AYHI Chapter 13.1

“To what?” If one does not understand things, one must ask questions and even the Admiral has many things he does not understand and must not be ashamed to ask them.

Gu Xuan looked seriously at Vee, “Admiral, do you really not know or are you just teasing me?”

“Then tell me, do I look like I really don’t know or am I just teasing you?”

“Well Admiral, to be honest apart from fighting, you’re quite dense. This guy is reacting to this kind of film and he pounced on you because he wants to do you!”

“He wants to do me? Are you nuts? This guy hates me so much he’d jump me for something like that?” The look of contempt in Vee’s eyes as he looked over the sleeping Li made Gu Xuan unable to do anything other than smile helplessly.

“Who let him think of himself as a beast, and you are the only sub male he has met in this time period.”

Vee took off the Admiral’s uniform, which he hadn’t had time to take off before, as he said unhappily, “I say, you’re just not happy if you don’t catch the subject of me being a sub male, are you?”

“I’m simply reminding you that a sub male and male being together is very dangerous.”

“Do I look like I’m going to meet someone dangerous?”

“Admiral, you are good at solving dangers, and likewise you encounter many dangers, but my intuition tells me that you are in a great danger now and that even you may not be able to solve it.”

“You can go back now.” Vee expressed his unwillingness to listen to more of Gu Xuan’s ‘crazy talk’.

Gu Xuan smiled heedlessly and said, “Remember to look for me if you can’t solve it later, and don’t forget to call me ‘God of Prophecy’ when the time comes, Admiral.”

“Get lost!”

Gu Xuan raised his eyebrows and told Vee: “Li’s fine now, he rested for a while and will eventually wake up so I’ll go back to sleep. Admiral, the next time you want to hit or kick him, never touch his head okay? Please refrain from doing anything random… I’m still suggesting that you don’t hit him all the time in the future, I don’t want you to develop this to a habit.” Gu Xuan said as he tidied up his things and prepared to go home.

He was called over by Vee’s emergency communication, as he was watching the same episodes as Li, pondering what would happen to the beautiful sub male heroine if she were replaced by someone else.

One word from Vee, and Gu Xuan has to give up on enjoying the most amazing episode of the show and return from his fantasies to reality.

Vee said to him ‘I’ll come pick you up in my flying car.’

You’ve got to be kidding me!

The Admiral’s tone sounded a little worried and anxious, usually this person is already frightening when driving, coupled with the aftermath of the ride which is even more worrying, Gu Xuan felt distressed. With worry and anxiety together, driving a hole out of the sky under the Talis Empire is definitely possible for Admiral Vee. Looking back at the time it took to get back on the road to get home to watch the episode, how many scenes did Gu Xuan have to miss and while the episode can be watched later, it’s the timely live feed that makes it interesting.

The whole room was quiet once Gu Xuan left and Vee sat on the bed and took a deep breath. Earlier, when he was thinking of a way to get His Majesty’s approval to send him as a support in Atheon, Li interrupted his train of thought. He felt really bad that he needed to plan things out in the long run.

Besides, why is this guy staying in his room in the first place? What’s going on here?

Vee made a trip over to the big bed and went on the other side so that he could just see Li lying flat on his back. The guy was sleeping soundly and his chest rising and falling naturally, even with the blanket, you can still see his lean body even when lying down. Vee could tell that Li was tall for his age however what caught his eyes the most is Li’s lower body.

This guy is pitching a tent.

He had noticed it when he’d spoken to Gu Xuan earlier but hadn’t had a chance to pay it any attention since then. Vee rolled over and sat up on Li’s thighs, propping his elbows on his legs and his hand on his chin, unconsciously shaking his legs.

How can it still be like this when the person has fainted already?

He had been through the process of changing from a male to a sub male. In fact, sub males are also males but with an additional reproductive system. Vee hasn’t really been paying too much attention to these things before but there were times when your body would naturally react, and Li in his current state made Vee feel intrigued. 

At this point, Vee hesitated to lift the thin layer of blanket but eventually took a look at it.

He didn’t turn off the TV screen but just looked at Li’s face intently, which was sleeping peacefully and smiling a little bit.

Come to think of it, underneath the blanket were the clothes he used to wear as pajamas, and that would be the same pajamas that Butler Hang had found for Li to wear before. There wasn’t much difference in height between the two of them but the clothes felt a little smaller on Li’s body. Underneath the blanket there is only a pajama and Vee doesn’t know if Li is wearing underwear or not, but if he is, it should be that thing that’s wrapped under it, right?

Can I really do this…?

Vee is still very hesitant, and for the first time he thinks that Gu Xuan’s brainwashing is working, at least he has taken into account the fact that he is a sub male…

That’s right, he is now a sub male. If it was before, seeing his poses no problem but now that he is a sub male, can he really do this? …this is not normal for a sub male to do, right?

But there’s nobody else here aside from us…

If his line of sight was a laser energy beam with high thermal intensity, not only the blanket but also Li’s body would have been burned to ashes.

Finally, Vee still overcame the little bit of ‘sub male reserve’ in his heart, he reached out and pulled a corner of the thin quilt and then took it off …… Li’s shaft through the pajama pants is standing up, having done this step; Vee decisively reached out and pulled down the pajama pants too, since there is no belt it was easily pulled by Vee but the elastic band loses the ability to loosen and tighten as it should due to Vee having no control of his strength.

The force made Li in his stupor shiver all over.

The pajama pants were pulled down, as expected, Li was not wearing underwear and his length popped out.

Vee let out an involuntary sigh.

Then he braced himself, unbuckled his belt with his hands and pulled it open to take a look inside, and then Vee got down on the bed with some exertion.

And fell asleep…

Translator’s Notes:

Poor Vee, missing his old body ah…

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