Chengchuan, he wouldn’t have reacted so badly.

In his opinion, the biggest stain that Tang Xiaonian carried was that she should not have been Yang Chengchuan’s mistress back then… This stain could not be cleansed no matter what, even as Tang Xiaonian’s painstakingly raised son, Tang Junhe had to admit that he had secretly resented Tang Xiaonian more than once at some point in time.

Tang Xiaonian had never told him the story of her relationship with Yang Chengchuan before, nor had he ever had the slightest interest in the matter either. A story about a woman who stepped into someone else’s life wouldn’t be such a touching tale to hear.

It was a relationship that shouldn’t have happened, and he was also a child who shouldn’t have landed in this world, Tang Junhe thought with his eyes wide open in the darkness, no one was happy about his birth, maybe even his mother thought he was a problem at that time.

He was probably destined from birth to be haunted by someone like Zhou Lin.

He sighed quietly, when will he get out of here once and for all?

It was in the midst of this self-loathing that he had somehow fallen into a deep dream.

He was back at the side wall of that bar, where Zhou Lin squeezed his wrist and pinned him against the wall, and he tried to break free, but found that Zhou Lin was so strong that he couldn’t move.

Those disgusting hands were touching him, reaching in underneath his school uniform and down his back. He felt something very hard against his lower back and tried to turn his body to avoid it, but the man on top of him held him tightly in place with his legs.

“Don’t touch me ……” he tried his best to get away from the man, but it was to no avail, and despair welled up inside him.

The man wrapped him securely in his arms, cupping his jaw and forcing him to turn his face the other way. He twisted his head to refuse, but still smelled the hot breath on his face – no, it was a smell of cigarettes. Which is completely different from that sickening smell of alcohol, and the slightly rough calluses on the other’s hands that caressed his back was…

His strength to free himself gradually weakened, and he was pulled by the man’s strong jaw to face him squarely, but when he turned his face, he found that the person on top of him was not Zhou Lin – it was actually Yang Xuan!

Tang Junhe opened his eyes in a state of extreme shock, his chest heaving as he breathed rapidly into the darkness before him.

So it was a dream… He weakly released his grip on the sheets. The blanket had been kicked under the bed during his earlier struggle and he was breaking out in a cold sweat.

He sits up in bed and tries to get off the bed to pick up the blanket, but with a little movement, he suddenly realizes something is wrong with his lower body – it’s half hard and damp…

Is it the wet dream we talked about in Health class? Tang Junhe looked at his lower body and froze in thought. He didn’t dare move, because at the moment he did he could feel the slick, moist fluid that had just been secreted from his underwear down below.

When did the arousal start? When I got a whiff of that cigarette? Or when I felt those calloused palms? Or when I saw that face……

His long, neat, thick eyebrows, his slightly sunken eyes, and his high and straight nose, Tang Junhe was hazily recalling the dream – the person in the dream, it appears to be indeed Yang Xuan…

How did he dream that Yang Xuan tried to violate him? Tang Junhe bit his lip, looking terrified as he wondered how the disgusting Zhou Lin, who had tried to violate him, had turned into Yang Xuan. To make matters worse, he had a reaction and had his first wet dream…

The physiology books said that boys would experience wet dreams between the ages of 13 and 15, perhaps because of late development, or perhaps because of Zhou Lin, Tang Junhe was late to it. He only knew that sexual ‘desire‘ was a kind of desire, but he didn’t know what kind of desire it was, and never tried to understand it.

Because of Zhou Lin, he had a vague feeling that sexual ‘desire’ was dirty and unsightly, but now, he actually had sexual desire for Yang Xuan…

That’s my half-brother…… Tang Junhe thought overwhelmingly as he grabbed his underwear.

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Hey all, sorry for the delay updates…

I have exams coming up, so I am quite busy these days. I may or may not release chapters on time this month, I hope you guys can understand.

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Good job, Zhou Lin. You just left a psychological shadow on the child ಠ益ಠ

A dream is a recollection of specific events/recent experiences that happened throughout the day..
Now we know what triggers TJH to subject his desire to his *cough* half brother… it’s caused by this dastardly stalker.

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