PP Chapter 9.2

The next morning, as Tang Junhe sits in his seat, Yin Cong apologizes to him with a glass of water, “I’m sorry, I’ll be sure to cover the glass of water from now on…”

“It’s none of your business.” Tang Junhe lowered his head to flip through the textbook and said.

It was just a way of telling Yin Cong that she doesn’t need to take on these unrelated matters, but because it was said so directly, it rather had the meaning of “don’t meddle”. After the words were spoken, Tang Junhe immediately realized this, but he pursed his lips and didn’t explain more.

It was good that Yin Cong was also a big-hearted girl, so she didn’t care about his tone and leaned in to ask in a small voice, “But how did you mess with them, huh?”

“Who?” Tang Junhe asked knowingly.

“Yang Xuan and Feng Bo, them.”

“They’re in cahoots?” Tang Junhe asked again.

“I don’t know how to say it, I don’t really know if I should count them as a gang or not either.” Yin Cong scratched her hair and had a hard time phrasing it. “It feels like Feng Bo and the others want to be in a gang with Yang Xuan, but Yang Xuan doesn’t really want to be in a group with them.”

“So complicated.” Tang Junhe said casually as he crossed out the lines in his textbook.

“Right?” Yin Cong saw her iceberg little beauty at the same table in an unnatural way, finally willing to strike up a conversation with her and gossiped with him in a whisper in high spirits, “Feng Bo is cocky, relying on his family’s money to make a rampage in school, Chen Hao is full of dirty thoughts, sometimes talking with him can be disgusting, and I secretly tell you, he seems to have a crush on Ying Hui.”

Tang Junhe said, ” Mmm.”

When Yin Cong saw his cold reaction, she felt a little bummed, so she tried to turn around and memorize the textbook, saying casually before finishing, “But how could Ying Hui pay attention to him, the whole school knows that Ying Hui likes Yang Xuan.”

Yin Cong still finished her story; unexpectedly Tang Junhe was the one who brought another question instead. “Who is Ying Hui?”

“It’s the one in front of the one you’re in front of.” Yin Cong eagerly pointed out to him.

Tang Junhe just nodded, not looking up. He just wanted to confirm it, although he didn’t even know why he wanted to confirm this.

Yin Cong thought he was interested in Ying Hui and introduced him right after, “Ying Hui is my friend, the acknowledged school flower of our first middle school, good grades, good personality, those who chase her can line up from the front door to the back of the mountain. Why? Do you want to meet her?”

Tang Junhe said bluntly, “I don’t want to.”

It doesn’t seem like there’s any interest in Ying Hui either. Yin Cong was a little lost, she simply couldn’t figure out what her enigmatic fellow desk-mate would be interested in.

She was about to give up and casually said something she had already said, “But Ying Hui only likes Yang Xuan.”

Unexpectedly, Tang Junhe threw in another question, “What did she like about him?”

“Uh ……” Yin Cong was caught off guard by the blunt question, “What else is there to not like, he’s handsome, can fight, and is not a pushover?”

Tang Junhe said, “Ah, I see.”

    Yin Cong felt that she had somehow created the illusion that her desk-mate seemed to be only slightly interested in Yang Xuan. She bit her pencil and wondered, could it be that the rumor of an illegitimate child was true?


The last self-study session, Yang Xuan again went downstairs to the field to train.

There is less than a month from the city basketball league, this semester, the school team has stepped up training, as the basketball team’s main strength, YangXuan is naturally the focus of the training program, and every day at the end of the class, he will train in the field for more than half an hour.

When the bell rang, after ten minutes, the people in the class had already left one after another. Perhaps it was because of Yang Xuan’s lack of concern yesterday; Feng Bo and Chen Hao didn’t pick on Tang Junhe anymore and left the classroom as soon as school ended.

Tang Junhe, on the other hand, didn’t make any move. He took out his English test paper and planned to finish it before leaving.

Although he had already told Yang Chengchuan at dinner yesterday that he didn’t need a driver to pick him up, that Uncle Chen would definitely still be waiting in front of the school today. He planned to go out half an hour late, creating the false impression that he had already gone home.

Halfway through the exam paper, Tang Junhe watched the sky faintly darken, got up, packed his bag and walked out of the classroom.

The students walking out of the school had almost left, except for the basketball team training on the field, there were only a few scattered students with backpacks on the large campus.

The basketball court was right in front of the school entrance, and Tang Junhe immediately recognized Yang Xuan’s figure as he walked out of the building. He seemed to have just finished training, and was raising his arm in a dangling manner, shooting a jump shot towards the basket.

Tang Junhe stood in front of the school building for a moment and stopped, watching him throw that ball. He felt like Yang Xuan was looking in his direction, so he didn’t stay any longer and bowed his head and quickly walked away.

When he was almost out of the school entrance, he was instinctively a little wary, wondering if the man who had followed him yesterday would still be around today.

He looked around vigilantly, not expecting to see that person, Zhou Lin, when he turned around. He didn’t hide today, standing by the flower bed some distance away from the school entrance, looking like he was waiting for him to come out.

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If Yin Hui has good grades why everybody who copied her homework got it all wrong. Was it that hard or it’s just everybody sucks on copying. XDD

The stalker showed up, will Yang Xuan save him? (◍•ᴗ•◍)

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