PP Chapter 11.1

During the first few days of his arrival at the First Middle School, no matter what he did, Tang Junhe would always attract a large amount of attention in the class, and many girls would come to talk to him in the name of asking him questions with their math papers. But within a few days, the enthusiasm of his classmates quickly waned.

Tang Junhe transferred schools halfway through the year and was aloof and cold, seemingly not wanting to actively integrate into his new class. Even when asked a question, he simply finds their papers with a bland attitude and asks, “Which step do you not understand?” After that, it’s just a few words, and nothing more.

This kind of attitude is understandable, after all, from the expression on his face, he has never shown any annoying look, but that kind of cold, unconcerned attitude, somehow makes people feel a kind of “don’t bother me, leave me alone” message.

Although Runcheng’s First middle school is the city’s focus, its reputation within the country is resounding, the students who can enter the third class of science is the best among their peers, nobody can look down on anyone, let alone doing anything that show warm feelings but  meet with cold rebuke to them.

There are two attitudes towards Tang Junhe in the class. The girls were intimidated by his indifference and had a kind of approach that he can be watched from afar but not played with, so they only dared to discuss in private. The boys saw him as an isolated person, and a lot of them cursed Tang Junhe under their breath, saying, “a transfer from a third middle school has no need to pretend,” so they automatically stayed close to Feng Bo and Chen Hao’s group, with the intention of isolating him.

No one came over to annoy him, but Tang Junhe didn’t feel bad about it. On the contrary, a few days ago, people kept coming over to shower him with kindness, making him feel uncomfortable and unsure of how to respond.

For a long time, he had gotten used to the feeling of staying in the corners as far as the eye could see, brooding in the shadows, without needing the sun to shine on him, feeling more comfortable in his own way.

As soon as Tang Junhe returned from the bathroom to his classroom during the Friday morning class period, Ying Hui leaned over and sat directly next to him in Yin Cong’s seat, a smile on the corner of her lips as she looked at him with a bit of anticipation in her eyes, as if she was waiting for him to turn around and greet her first.

Tang Junhe didn’t look at her, just pulled out a tissue, wiped his freshly washed hands unobtrusively, and went to get the Olympiad exercise book that was placed in the corner of the table.

“Hey,” Ying Hui wasn’t too bothered by the snub, the curve of her mouth curving upwards a bit more pronounced instead, as she spoke, “It’s my birthday today.”

Tang Junhe felt that the smile she landed on him was as piercing as direct sunlight, making him want to avoid it. He bit his lower lip inconspicuously, not knowing what reaction to make.

“Should I say ‘Happy Birthday’? If I don’t say it, it seems like it would be rude” Tang Junhe thought. His Adam’s apple moved slightly, already planning to say something but Ying Hui said again with a smile, “I’m having a birthday party tonight, the whole class will be there, so you should come too.”

“I ……” Tang Junhe’s brain didn’t fully respond yet, but his mouth was one step quicker, “I have other things to do tonight.”

“Oh ……” Ying Hui made a sighing sound, she said with her head lowered and both hands cupping her cheeks, “Well, I would be happy if you could come.”

Tang Junhe pursed his lips and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“No need to be sorry ah,” Ying Hui looked at him and regained that expectant look she had just had, “but I’d be just as happy if you’d say ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.

Tang Junhe’s grip on the pen tightened a bit, he turned to look at her, and said seriously, “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you.” Ying Hui flashed an incredibly bright smile at him, her eyes shining brightly, like sunlight on a calm lake.

A genuine sunny smile…

After Ying Hui walked away, Tang Junhe nervously bit his finger.

He thought of what Yin Cong had said to him last time, “But Ying Hui only likes Yang Xuan.”

‘There was also this beautiful, bright girl who liked him. It was as if Yang Xuan had everything.’ This thought occurred to Tang Junhe once again.

Unlike himself, there was only Zhou Lin’s disgusting, malicious hands that wanted to be close to him at all times, and that dark, maggot-eye look that was projected stickily over his body…

Perhaps it’s because he’s gloomier after all. Tang Junhe thought of his first day at school, when the sunlight cast a light gray shadow on Yang Xuan’s back.

He glanced over his shoulder to see Ying Hui walk up to Yang Xuan and said with a coquettish tone, “Will you come tonight?”

He didn’t hear Yang Xuan speak, only a few seconds later, Ying Hui laughed with a hint of shyness.

Yang Xuan sat in his seat, blocked by Ying Hui, who was standing, so he couldn’t see Yang Xuan.’ I suppose it’s a nod, ‘Tang Junhe assumed.

Yang Xuan doesn’t like talking to people, but he does talk to Ying Hui. Maybe it’s not just Ying Hui liking Yang Xuan but also…

“What?!” His deskmate Yin Cong stared at him as soon as she sat down, “I heard from Ying Hui that you’re not going tonight?”

“Hmm.” Tang Junhe faintly responded.

“Then you’re missing out on a good show.” As if she was deliberately trying to whet his appetite, Yin Cong stopped mid-sentence to sell him.

Tang Junhe didn’t respond, he’s always had a decent amount of control over his curiosity.

On the contrary, it was Yin Cong who couldn’t resist and leaned over and whispered, “You’re really not going? Ying Hui is probably going to confess her feelings to Yang Xuan tonight.”

Translator’s Note:

This chapter is too long, it will be divided to 3 parts…

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