Vee pushed the food in front of Li since Li didn’t realize the food was set in front of him earlier. Vee spoke, “Uncle Hang doesn’t know?”

“How could I possibly know, I just said that a lot of this actor’s actions and personality are very similar to yours, and even if it is a virtual actor… it was actually based on you?”

“The production of this virtual character was agreed to by a guy who came out of military school with me in the past and whom I had a good relationship with, because I said in advance that I don’t want to be exposed. The production just extracted all of my movements and supposed facial expressions, reactions, and personality, so it’s like a virtual world clone of me, only with a different look and name.”


“This man here said he liked it.”

Butler Hang said casually, “Although it is of the same character as you, he is very beautiful indeed, and even I like him very much, naturally I like you too. But I think… I can only like him so much from now on as I like the Admiral.”

“Ah …… So Uncle Hang never found a mate because you like me? N-no, it’s because you like that virtual ‘guy’.”

“Nonsense! Why are you so off the rails, kid? I’m not looking for a mate because I’m an artificial human and looking for a mate is taking up Talis resources, and I can’ t give a sub male a child nor give birth to one.” Butler Hang pushed back the food that Li had pushed in front of him and continued with Vee, “Look at how happy you are, where do you look like a twenty-eight year old, where do you look like an admiral?”

“Who says an admiral can’t be happy like this? This guy says he likes ‘him’.”

“It’s not like he likes you either.”

“That’s me.”

“Different in appearance but still the same.” Vee nodded, suddenly reaching out with both hands and cupping Li’s face turning it to face him, “Here, just look at me.”

Li tilted his eyes at the screen and declared, “You’re not good looking.”

Pft…… Ha Ha ha!” Butler Hang stood up, “I’ll go get the cutlery, you cooked food for him but didn’t even take the cutlery, say, do you want him to grab it with his hands?”

Vee shrugged off Li’s face, “I let him lie down and eat with his mouth, I won’t even let him use his hands.”


Vee didn’t get a chance to watch Li lie down to eat, and word came from military headquarters that he had to get back to work quickly. There were interstellar pirates in the public shipping lanes as Talis’ ship approached the Atheon planet, and for daring, the Atheon was attacked, implicating planet LV437, a resource planet belonging to the Talis Empire.

It was already late when Vee got home and when he looked down the hall, Li and Butler Hang were not there. Tired after a whole day, Vee couldn’t wait to go to bed immediately. He was in a bit of a bad mood, the Star Force had been dispatched this time to support Planet Atheon, Atheon is an allied kingdom of Talis, and is considered a refuge empire of Planet Atheon, so something must be done. The reason for the bad mood was that this time the request to lead the troops directly had been rejected by His Majesty again.

The first time he went back to his room, he heard someone’s groan and moan, he was stunned, and for a while didn’t even know what the situation was. Vee opened the door, and the first thing he saw was the image on the wall screen. It is still the same episode when he left at noon. It’s just that instead of those bloody and violent scenes, it’s a passionate tangle between the two protagonists, accompanied by the sound of the sub male protagonist’s moans causing the blood to boil all over his body.

Li was sitting crouched on the floor, and when he heard the door open he turned around and saw Vee walking in.

Li opened his mouth and spat out one word, “Vee.”

Vee hadn’t figured out why Li was in his own room but the originally crouching Li had gotten up and pounced towards him. Vee moved out of the way so well that it had become a habit; it was obvious that he didn’t feel any danger, but he moved anyway, Vee felt that Li didn’t use much force this time.

Li fell heavily to the ground and immediately fainted, his nose bleeding.


Gu Xuan put down the instrument in his hands, stood up from the side of the bed, walked over to Vee and asked, “Admiral, why are you punching him in the head again? I don’t even need to delay his treatment if this continues, if you punch him in the head a few more times, he can just die.”

“I didn’t do it. I just watched him pounce.”

“Did you sense danger then?”


“Admiral, if I had jumped on you, would you have hit me?”

Vee was thinking, and said, “You’ve been jumping quite a few times before… “And with a nod, he said. “I wish I did.”

“You see, you are used to this kind of action. Beating him up is now a habit, even if you don’t feel the danger but saw it was Li pouncing, you will still do it. Your action is highly focused, you need to change this habit ah.” Gu Xuan was helpless: “And Admiral, this action of pouncing is not only when attacking, sometimes it is to express joy, or …… any other reason.”

“What reason?”

Gu Xuan looked at the on-screen TV and said, “He watched this earlier?”


“Even before I was called over by you, he was watching that kind of ‘scene’ and thought he was a male so he pounced on you to …….”

Translator’s Notes:

“Even before I was called over by you, he was watching that kind of ‘scene’ and thought he was a male so he pounced on you to …….”

A. To be knocked out by a punch by Vee

B. To mount Vee? lolol

C. IDK! I’m too innocent for this… heehee

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