Vee felt he was usually pretty gentle and if he wasn’t gentle enough it was because the Fang Beast was completely disobedient and Li reminded him of that. But now he couldn’t think of Li as a beast anymore.

Li refused to go with Vee, not to mention leaving, Li’s not even willing to speak to him, just now he had only said a word and that is ‘No.’ plus that ‘don’t like it’ that he told to Nai Lin before. Vee had already listened to Gu Xuan and Nai Lin’s opinion and wouldn’t use the chain to tie a collar around Li’s waist but because of Li’s struggle, Vee decided to tie it to him anyway.

Since they can’t drag him away without tying him up first.

Looking at Li, who was clinging to Nai Lin, Vee cracked his fingers together, “Don’t make me knock you out.”

No one knows if Li understood the full threatening statement but he turned to look at Vee and finally spoke a word, “Vee.”

Vee raised his right eyebrow and Li’s voice was so nice that Vee couldn’t help but be in a good mood to laugh, like suddenly hearing good news after a series of awful events, the analogy might be a bit exaggerated because Vee couldn’t explain why he was suddenly happy but he was sure it had something to do with the way Li called out ‘Vee’.

Li added, “I don’t like.”

“YOU SELF CENTERED SHOW OFF!” Vee wrapped the other end of the chain around his wrist and tugged hard. Li’s mouth hissed with beast-like displeasure but the sound faded away after seeing Vee’s expression. 

Sure enough, beating the crap out of him is the only way.

However, being beaten up and being scared wasn’t the same as being obedient.

Gu Xuan tugged Raymond, who was following behind Vee and was about to open the driver’s seat of the flying car as he said in a low voice, “What are you doing?”

“Sending the Admiral back.”

“The Admiral is going back to ‘train’ Li, what are you going back for.”

“I worry that the Admiral will go back and beat Li unconscious again.”

“No, the Admiral is now full of thoughts of the words ‘ be gentle’.” Gu Xuan forcefully yanked Raymond back and said to Vee, “Admiral, how about leaving your lieutenant for me to use?”

“Suit yourself.”

‘Your Excellency, please don’t be so casual.’ Raymond blinked, how hard it was to say that.

Vee pushed Li into the flying car before getting in, and with a swoosh, the flying car was pushed out of the military base by the powerful propulsion. It was originally a propulsion device for battleships, but was used by Vee to propel a flying car.

The speed of the flying car directly rubbed the air with a little spark and outside the special glass in front of the main body, the spark looked particularly brilliant. There was a momentary pause after the car reached a high point and then it flew out towards the direction of Vee’s home.

At home, Vee dragged the vomiting Li out of the flying car. Butler Hang had arrived at the garage earlier and was waiting for Vee. Vee pulled out tissues from Butler Hang’s hands and wiped Li’s mouth as he said, “Uncle Hang, you don’t need to worry about me, you go rest. By the way, there are ingredients at home, right?”

“Would you like to eat, Vee? You killed the Fanged Beast last time and there’s still a lot of meat, and according to you, you already sent a portion of meat to His Majesty and another portion to your Elders but there is still a lot left.”

“I am indeed a bit hungry but I want to make it myself. Uncle Hang, you lend me that Fanged Beast cookbook, okay?” There was a pause in the movement of Vee’s hand and he felt Li’s body stiffen, right after he heard ‘You killed the Fanged Beast last time and there’s still a lot of meat.’

“Vee? You’re doing it yourself?” Butler Hang was full of disbelief, but still said: “Books are on the kitchen cabinet, you can see that there’s a lot in there. Because our country doesn’t have many people who dare to kill a Fanged Beast, so its meat is rare on the market, out of all cookbooks almost no one would buy it, fortunately there are ten books or so that I’ve found…”

Seeing Butler Hang getting lost for a minute, Vee said, “Uncle Hang it’s fine if you buy next time a different cookbook, but then again, His Majesty has a made a copy of your recipes already and he said that the Fanged Beast meat made according to your method is a one of the best recipe in this whole Empire!”

Saying that, Vee bent down and pulled Li up, smiling, “I wonder if Li’s meat made according to the cookbook would add to His Majesty favorite meals.”


Li immediately said, “Human, I’m a human, a male, not a Fanged Beast.”

“Oh, that’s a pretty long sentence.”

Translator’s Notes:

I always wonder what GX does to Raymond every time he asks Vee for permission.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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