PP Chapter 13.2

After Ying Hui left, Yang Xuan leaned back against the wall, lit a cigarette and smoked it, then fetched his phone from his pocket and opened the photo he had just taken.

Are you really in love? Do you really have a relationship like the one between Xiang Lisi and Zhang Chunlan from the music class? He thought with a slight frown.

He bit down on his cigarette and ran his index finger over the photo again, which wasn’t a very clear shot because of the poor lighting, but it was vaguely clear that the two hands weren’t holding each other, it was the hand of one man holding the wrist of the other.

There was something so off-putting about the way these two men stood. Not to mention the fact that his half-brother had really grown into a homosexual in the last ten years but even if he did, he wasn’t blind, was he?

Yang Xuan turned the screen off, put it back in his pocket, took a long drag of smoke, then straightened up from the wall and returned the same way he had come.

Go check it out, Yang Xuan thought as he smoked his cigarette low with his head, being nosy one more time.

As soon as he turned back, he realized that the place Tang Junhe just been in was empty.

They’re already gone?

The street in front of the bar was brightly lit compared to the alleyway just now, so if one went that way, it was unlikely that anything would happen.

He wasn’t far away just now, and he didn’t hear any violent arguments from this side – if there was danger, he would at least make a little noise, right?

Yang Xuan stood where the two men had just stood, finished a cigarette, threw the butt in the trash, and walked home down the street in front of the bar.

“What took you so long to get back?” Tang Xiaonian helped Tang Junhe take his bag off his shoulders

Yang Chengchuan, the city government’s deputy mayor, naturally never tried to get close to him again, even if he was his youngest son, there was no need for him to keep his status so low. So in this family, Tang Junhe and Yang Chengchuan are sometimes like two strangers who do not recognize each other.

Tang Xiaonian was about to help him take off his varsity jacket when Tang Junhe stopped her from doing so, “I’ll go back to my room and take it off myself.”

“Oh? Alright.” Tang Xiaonian followed him into the room and helped him put his bag on the chair in front of the desk, “Did you go out with your classmates tonight?”

Tang Junhe pulled at the cuffs of his school uniform and said, “Yeah.”

He thought Tang Xiaonian was probably going to nag him about those words to go home early, and was ready to ignore it, but did not expect Tang Xiaonian to say: “It’s a new environment for you, it is good to get in touch with your classmates, have you had enough to eat at night? What did you eat?”

Tang Junhe said, “It’s all western food, steak, fries, salad.”

“Did you get full with just those? Want me to put down some more noodles for you?”

“It’s a very filling meal.”

Tang Xiaonian walked up next to him and bent down to whisper into his ear, “Did Yang Xuan go too?”

Tang Junhe looked up at her and said, “Yeah.”

“He’s not coming back tonight?” Tang Xiaonian continued to lower her voice, afraid that Yang Chengchuan in the living room would hear.

Tang Junhe said, “I don’t know.”

“It’s better if he doesn’t come back.” Tang Xiaonian said and ruffled Tang Junhe’s hair, “Hurry up and change into your pajamas, and take off your school uniform for me to wash tomorrow.”

“Got it.”

After Tang Xiaonian walked out, Tang Junhe quietly went to the door, locked it, and sat back on the bed to take off his school uniform.

He wore a short-sleeved white T-shirt under his school uniform, and the bruises on his wrists looked particularly striking on his bare, white arms.

Just downstairs, he lifted the cuffs of his school uniform to take a closer look at the dim streetlight – and sure enough it was bruised and pinched.

Tang Junhe grew tender, never suffering under Tang Xiaonian’s pampering, and bumps and bruises would easily leave marks on his skin in his daily life, not to mention that Zhou Lin had just clamped down on him with such a strong grip.

He found a long-sleeved pajama shirt and put it on to cover the bruises on his wrists.

Tang Xiaonian cared about him in every possible way, and if he had just taken off his school jacket in front of her, she would surely have made a fuss, and then followed it up with endless questions, Tang Junhe mused.

He couldn’t let Tang Xiaonian know that Zhou Lin was still following him, so he had to lie to her.

Tang Junhe changed into his pajamas and opened the door from his bedroom, Tang Xiaonian who sat on the couch, called out to him, “Come over and eat some fruit.”

“I’ll eat later.” Tang Junhe responded and went into the bathroom.

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h h

At this point, I don’t have any patience for TX either. Yes, she didn’t know YC was married when she got pregnant but what she did after was her own decision. She chose to stay as his mistress despite knowing he is a POS with a family. Then, when the first wife kills herself, she chooses to marry him, waltz in and try to do pretend “happy family” with the trash while trying to keep the other son out? I hope she has a bad end and suffers.

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