PP Chapter 12.2

It lasted until after 9:00 before someone suggested breaking up the show.

While everyone was getting their backpacks back, Feng Bo had another funny idea. He took a mineral water bottle on the table and knocked a few times, sending out a “bang” sound, and then said with a lewd expression: “Hey hey hey, let’s give Brother Xuan and Sister Ying Hui a little personal space, okay?”. Then winked at Yang Xuan across a few people, “Xuan, we’ll withdraw first, you guys do what you want, OK?”

Yang Xuan was already on his feet and ready to go, when he glowered at him as a warning.

“It’s Ying Hui’s birthday, give her some face ah.” Feng Bo said mischievously lifting his chin towards Ying Hui, “Just give her a direct birthday kiss, Miss Hui, you can’t lose this opportunity again ah.”

Ying Hui was a little annoyed by the ridicule and grabbed the mineral water bottle in his hand up front and knocked Feng Bo on the head, “Shut up you!”

Feng Bo quickly hugged his head and slipped away. The others also withdrew with dignity, and in a few minutes, only Ying Hui and Yang Xuan were left inside the bar.

As he walked out of the long corridor, Tang Junhe deliberately took a few steps behind Feng Bo and Chen Hao and the others. He heard the boys in front of him discussing the matter of Yang Xuan and Ying Hui in a very dirty manner.

“Wanna bet on it?” Feng Bo vigorously patted Wangxin Chun’s shoulder, “I think there should at least a kiss, do you want to bet?”

“How come you didn’t mention that he would take at least her first time.” Someone else followed.

“You f*cker! What first time!” Chen Hao slapped the back of that person’s head.

“That hurts! Chen Hao! You’re usually the one who’s most energetic when it comes to this! How can you say that!?”

“Hey hey don’t be disappointed Chen Hao.” Feng Bo grabbed his shoulder to comfort him, “I’m just kidding, you can also see that Brother Xuan is obviously not interested in Ying Hui.”

“F*ck, then why are you still setting them up!” Because of that outburst prior before leaving, Chen Hao didn’t care for that guy anymore.

“Play it cool. Don’t take it seriously, don’t take it seriously, I’ll text Brother Xuan later and make sure nothing happens.” Feng Bo’s greatest strength was that he isn’t a serious person, and once he pulled down his face to make peace, no one had the heart to continue to be angry with him.

Chen Hao’s face finally eased up a bit.

Because he didn’t want to get too close to them, Tang Junhe purposely slowed his pace, moving further and further away from the few people walking up in front of him.

Is it true that nothing will happen between those two in that small bar filled with blue light? Tang Junhe was the last one to exit the bar, and he was mulling that question over as he came out.

At that moment, a man suddenly rushed out from the side and yanked his arm hard, pulling him against the side wall of the bar. Tang Junhe was unprepared and was pushed against the wall by the man.

— He then realized that this man was Zhou Lin again. He’d been stalked off and on for six years, and he could recognize him without having to look him in the eye.

He had actually followed him all the way here. Tang Junhe was shocked, but still acted calm on the surface.

“Let go of me.” Tang Junhe tried to free his wrist.

Zhou Lin clasped his wrist with a death grip and refused to let go, “Who is that girl who grabbed your arm today? You got a girlfriend?”

Tang Junhe smelled a strong odor of alcohol, mixed with Zhou Lin’s wet breath sprayed onto his face, making him want to retch.

“Shut your-” he squeezed a few words through his teeth, trying to control himself from vomiting anything.

“Who’s that?” A sudden sound of footsteps came from the door of the bar, as well as Ying Hui’s voice with a laugh, “Who is it, are you trying to scare us by hiding there? Hey, I can see the shadow of you two-“

Before she could finish her sentence, she and Yang Xuan walked to the side wall of the bar, and then saw the two men in an ambiguous position against the wall.

Ying Hui thought she had accidentally seen Tang Junhe’s secret, then she kept quiet and covered her mouth and said, “Sorry ah, I thought it was Feng Bo and the others.”

Tang Junhe and Zhou Lin also turned back at the same time.

Zhou Lin recognized the young man from his figure from the last time he was in the playing field, and he remembered what Tang Junhe had told him, and the hand holding Tang Junhe’s wrist involuntarily loosened up, but he was still thieving and didn’t let go completely.

When Tang Junhe didn’t say anything, he saw Yang Xuan’s gaze pass over his face, then looked away the next second their eyes met.

“Let’s go.” Ying Hui took Yang Xuan’s arm and trotted two steps forward.

Yang Xuan had no intention of breaking free and took a little more pace with her speed.

“You lied to me last time, didn’t you?” When they were a few meters away, Zhou Lin turned back and said close to Tang Junhe’s ear, “That man isn’t even your brother, and he won’t come to help you.”

“You don’t know that.” Tang Junhe said icily. His nausea was filled with the sickening smell of alcohol from Zhou Lin, making him turn his head sideways to breathe.

Perhaps because of the alcohol on his head, Zhou Lin became a little bolder than usual, and he reached out and grabbed Tang Junhe’s chin, forcing him to turn his face to himself, then turned his head to Yang Xuan’s back and raised his voice to say, “Hey! This guy here said you’re his brother!”

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I truly love your translation and this novel. You know? Everyday I would become happy whenever I see your update?thank u for ur hardwork. I love this paper plane so much♥️What will happen next? i’m already anticipating


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The fuck with thinking that she discovered his secret??? He’s obviously being forced, how could you two not notice anything strange?
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