AYHI Chapter 14.1

  Butler Hang pulled Vee up from Li, tidied up his clothes, and pulled out a chair for Vee to sit on before saying, “You eat some too, you haven’t been used to eating breakfast before, but after all, you’re different now than before. Don’t forget you’re still a…”

  Vee raised a hand to stop Butler Hang from continuing, “Uncle Hang, I wonder if you’ve had some of your programming changed by Gu Xuan?”

“What program?”

  ”Like… some kind of brainwashing mode program, you know, like Gu Xuan does. Poking me eight out of ten with the words ‘Admiral, don’t forget you’re a sub male’.” Vee deliberately mimicked Gu Xuan’s tone of voice, and even his face showed a 丁. 丁 expression.

  Butler Hang laughed and raised his hand to cover his mouth, “Okay, I’ll say it less in the future. You should eat something, don’t you have to go to the base later? If you get hungry then you’ll surely want to find food again.”

  The truth is because Butler Hang’s cooking skills are so good, Vee often eats a lot more food at home, so he’s not particularly attracted to the food in the base, and it’s true that he’s also not used to eating breakfast usually but looking at Butler Hang, Vee still decided to eat some.

  Butler Hang saw Vee getting his hands on the food, which was why he sat down too. Suddenly, a hand pushed the food in front of him and Butler Hang froze, it was Li.

  Li sat very straight, his hands were also quite disciplined, and his movements of pushing the plate were neither too light nor too heavy, with a little smile on his face. If you ignore the fact that he still had residue on his face and mouth from the food Vee had forced into his mouth, he looked like a royalty who paid great attention to etiquette when dining. Vee put down his cutlery and looked over them.

  It seems that some things will naturally manifest because of habit, Li, after all, is a Maurice Crown Prince, and no matter what happened to him that caused him to treat himself as a beast like this, he sometimes shows a little bit of traces of what he truly is, just like now.

  It’s just that, after Butler Hang said thank you, that thought was thrown out of Vee’s mind in that instant, and he looked down and ate vigorously, he wondered if that was a serious problem in his eyes.

  After picking up a few bites of food Li looked up at Butler Hang and said, “Yo… You… You’re… Wel…”

  It was so laborious that Li couldn’t finish the sentence even after squeaking for half a day, so Butler Hang smiled and reminded him, “You’re welcome?”

  Li nodded his head, “You’re welcome.”

  Butler Hang smiled and nudged Li to also push some food towards Vee. He was an android, in addition to some established programs, he also had his own thoughts, and even had similar functions as humans such as sense of taste and touch, even his digestive system was extremely similar to humans, but in the end androids have no sense of hunger, so even if they can taste delicious food, they don’t necessarily eat the food humans need. The more developed technology, the more lazy people will be, robots are able to produce delicious food for humans and yet cannot consume human food.

  Vee swallowed the food in his mouth and before a ‘thank you’ could be said, a hand violently lifted the plate of food away from him.

  Li pushed the plate back in front of Butler Hang and then said to Vee, “No… Not for you!”



  Vee fiercely stood up from the stool. Due to his action, the stool was overturned. Butler Hang busily watched and thought to himself ‘this hot tempered Vee’ and put his hand on the table into a fist, “Vee, you calm down a bit, be gentle ah. Tell me child, what’s wrong with you these days? Your temper is running wild and even if I know you’re bad-tempered, you’ve never acted bad like this before…”

  ”It’s not like I’m going to do anything!” Vee kicked the chair next to him, “Uncle Hang, this guy is doing it on purpose, if he doesn’t piss me off he won’t be happy!”

  ”Where has he messed with you again? I can see you just want to punch someone and make some more excuses.”

  Vee asked, “Do I need an excuse to beat someone up? Besides, don’t you think he did it on purpose? Are you sure about that? He definitely knows that I’m restraining myself from punching him, but instead he’s deliberately trying to provoke me, which is really cheap of him!”

  ”There is no such thing Vee, actually what he did was normal. He handed me the food but I forced him to push it to you so he was upset and decided to take the food back from you.”

  ”On what grounds can he take it back? It was you who asked him to hand it to me then why didn’t he give it to me? Look at what he did just now! He deliberately took it back, tell me Uncle Hang, isn’t he asking for a beating?”

  ”It’s my fault, don’t blame him, I shouldn’t have handed you the food he specifically handed to me in front of him. After all, Li now dislikes you so the sight of it must have upset him.”

  ”It doesn’t matter, I’m still mad. I also prepared everything but he refuses to give it to me and takes it back again and again. This guy needs a spanking! I really want to spank him right now! I won’t eat anymore! I’m going to change and go back to the army.” Vee added, “Uncle Hang, watch him over at your room, he probably won’t pounce on you and attack you.”

  ”Vee, you’re not taking Li with you?”

  ”I wont. The base isn’t a place he can get into if he wants to anyway, especially since this guy is an enemy.”

  ”I heard he’s on the base for the last three days, you really aren’t going to bring him? Stop getting sidetracked with him, he’s not a normal person right now. He’s practically a child, Vee.”

  Li: “……”

Translator’s Notes:

MC and ML reminds me of the kids I usually babysit. One is a sweetie while the other one is a little naughty ?

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