PP Chapter 12.1

After saying that, Yang Xuan left Ying Hui to walk onto the stage and leaned over to say something to the long-haired guitarist. The man nodded, then stood up, handed him the guitar in his hand, reached out and patted him on the back before walking over to a chair in the corner of the stage and sat down.

Feng Bo blew an upbeat whistle at the very end and brought his hands together over his mouth as he shouted towards the stage, “Xuan, make sure you play that one!”

Without a word, Yang Xuan reached out and raised the microphone in front of him a little higher, then played a short demo.

“It would be bad manners not to sing, Xuan!” Someone shouted.

Yang Xuan bowed his head and began to play the guitar, his fingers running across the strings, and a simple, flowing intro flowed out from his fingertips. The prelude was a bit long, and when Yang Xuan hesitated to open his mouth, those who didn’t know the situation were curiously whispering in each other’s ear, “What kind of song is it?”

Tang Junhe noticed that the slender fingers that were plucking the strings were the same ones that had been shooting basketballs for many years, which had just touched the back of his hand, making him feel the slightly rough calluses on Yang Xuan’s fingertips. He couldn’t help but squeeze the back of his left hand with his right hand, where they had just touched.

Ying Hui was standing next to him, leaning against the table, so he saw her pinch the edge of the table with her nails again and again, a subconscious movement in a state of tension.

“Why am I fascinated by you? I ask myself ……”

Yang Xuan opened his mouth and sang just one line, causing a boisterous uproar in the audience.

He sang Zheng Jun’s “Cinderella,” a love song especially suitable for confession, which in this case might be read as “Young Lady Hui,” and Tang Junhe immediately recalled Yang Xuan’s profound meaning when he sang it.

(Here’s the link of the song.)

He saw the hands that cupped the table rise and cover her bright face, heard Ying Hui’s low but unmistakably excited voice, “Oh my God, he really sang this one, I”m going to die ……”

The patch of skin on the back of his hand was red and aching as Tang Junhe rubbed it, then it started to burn, yet he kept rubbing it, to the point where he even scratched the back of his left hand a handful of times with his right hand’s short nails, so hard that it felt like he was trying to rub away that touch from a few minutes ago.

Not only Ying Hui, the young boys and girls offstage who usually have nowhere to vent their hormones are now all ignited, the sky-high screams almost overturned the roof, but Yang Xuan on stage has kept his head down and focused on singing and playing the guitar, as if he had turned a deaf ear to the commotion offstage.

The two neat, thick eyebrows and slightly sunken eyes are narrowly set, and when he looks up with a grimace, it gives a sense of hostility that is incompatible with his age, but at this moment, his eyebrows are lowered, and his young, sharp facial features have been given a soft filter by the blue light, which makes him look as if he is deeply affectionate.

Perhaps this was how Yang Chengchuan had chased down the two women who had willingly followed him back then, Tang Junhe ventured this idea without malice.

He remembered how Yang Chengchuan looked in his silver-rimmed glasses and had to say that they were truly a natural father and son pair.

He kind of wanted to leave, wondering why he was in this noisy, head-spinning situation, the people who were constantly screaming, clapping and whistling were really desperately stupid, do they think that they are chasing some kind of a celebrity right now?

Perhaps he should get up and leave now, pronto – but that would be disgraceful to Yin Cong, who had enthusiastically dragged him here, right? He rubbed the back of his hand hard at the thought.

To leave or not to leave? This is a problem.

Tang Junhe was thinking about how to explain to Yin Cong the reason for his departure, when Yang Xuan finished singing on stage. The audience cried out in unison, “Confess! Confess! Confess! …… “Someone keeps hitting the table with a mineral water bottle, and the heavy, noisy sounds filled his eardrums.

“Hey, you guys……” Tang Junhe hung his eyes and heard Yang Xuan’s helpless tone, which was probably akin to the expression on his face when he said, “Here we go again”.

Yang Xuan then said into the microphone, “This song just now is the advice given by Feng Bo and Chen Hao as well as many others …… So, the idea’s not mine, just think of it as singing on behalf of all the boys in our Third Science class, Happy Birthday Miss Ying Hui.”

“I didn’t hear!” yelled Ying Hui, covering her face, “I didn’t hear that last sentence!”

“Hehe! Lame!” Feng Bo took the lead with a round of chortles, “You’re so lame, Xuan!”

“What the hell! And here I am thinking it was a real confession!” The audience couldn’t hide their disappointment and the hormones spewing out from the audience had nowhere to release.

After a round of applause went down, the bar resumed the chaotic bustle of a few minutes ago.

Yang Xuan returned the guitar to that person, walked down and slapped down the back of Feng Bo’s head: “What’s with all the commotion.” And then turned around and said to Ying Hui: “I’m sorry ah, they insisted that I sing this song, I happen to know how to play it, so ……”

“It’s okay,” Ying Hui covered her face, which was so red that it felt like it was dripping blood, and looked at Yang Xuan through her fingers, “Even though it’s a rejection, I am still happy.”

Yang Xuan smiled at her and sat back in the diagonal seat.

So the legendary confession is over? Tang Junhe is surprised that it didn’t happen the way he expected. He feels that Ying Hui’s attitude towards “liking” has an unexpected generosity and clarity, which makes his former negative ideas even more shameful.

Taking the seat that was left on the bench, Ying Hui sat next to Tang Junhe. She kept holding her face and kept putting the back of her hand against her cheek in an attempt to calm down.

“What did you like about him?” Tang Junhe couldn’t help but want to ask her if it was only about being “handsome, capable of fighting, and indifferent to others.”

He suddenly felt a little curious about the current Yang Xuan – perhaps he had always been curious, but at this moment his thoughts were especially strong.

But his well-controlled curiosity system forced him to swallow this question. Unexpectedly, it was Ying Hui who turned her head instead, and asked him quietly with a red face, “He’s your brother, isn’t he?”

Tang Junhe didn’t know whether to say “yes” or “no”. The relationship between the two parties involved is not something that seems to be up to him alone, and if Yang Xuan refuses to admit it, then they’re just nothing.

“Are you not too fond of your brother?” Ying Hui seemed to see his dilemma, then whispered, “But he’s really nice.”

Tang Junhe turned to look at her, wanting to hear her continue.

Ying Hui went on to tell a very clichéd story of a young girl’s puppy love – in her first year of high school, she was blocked at the back entrance of the school by a gang of thugs from a nearby vocational high school, and Yang Xuan, who didn’t know her at the time, went up to her and helped her out.

“He’s really good at fighting,” Ying Hui’s face couldn’t hide the look of love on her face, “One punch to settle each, hooo… it’ like being in a movie.”

“Yeah.” Tang Junhe’s response was almost indifferent.

He was a good fighter when he was a kid, Tang Junhe figured. He then recalls the time he broke his forehead in the river when he was a kid, and then a couple minutes later, Yang Xuan helped him get revenge by beating up the boy who pushed him.

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TJH keeps rubbing his hands, he must be pretty anxious…aii, deep inside he doesn’t want YX to confess on Ying Hui right :>>

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