With the ladle in hand, Li stood up and jumped from one side of the couch to the other, then seemed to let out a heavy snort from his nose, how it sounded full of disdain and derision. Then he looked at Vee proudly, and even purposely put the ladle in front of his nose to sniff it. Then, Li looked as if he was going to jump over, but it seemed that because he had judged that he couldn’t beat Vee at all, this kind of pointless attack would only get him beaten up in the end, so Li just watched vigilantly at Vee instead……

  Raymond was busy reaching out and dragging Li’s hand in front of him to walk over to Vee, “Admiral, Gu Xuan told me that if you beat this guy up again, he will die for sure.”

  ”It’s not that I want to beat him up, it’s definitely him asking for it, I feel sorry for myself if I don’t satisfy him.”

  Vee added, “Didn’t you see him smile at me just now as if saying ‘he’d let me give it to him’? Aren’t he just totally asking for it? And then when he got it he snorted, that was so cheap of him.”

  ”You were the one who teased him first, remember?”


  ”Admiral, let me show you a file.” Raymond quickly diverted Vee’s attention by dangling a piece of still-glowing green chip in front of Vee to get his attention.

  Vee glared at Li and looked at Raymond, “What information, put it on the table.”

  Raymond nodded and sat on the couch and opened the virtual light screen system on the coffee table in front of the couch, Raymond inserted the chip into the mechanical recesses and brought up the information.

  ”Here are two documents, one with Prince Will’s details and one with the details of what probably happened to Prince Will before.”

  On the light screen, a still image message appeared, on which Li was dressed in the special formal clothing of a Prince of the Royal Family in Maurice, the clothing was very formal, making Li look especially solemn, there was even a crown on his head, his brown hair was slightly curled, much shorter than the present, allowing a handsome face to be completely exposed, with a refreshing but also dignified look. He wore a coat of arms on his chest, and this coat of arms pattern was also found on his clothes, which was a combination of the royal symbol of Maurice and his own personal coat of arms.

  Below are Li’s detailed files, from Her Majesty the Maurice Empress’s pregnancy onwards, with all sorts of little things in great detail.

  Vee turned to look at the couch where Li sat, also looking intently at his profile. Vee asked Raymond, “This guy is only 22?”

  ”Yes, Admiral.”

  ”Can’t really tell how old he looks, I thought he was in his thirties.” Vee lamented.

  Raymond nodded, “Yeah, I was also amazed at how old he looked at twenty-two.”

  Li is indeed very handsome, yet this kind of handsomeness doesn’t seem to be something a twenty-two year old should have, even if Li can only be described as a child at the moment, there is absolutely no childishness on his face.

  There were so many little things written down that it gave Vee a headache, his eyes closed and he asked Raymond to give him a direct statement about the other information. Raymond looked at Li, the guy was staring at the light screen, perhaps because the information reminded him of something. After all, Li’s mind was being treated and recovering, although Vee had asked Gu Xuan to delay and decrease his recovery speed along with his ability, the possibility of recovering is still there.

  ”At 22, there is a custom for a Maurice citizen to celebrate his coming of age.”

  ”A few months ago were Prince Will’s coming-of-age ceremony for an interstellar parade, but since we don’t have a good relationship with Maurice, Maurice’s parade locations don’t include Talis. Prince Will made his return trip after a fifteen day parade, then was attacked by an unknown group that destroyed their spaceship, and he seemingly crashed to Planet K.” Raymond continued, “This is something that Maurice has no idea either. It’s because the other empires don’t know about the attack, so Maurice didn’t want to make it public. As for the Second Prince’s efforts to disguise a commercial ship, it was probably to cover up the search for Prince Will.”


  ”Admiral, Li’s crest, I think you’ll have to hide it somewhere where you can block any signal segments, I found out that the Maurice Imperial Family’ personal crest has some sort of device in there.”

  Vee raised an eyebrow, “That crest has a locator system and a life detector on it, Maurice’s ship must have found K Planet based on that crest alone, but they probably didn’t realize that K Planet’s atmosphere is different from our own.”

  ”This should be the reason why Maurice intensified their search, and I’m sure the target will mostly be on Talis, since the only survivor of the Second Prince’s cruiser was saved by me.”

  When Li got on the ship at that time, I had the ship turn on it’s shield, and the crest was unable to send out a transmission wave. When we reach my house, naturally I hid it away.”

  ”Admiral ……” Raymond wondered what he should say, before asking, “You knew there was something wrong with that crest?”

  ”That kind of device, just one touch and I know already.”


  Raymond stayed still with his mouth open, knowing that his own Admiral is powerful, but Admiral, please do not say it so easily, he himself has been investigating for two days to understand it while you only need to touch it once to know there’s something wrong…

  While they were talking, Butler Hang had already brought out the food, and Li had very self-consciously sat down at the table.The guy was putting his hands on the table, his chin on the back of his hands, and he was staring at Butler Hang in and out of the background. Sensing Vee’s line of sight, Li tilted to Vee and then licked his lips as he said, “It’s meal time…Vee ……”

  After setting out the food, Butler Hang wiped his hands as he said, “I will go and put hot water in the bath for you, then you can take a bath half an hour after you finish your meal and have a good rest, especially now that you’re…”

  ”Sub male, right?” Vee interrupts Hang Butler, “Okay, go help me with the water, it should be very hot, I’ll burn this guy’s skin first, his skin is itchy.”

  Butler Hang looked at Li and hurriedly said, “This won’t do, Vee. As for Li I will find someone to wash him or I will do it personally, it won’t do for you, you are ……”

  ”A sub male?”

  ”Right. It’s not right for you to do it as a…”

  ”Uncle Hang, I remember the day before I left the house you promised me that you would say less about this ‘sub male’ matter.”


Translator’s Notes:

Vee is so sick of hearing ‘sub male’ lol

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He feels sick hearing about “sub male”, as modern ladies feel sick hearing about sandwiches and kitchen.

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