PP Chapter 13.1

The moment Zhou Lin shouted the words, Tang Junhe’s breathing slowed and his heart was violently lifted.

Yang Xuan stopped and turned around to look at them.

Tang Junhe almost forgot to free himself from Zhou Lin’s grip on his wrist, holding his breath and waiting for Yang Xuan’s reaction.

Zhou Lin didn’t expect Yang Xuan to turn around, and moved in shock, releasing Tang Junhe’s jaw.

Yang Xuan stared at them for a few seconds and didn’t do anything, just pulled the black phone out of his pocket, held it up and took a picture of the two men in the corner.

The blinding flash forced Tang Junhe to squint his eyes and couldn’t help but tilt his head to one side.

After the flash light dimmed, Yang Xuan put his phone back in, then turned around and walked away. On the contrary, Ying Hui was stunned for two seconds and quickly turned around to follow him.

Tang Junhe’s heart, which was hanging in his throat, fell back heavily and silently, as if it had fallen into some bottomless abyss.

He had actually been expecting something that very second. Probably expecting Yang Xuan to rush over and help him push Zhou Lin away hard like he did when he was a kid, and then they could resume the close brotherly relationship they had ten years ago.

The anticipation was so strong that at that moment he almost shed all his strength to resist, even wishing that Zhou Lin had gone even further, even more shamelessly, in order to completely infuriate Yang Xuan and force him to admit that their blood was thicker than water.

He saw Ying Hui turning to say something to Yang Xuan before they turned into a side alley and disappeared.

“That’s not your brother at all.” Zhou Lin pressed closer, his tone becoming more brazen, “He took pictures of us, will he send them to your classmates to see? If he sent it to your classmates, they’ll know you’re my ……”

Tang Junhe felt something against his lower body, and he vaguely guessed what it was, followed by a strong vomiting sensation from the pit of his stomach.

While Zhou Lin relaxed his guard, he swiftly grabbed Zhou Lin’s shoulders with his other hand and raised his leg towards his abdomen and gave him a fierce shove. Zhou Lin was so surprised by the sudden pain that his grip on Tang Junhe’s hand loosened, and a muffled grunt escaped his throat.

Tang Junhe held the bag straps in a smooth grip and swung the heavy bag at Zhou Lin’s face with all his might, then kicked Zhou Lin twice in the shins as he backed away.

“Listen, I’m not ten years old anymore, I’m sixteen,” he gripped his left wrist and stared with cold eyes at Zhou Lin’s face, twisted in pain, and uttered the words that had been festering in his brain for a long time and were the most vicious of his own consciousness, “I’ve got the strength to kill you, and even if I do, I won’t get the death penalty.”

After saying that, Tang Junhe put his bag back on his shoulder and walked away quickly. He didn’t take the same path that Yang Xuan and Ying Hui took – it was his first time here and he had never taken that path before, so he had to go back to school first and then take the bus home.

Because of the sudden pain, Zhou Lin violently sobered up, he covered the painful area for a few seconds, then as if he had suddenly become a different person, he caught up in panic and tried to beg for Tang Jun He’s forgiveness, “Xiao He, I, I drank too much at night, I didn’t think I would do those things just now, I’m sorry Xiao He, I, I just wanted to come and see you, it’s Friday, I had a hard time taking half a day off, I ……”

The occasional passerby on the street looked over at them curiously, watching the stunningly beautiful teenager and the seemingly honest, harmless man following him, who groveled like a lost dog.

“Stay away from me,” Tang Junhe stopped, glaring at him in warning, “You follow me again, and next time I’ll actually stab you with a knife, and kill myself.”

His expression didn’t look like he was joking, so much so that Zhou Lin was somewhat intimidated by him and stopped in stunned silence, watching Tang Junhe walk faster and faster, and then run to cross the road.

“Did you see that, they seemed to be holding hands just now.” Turning onto that alley, Ying Hui opened her mouth in a low voice.

As if a little distracted, Yang Xuan said, “Didn’t notice.”

“You don’t think they’re going to be like Xiang Lisi and Zhang Chunlan, do you?” Ying Hui hesitantly continued, “It’s those two boys from the music class …… You know about them, right?”

Yang Xuan is somewhat inexplicably upset, knowing that even though there was nothing else special about his feelings towards Ying Hui even in the past, there is no need to feel upset about the scene just now.

“Isn’t that Feng Bo and the others?” Yang Xuan lifted his chin towards a short distance away and said, “Hurry up and follow them, Chen Hao is close to your house, it’s perfect to take a cab together.”

“Ah ……” Ying Hui sounded a bit reluctant, “But I don’t want to take a cab with Chen Hao, he’s a bit annoying.”

“Go on.” Yang Xuan said trying his best to keep his irritation at bay. That statement just now seemed to have exhausted his patience to the point that he didn’t want to say another word.

“What about you?” Ying Hui looked up at him.

“I’m not on the same path as you,” Yang Xuan said.

“Okay.” Ying Hui lowered her head, pursed her lips, and ran over towards the people in front of her.

Translator’s Note:

Who wants to join me on killing Zhou Lin!

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