AYHI Chapter 12.1

“Did you find the book, Uncle Hang?”

Vee let Li sit on the sofa, and walked into the kitchen, the kitchen is in the dining hall, and an open screen wall separates the kitchen from the living room. Butler Hang went over to the coffee table and pressed the remote control, which instantly turned the kitchen screen into something similar in a movie set, this sight, it was as if Vee was walking around looking for something in a forest.

“It’s on the second shelf of the counter, Vee do you need my help?”

“Found it.” Vee’s voice came from the kitchen, “No need, Uncle Hang, you watch that guy.”

Butler Hang looked at Li and spread his hands, somewhat helpless. He didn’t intend to get a response from Li, this strange man, but what he didn’t expect was for Li to sit cross-legged on the couch, pat the spot next to him and say, “Sit.”


Butler Hang didn’t know what to say. Li’s voice sounded so good, and the action of patting the sofa looked so amusing, so Butler Hang smiled and walked over and sat down next to Li. It was a recent episode, in which the main character’s ship mistakenly enters a time warp and enters an unknown space-time where it enters a planet with similar humans and animals, but the adventure is exactly the same as that planet’s post-apocalyptic era, when biochemical and nuclear energy erupted and the main character fights with the humans he befriends.

If it weren’t for the fact that the main character is a virtual actor, a very beautiful sub male actor who doesn’t exist in reality but only in the company’s optical computer, Butler Hang wouldn’t have watched it.

Li watched very seriously, so earnestly that Butler Hang felt that as soon as the main character appeared, Li’s sharp eyes glowed.

On the screen, the protagonist is performing superb fighting skills and acting, and every movement and look has been produced to give a gripping feeling, as if you can feel the anxiety and tension of the scene by looking into those eyes through the screen. Correspondingly, there are crackling sounds from the actual kitchen and the occasional angry curse from Vee.

“F*ck! I can’t believe I can’t do it.”

Butler Hang took a worried look at the kitchen, it was a kitchen type with a pleasing visual set up but because of the feeling that the whole person is in the forest, he never imagined that watching from here into the woods wasn’t going to be a laid-back shuttle but only episodes of nervousness instead, since the Admiral went in.

If it is not because of the special settings on the screen that only reflect the person but not the number of events happening inside, Butler Hang estimated that the equipment in the kitchen is now destroyed, seeing the movements in the kitchen, Butler Hang can just imagine how much mess will be there inside.

Li didn’t divert his attention from the screen at all, even with the continuous loud noise in reality, he sat cross-legged on the couch and leaned forward involuntarily, his hands clenched into fists nervously, the appeal of the episode was too great for Li.

Vee came out with a plate of strange looking food in his hand, while holding a cleaning robot in the other, but the round robot was still smoking and making unnatural clicking noises on its body. Vee handed the half-meter tall round robot into Butler Hang’s hand, “Just now I didn’t hold back, I lost my temper and beat it just a little, here you go, Uncle Hang, you fix it.”

“Vee, I always worry that one day you’ll lose your temper and beat me up too.”

“You’re different, it’s just a machine, and you’re an android, still a human.”

Vee placed the food in his hands on the coffee table, the action blocking Li’s view of the screen, Li scanned his eyes from Vee, then dramatically tilted his body to the side and continued to watch the screen intently.

“What’s there to see?”

Vee looked back at the screen and saw that this was the exciting part of the fight. In this episode, because of the biochemical and nuclear weapons, the whole world had been turned into a paradise for the undead, and the protagonist was being pushed to the brink of extinction and was fighting against a dense swarm of biochemical man-eating insects.

Vee raised an eyebrow, pushed the food in front of Li, sat on the other side, pointed to the screen where the main character was fighting, and asked Li, “You like it?”

Li took a faint glance at Vee.

Why did that glance look like it was a handout?

Why are you looking at me like that? 

You don’t want to see me anymore is that it?

Vee had already raised his hand but stopped it in mid-air, because though Li averted his eyes, he answered his question and said. “Like.”

“I like…”

Fortunately he didn’t do it, and Vee caught himself lifting his right wrist with his left hand, pulling his hand off hard. Vee was puzzled that a single eye movement from Li could make a ‘gentle’ sub male like himself hold back his temper. Pondering, Vee felt that it must still be because Li never had made a concession and always treated him as an enemy, which made him angry no matter what he did.

“Vee?” Butler Hang thought how funny his Admiral’s actions looked: “What’s wrong?”

“He said he liked that ‘guy’.”


“I’m the main prototype of that ‘guy’.”

“What?!” Butler Hang almost jumped up from the couch.

Translator’s Notes:

Poor little cleaning robot…

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