Getting used to waking up at a fixed time in the morning, at some point, one would naturally wake up due to the rising urine sensation. When he opened his eyes, he felt a shadow instead of the usual virtual light shining in through the special window setting.

When his vision was clear, Vee could see what the shadows were about.

Li just sat cross-legged next to him, looking at him fixedly, blocking out the light, and felt Vee open his eyes. Li almost immediately averted Vee’s eyes and also turned his back to Vee.

Vee felt uncomfortable holding his urine and didn’t have time to worry about the fact that Li had given his back a distinctive grunt early in the morning, he was too busy freeing himself.

After solving the problem himself, Vee was finally relieved, only to feel a strange scent coming from his body, he was also a little uncomfortable, he raised his hand to touch his chest and felt a little wetness, spreading his hands, wondering at the thing on his hands with milky white color and is still wet. In addition to yesterday, after suddenly falling asleep he didn’t have time to change his uniform and there was also a wet patch on his uniform, and it was also unevenly wet, not to mention the spots, which were particularly large in one or two places.

He frowned and put his hand in front of his nose and sniffed…

Fuck your old uncle! I can’t believe he got it on me… ”

Damned Beast!

Vee trembled with clenched fists and kicked the door one more time before slowly and forcefully calming down. Only after washing up did Vee walk out. Sitting on the bed Li quickly gave Vee a solid back again, Vee smashed his cup towards Li’s back and said, “Brush your teeth and wash your face, understand!”

“Understood!” Li answered very loudly.

Vee who likes to take the lead in everything is now making breakfast with Butler Hang’s help. In the past, he did not want to do this kind of thing, and cooking food for him is just like fighting a battle behind an officer, he only has to follow the instructions for everything.

With Butler Hang’s help, breakfast was made easier and more substantial than yesterday’s lunch.

With all the food on the table, Vee walked over to the edge of the couch and kicked his foot up towards Li’s leg, 

“Breakfast is ready.”

Perhaps it was because Nai Lin had educated him well over the past few days, Li’s attitude was no longer as if he wanted to fight to the death with Vee like at the beginning, because he could talk, he seemed to understand a lot of things and also regained some of his intelligence which allowed him to be able to understand basic things.

He was taller and stronger than Vee, so when Vee stopped, the guy didn’t even react and just crashed into him, which was a bit deliberate to the point that he almost knocked Vee to the ground.

Li looked at the food on the table, paused for a moment, and finally said, “Not eating.”

“What did you just say?” Vee stood in front of Li with a big stance that if you don’t eat it, I’ll throw it in your face.

Li received the message from Vee’s eyes, but after thinking about yesterday’s bite of Vee’s homemade food, thoughts that made him want to be killed by Vee came up, and Li blurted out, “It tastes bad.”

“You son of a…@#$%^! I can’t believe I’m serving you…@#%^! Why are you grunting? Will you eat it or not? I swear to God if you don’t eat it, I’ll just cut you open and stuff it in!” Vee’s left hand was up as he said this.

Butler Hang was so busy on his feet trying to prevent a tragedy from happening, he said to Vee, “Vee, please be gentle with him.”

“There’s no need to be gentle with a guy who doesn’t want to eat.” Vee said, already flinging Li to the ground. He looked to Butler Hang and held out his free hand, “Give me the food.”

Butler Hang sighed, but seeing that Vee didn’t really want to cut open Li’s stomach, he hurriedly handed over the plate. Vee took the plate, grabbed the food and stuffed it directly into Li’s mouth.

Li was forced to take something in his mouth, and Vee sat on him so strong that Li couldn’t move a single bit. Being forced to chew, he then chewed a couple more times and finally swallowed it.

Today’s Food……

Is unexpectedly delicious!

Watching Li chew on his own, Vee clapped his hands and got up, “Next time you throw a tantrum with me, it won’t be your mouth that I’m gagging; I’ll slice your stomach open!”

Li blinked, and then gave an ‘Mm’!

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Did Li just do what i think he did when our Admiral was sleep???? Oh no, Vee’s virgin hands hahhaha
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