PP Chapter 11.2

The hand that Tang Junhe held the pencil paused, his eyes flew over her face, and then, still unresponsive, he turned his head to continue his calculations on the draft paper.

Yin Cong took in his reaction, then turned her head to secretly take a sip and smile – sure enough, her previous hunch was right, her iceberg little beauty at the same table was only interested in Yang Xuan.

“Just go, okay? I’ll take you with me after school.” In between classes, Yin Cong whispered to him.

Tang Junhe didn’t make a sound. Neither said ‘go’, nor did he say ‘no’.

After the bell rang, unlike usual, no one in the class was in a hurry to go home, and everyone gathered together in groups, waiting in high spirits for the students who were returning from the bathroom, and the most important one, besides Ying Hui, who was the main character tonight, Yang Xuan, to return from training on the field.

Tang Junhe, who walked out of the classroom with a backpack on one shoulder, looked especially out of place.

It was unknown who gave the first glance, but the entire class then noticed Tang Junhe passing in front of the lectern. The noise weakened, and one boy deliberately raised his voice so that Tang Junhe could hear, “Weren’t you a famous poor student in the Third Middle School? Who are you showing your pride to?”

Feng Bo’s voice then followed, “You don’t get it, do you? If you don’t have money, you can only develop personality.”

Tang Junhe pretended not to hear. As he walked out of the classroom, he heard Ying Hui’s crisp voice, “Don’t make trouble, he’s got something at home, and told me about it.”

“Oh, something is going on at home.” Feng Bo made his tone heavier and added, “He is quite something at home… Ouch! Hey Sister Hui, stop your hands! Don’t hit me I didn’t mean to say that… you … Stop! Stop! Stop! I was wrong Ying Hui ……”

Farther and farther away from the classroom, the voices behind him faded, then became inaudible.

What would it be like to become someone like Ying Hui? What would it be like to be liked by someone like Ying Hui?

It shouldn’t be too bad, thought Tang Junhe as he reached the stairs and stopped dead in his tracks — Yang Xuan was heading up the stairs.

His school uniform rested on his arms, revealing the clean white T-shirt inside, and the exposed, nascent small arm muscles in the air.

Realizing that someone was staring at him, Yang Xuan lifted his jaw and inadvertently looked upwards, right into Tang Junhe’s eyes.

Those beautiful eyes were like a pair of cat’s eyes, unblinking and focused as they looked at him, so much so that Yang Xuan was slightly startled.

The owner of those eyes then withdrew his gaze, bowed his head and hurried past him down the stairs.

Walking down the corridor, Yang Xuan’s mind inexplicably flashed back to those twinkling black onyx eyes from ten years ago. They coincided seamlessly in his memory, but made him feel like they were two completely different pairs of eyes.

It’s really weird.

When Yang Xuan stepped into the classroom, he didn’t know who blew a loud whistle or shouted “Go”, and the young boys and girls nimbly carried their packed school bags on their backs and left the classroom in droves.

Tang Junhe saw that man standing in front of the school again, staring at him with his greedy eyes.

He felt a little nauseous. The man was about thirty years old, a little over a meter, silent and thin-faced, with the most ordinary flat forehead and a back that was always slightly rickety, like a dead tree that could never stretch.

The moment he saw him, Tang Junhe subconsciously slowed his pace. He didn’t want to get close to the school gates, and his stomach churned in suppression at the thought that the person would come up and try to get close to him.

There’s a large, lively uproar behind him, and Tang Junhe recognizes it as his fellow classmates, who are in high spirits to celebrate Ying Hui’s birthday.

It was surprising that they were out of the classroom so soon, and Tang Junhe felt trapped in a dilemma.

“Oh, isn’t that my friend at the same table!” Yin Cong was walking beside Ying Hui when she turned around and saw Tang Junhe in front of her, “I’ll go call him over!”

Before anyone else could react, Yin Cong broke away from the pack and raced over to Tang Junhe, grabbing his arm and grumbling, “I was just going to the bathroom, why did you leave on your own!”

“Ah, I ……” it was rare for someone to speak to him with such enthusiasm, so much so that the lying system in Tang Junhe’s brain, which had always functioned properly, was caught off guard.

“I know you want to go right.” Yin Cong winked at him wryly, “Don’t play innocent little beauty, nobody’s immune to gossip.”

What did she call him? Tang Junhe suspected that his ears were out of tune.

However, as soon as Yin Cong came over, he saw Zhou Lin’s figure hiding outside the school gates – if that was enough to get rid of that person, it wouldn’t hurt to go with them.

Besides, he seemed to be genuinely curious about the evening’s confession scene.

Yin Cong enthusiastically took his arm as she turned around and walked backwards, raising an arm twice to wave at the back of the crowd and shouted, “I’m going to take my friend here with me to walk a little bit first!”

“Go go go!” Ying Hui responded to her.

Translator’s Note:

TBH Yin Cong is the only side character in this arc that I truly like.

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Someone get rid of that stalker fast. He’s so creepy, I bet he won’t be able to control himself now that he’s seen TJH, he might attack him sooner or later 😣 Tbh, TJH is quite courageous too, if that were me I might be plagued with anxiety, afraid of going to school anymore nor staying at home alone.

Eun Seo

Someone please beat up that disgusting Zhou Lin to a pulp.

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