PP Chapter 10.1

The moment he lifted his foot, Zhou Lin called out to him, “Xiao He!”

The voice wasn’t high or low, but it was clear as day in the dark and quiet campus. Perhaps it was safer to stay on campus than to run out, Tang Junhe’s mind raced with his thoughts, but at least the security office of the school was not far away, and there was Yang Xuan standing in the basketball court behind him-except, was Yang Xuan still in the court? Or is he gone already?

Zhou Lin walked towards him and reached out his hand to try to pull his arm.

Tang Junhe dodged, he took two steps to the side and turned his body slightly sideways towards the field, then took a quick glance at the basketball court, Yang Xuan was still there, he couldn’t tell why, but he was actually slightly relieved.

He motionlessly took a deep breath and looked at Zhou Lin and asked, “Teacher Zhou, what are you doing here?”

“I came to see you, I took a special leave of absence,” Zhou Lin’s plain face looked freshly cut and neat, but it didn’t make him look much cleaner, he said looking at Tang Junhe a little sharply, “You, your classmates said you transferred here, so I wanted to see you.”

“You tried to stalk me yesterday.” Trying his best to look at ease, Tang Junhe took a couple of steps towards the old tree next to him that had not yet sprouted, making a pose where he leaned against it on one side – in fact, he just wanted to face the court to make sure that Yang Xuan hadn’t walked away yet.

“Who picked you up yesterday?” Zhou Lin followed suit and moved, his back to the court as he tried to get close to Tang Junhe, “I saw a man pick you up, you got into that car, what’s your relationship with him?”

“What’s it to you?” Tang Junhe looked in the direction of the field and said, “Get away from me.”

He saw that Yang Xuan was watching him as well.

Yang Xuan was leaning against the basketball stand, drinking water, and when their eyes met, he smiled in a way that seemed confusing. Then he looked at Tang Junhe’s direction with interest as he slowly drank his water.

–That kind of gaze was probably a misunderstanding, and Tang Junhe’s nails sunk into the flesh of his hand.

–Maybe what Zhou Lin was doing to him now, Yang Xuan would only be watching from afar.

“What are you looking at?” Zhou Lin followed his line of sight and looked back, then quickly turned his head back around. His arm was raised as if he wanted to walk over and hug Tang Junhe.

“My older brother is watching us.” Tang Junhe took a step backwards and suddenly said.

Zhou Lin froze and paused as he was about to lift his foot, “What?”

“Didn’t anyone tell you? My older brother, my biological half-brother.” Tang Junhe tried his best to make his voice sound as calm as possible and lowered his voice, “You can look back and see that he’s watching us from the basketball court behind you on your left.”

His expression and tone were too calm, like he was stating a definite thing, so much so that Zhou Lin looked back again.

In the dim sky, separated by a distance of more than ten meters, Zhou Lin couldn’t see Yang Xuan’s expression at the moment and only vaguely saw a very tall young man leaning against the basketball stand, looking in a taboo manner at himself.

Early spring had not yet descended, and the chill was still intense, but the young man was wearing only a half-sleeved T-shirt on his upper body, and the muscular lines on his arms that were still livid were accentuated by the deepening twilight.

There were a few other young men around him who were about the same size as him and looked to be on good terms with him.

This glance really made Zhou Lin’s heart skip a beat. Not daring to stare at the man for too long, he turned his head towards Tang Junhe and asked in a half-hearted manner, “He’s your older brother?”

“Do you need me to scream at you?” Tang Junhe said, squeezing the cold sweat from his palms, “He might not just be looking at you if I call him over.”

“No, no need.” Zhou Lin said. He had apparently given up on the idea of coming over to hug Tang Junhe.

“Now then, go!” Tang Junhe let out a sigh of secret relief, “I’ll wait for my older brother to come home with me.”

“Oh, ah.” Zhou Lin responded hesitantly, “Xiao He, I don’t mean you any harm, I just like you, really, I was wrong to do it before, I didn’t restrain myself…”

“Not going away are you?” Tang Junhe turned his gaze to the field and sucked in a breath, feigning to call Yang Xuan over.

Translator’s Note:

The ‘trash’ is here! !@#$%^&* *ptui!

When I read chapters with this trash I honestly wanted to beat him to pulp! Stalking is not OK, ok?! Even if you are fond to someone, invading their privacy is a crime! It doesn’t matter what age he/she is, there’s a fine line between adoration and stalking!

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He’s clearly a pedo too, ah. To think he had interest when TJH is still in elementary. Those kind of people won’t stop, if he couldn’t get TJH who knows when he’ll shift his attention to other people as well. They need to be teach a lesson and be put in their right place—to jail.


Thank you for your hard work!

Eun Seo

Someone needs to grind this pesky bug Zhou Lin into the ground.

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