In Li’s mind, seeing Vee was more terrifying than seeing a ghost, but the look on his face made Vee feel that this guy was just looking for a beating.

  He thought about Li a moment on the way back, but now that he saw this guy, Vee just wanted to make things easy. When Li found out that Vee was coming over, he moved back a bit, his whole body was tense and vigilant, just in case Vee would suddenly hit him. Li was a fast learner, it was because he sees himself as a human now unlike before, as a beast he only knew how to protect himself or hunt. However, his speech was still short and intermittent, and sometimes he couldn’t even express himself, which was very different from when he was just picked up by Vee.

  Nai Lin sure is a good teacher.

  Vee frowned again at that thought, he felt as if he had missed out on witnessing a certain moment, although he couldn’t say it was a pity but he always felt uncomfortable about it, especially when he thought of the reluctant look on that guy’s face when he brought Li back.

  Butler Hang heard the sound of Vee coming back and came out of the kitchen, still holding a cooking utensil in his hand, seeing those two facing each other in front, from one door to the other on the couch, Butler Hang walked over and patted Li on the head with his free hand, “Li, what did I teach you before?”

  As if with some reluctance, Li sniffed and smelled the delicious flavors wafting from the kitchen, and muttered at Vee, “Welcome back…”

  He was sitting cross-legged on the sofa and was wearing a pair of pajamas. He was a bit taller and sturdier than Vee, and his arms were raised up to show his waist and stomach.

  It’s really funny-looking……

  Walking up to Butler Hang, “Uncle Hang, I’ve been simulating the battlefield for the past two days, I’ve barely eaten anything and I’m very hungry.” Vee said, reaching out to take the ladle from Butler Hang’s hands, then raising it just above Li’s head, and sometimes lowering it a bit, waiting for Li to stretch his waist to reach it, he made it higher again.

  Butler Hang looked at Vee’s smiling face and twitched his eyes twice before saying, “Don’t tease him, give me the ladle.”

  ”I don’t have time to tease him, I am amusing myself.”

  ”You’re teasing him to entertain yourself, watch out for later when Li loses his temper and attacks you.”

  ”You think I’m afraid of him attacking me?”

  ”I’m saying you can tease him with something else, the main reason is you have to hand me the ladle, otherwise how am I supposed to make food?”

  ”There’s a lot of it in the kitchen, not less than this one.”


  Seemingly unable to speak, Butler Hang shook his head and smiled helplessly, “Well, don’t tease him too much and don’t get into a fight, okay?”

  ”Don’t worry about me.”

  ”I’m not worried about you, I’m more worried that Li would be beaten by you to death in a real fight, remember Vee, be gentle, I don’t think you want Li to hate you all the time, right? Didn’t you bring him back here to satisfy your ‘taming pleasure’? If Li keeps hating you, you’ll be cranky again, don’t let him be scared to death because of you, alright? What if he hides away?”

  ”If he’s capable of it, he can hide from me, for as far away as the thought goes.”

  Vee’s hand movements didn’t stop, the ladle was being played with high and low by him, watching the cross-legged sitting Li constantly stretching his waist to reach the ladle, simply sweeping away the discomfort in his heart.

  Is this guy really, like, out of his head or something? Is he stupid to a certain point, or just lazy? All it takes is a little propping up or standing up from the couch to reach the ladle fully……

  Vee was having fun, but Li was getting moody, his eyes following the ladle in earnest as he stared intently at it. Vee raised an eyebrow, fully taking in the fact that Li had been moving in front of him. That gaze made him feel as if an electric shock had passed through his body, followed by heat.

  Li’s attention suddenly shifted away from the ladle and turned to Vee, and for an instant when the two looked at each other, Vee thought Li would pounce. The other’s eyes were serious and sharp, with some searching, Vee assumed Li was thinking and judging his movements. In the next moment, however, Li suddenly dropped his hand and leaned back on the couch.

  Vee already raised some kind of excitement and then all of a sudden Li completely gave up on his expression to destroy. With a smile on his face, Li leaned back on the couch and looked at the person standing in front of him with a ladle.

  He held out his hand and pointed to the ladle and said, “Vee, give it to me.”

  Having parked the flying car to come over, Raymond only reached the door and saw his own Admiral holding a ladle in his hand, which looked as if it would drop the next moment, Raymond busily said aloud, “Admiral, don’t hit him!”

  Vee ignored Raymond, but didn’t throw the ladle down either, he bent down to face Li, “Nai Lin taught you to speak, right? Then, did he ever teach you to say ‘please’?”

  ”Give it to me, please.”

  That satisfied Vee a little, tossing the ladle in front of Li.

Translator’s Notes:

I feel Li is just pretending at this point… Ah! BTW I haven’t finished reading this yet, I’m reading it at the same pace of translating it, so I don’t have any idea what will happen in future chapters.

I also don’t know if I’m translating this properly… so please if you have corrections or suggestions, please say it on the comment. I am willing to learn from my mistakes 😀

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I’m sure that Li just pretending..

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