AYHI Chapter 14.2

  As Li watched Vee strode up the stairs, he dropped the food in his hands and carefully wiped his hands with a napkin, which was so natural and even elegant that no ordinary person can do, and Butler Hang’s eyes drew back several times. But just like before, this kind of elegant action disappeared very quickly because the person who made this kind of ‘action’ didn’t even know what he was doing either.

  Li looked as happy as if he had won a battle, and smiled beautifully at Butler Hang. Butler Hang’s body came to a shudder, if this smile was shown to Vee, wouldn’t he rip Li’s mouth off? It was a very smug smile no matter how you looked at it.

  Butler Hang’s brow furrowed, setting up procedures in which the androids would make actions and expressions similar to humans when they encountered things they couldn’t explain. After a moment’s thought, the established program still couldn’t explain why Vee had such a temper in recent days and was particularly fond of hitting people, especially Li. Butler Hang’s program remembered Vee as someone who was occasionally quite gentle. Even if he was bloodthirsty and crazy when fighting, usually he was quite normal. He was belligerent and loved to fight, but his bottom line was that he would still have patience, and would never take direct action because someone said something or offended him. But in the past two days, especially in front of Li, Vee’s hands were out of control, and if Li did anything wrong, Vee would just want to punch him twice.

  Using the communicator to connect to Gu Xuan, Butler Hang worriedly told Gu Xuan what had just happened. “Uncle Hang, don’t you worry too much. I’m sure the Admiral is doing his part but you still have to pay some attention and remind the Admiral if he shows signs of making a move on Li, okay? Actually, the Admiral is a person that If asked what a cat looks like, he would likely can’t give you an answer, but if you ask him what a Fang Beast looks like, the Admiral can definitely describe it to you in 30,000 words. From when the Fang Beast was a cub to its adult stage, every movement, what it likes to eat, what its skin looks like, definitely more detailed than mine, who has especially studied Fang Beasts…”

  Butler Hang found himself a little confused but still continued to listen to Gu Xuan after a few moments of silence. He knew that Professor Gu had always talked a lot, but he somehow felt that he couldn’t get through to Gu Xuan properly.

  Gu Xuan continued: “…He has a strong interest in Li, whether it’s after he was set up by him or after he showed up like this, he’s been interested in him. He said he’s forgotten about the frame-up incident, however, if he really had forgotten, he wouldn’t have recognized Li in K Planet immediately. He probably didn’t really want to hit Li, but sometimes he just wanted to slap him. And as we all know, the Admiral had no idea how to control his strength. Uncle Hang, just remember to warn him as soon as you see him trying to do something to Li, I worry that after forming this habit, the Admiral might really kill Li by mistake one day…”

  In Gu Xuan’s head: That guy was the Crown Prince of Maurice Empire, of course, it would be a problem if he was killed by mistake!’


  The military base. Compared to his home and the battlefield, the base is Vee’s third favorite place in the world.

  It took less than ten minutes for the vehicle to burn up because it couldn’t withstand the friction between the atmosphere and the speed before it drove into the base with a ‘whoosh’.

  If it weren’t for the fact that it was a flying car and not a battleship, Vee felt he could have just flown to the Planet Atheon on his own.

  Since he couldn’t go to Atheon, Vee didn’t want to pay much attention to the war because of his absolute trust in his comrade, Admiral Lan Yue, and the feeling of watching but not being able to do anything made Vee feel really bad. Lan Yue is extremely good at war tactics. In contrast to himself, who was a ‘War Admiral’, Lan Yue stood out as a ‘Wise Admiral’.

  Vee spends his time locked into a virtual battlefield. It’s like a giant role-playing game, where each character changes the course of the game and the outcome is completely different from that of the original battle. In this game, Vee has already chosen many different identities, but each identity results in him piloting his own battleship on the battlefield, regardless of the fact that the original identity he chose was the Emperor of an empire…

  It’s a crying shame.

  It was already the third day when he came out of the virtual battlefield, and soon heard the news of the successful operation of Admiral Lan Yue but the news that really caught his attention was the one he heard from Raymond.

  Maurice is vigorously looking for Prince Will!

  ”Admiral, is this really all right? What if they find Li here? Do we have to pretend we didn’t know Li was Prince Will? Especially, since you didn’t even deliberately try to hide Li.”

  ”It’s normal for us to know each other’s marshals, Admirals, lieutenant Admirals, and soldiers. So how could soldiers like us who have no knowledge about a prince that doesn’t even go to war and never fought with us know anything? Besides, even Li didn’t say that he was the Crown Prince…” Vee added. “You drive and take me back.”

  Once he arrived home, Vee saw Li sitting on the sofa, that guy is watching the screen with great interest and that show being broadcast was the same one previously. But this time it’s a different episode, and it doesn’t look like its Live Streaming yet, so it must be a replay that has been searched out specifically and shown to Li and the only person who can do that is probably Butler Hang.

  Hearing someone enter, Li turned to the door. He wanted to flinch so badly but eventually gave in and shouted, “Vee!”

  ”Vee? Who’s Vee ah? Do you know what you f*cking look like right now?!”

Translator’s Notes:

Vee: I don’t know he’s a prince.

Gu Xuan: Liar!!!

Raymond: *sighs…

Uncle Hang: Child… that’s… how can you act like this ah?

Li: 〈(゜。゜)

Li: who’s a prince?

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