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    “…… Acceleration is how fast or slow the velocity changes, but there is no necessary connection between it and the velocity. That is to say, if the acceleration is high, the speed is not necessarily high and vice versa. Think about a car driving down the highway, is it going very fast? However, since it’s a uniform velocity, the velocity didn’t change during the entire process, so the acceleration is zero.”

    Li Wei began to explain in detail, Zhang Man learned a little smarter this time, not all saying that she didn’t understand, but made herself appear from not knowing at all to knowing a little bit.

    In the middle, she herself even took the initiative to do a few questions right, getting a slightly approving nod from Li Wei.

    It seemed to be saying, there is still salvation, she is not too stupid.

    More than an hour passed quickly, Li Wei was still not used to talking so much at once, and his already slightly hoarse voice became even more dry.

    Zhang Man felt sorry for him, so she suggested having lunch first and then continue in the afternoon.

    She self-consciously went to the refrigerator to take out the food, went to the kitchen microwave to warm up a bit, and poured two cups of water into the study.

    They sat opposite each other and ate quietly, Li Wei’s eyes hanging down, not knowing what to think.

    Zhang Man swallowed a mouthful of rice and asked carefully, “Li Wei, aren’t you …… your mother coming back today?”

    The young man didn’t look any different to her question and answered very naturally, “She’s gone, she flew early this morning.”

    She had never heard him explain it carefully in her previous life, but now, she couldn’t help but want to know more about him.

    “And does she usually live here?”

    The young man didn’t seem to resist talking to her about these trivial matters and swallowed a mouthful of rice slowly and smoothly, “She immigrated to Canada when I was young, and a few days ago, she heard that I was injured, so she came back to take care of me for two days.”

    Zhang Man looked at his expression and saw nothing out of place, so she continued to ask, “Li Wei, your mother’s name is Lin Hui? That’s a lovely name, what kind of person is …… she then?”

    The young man’s eyes curled in an unprecedented way at the question, seemingly in pleasure.

    “Yes, her Chinese name is Lin Hui, and her English name is Janet. Janet is the most gentle mother in the world, and even though we live far away from each other, she always encourages me and supports me when I’m in trouble, and helps me get through it.”

    Janet, that was the name that had always made a deep impression on her.

    Zhang Man put down her chopsticks and looked into his eyes, her voice serious, “Well, I also think that she must be the most beautiful and gentle mother in this world.”

    After lunch, he continued to teach about the subject. Zhang Man was afraid that his throat would hurt if he talked too much, and tried her best to do every lecture he gave to pick a few of the same type so that he wouldn’t have to repeat himself.

    Thus, Li Wei discovered that Zhang Man was a very smart person who was a quick learner, and once she understood the basic concepts, she could easily solve the problem without him having to spend much time explaining it.

    In the end, his expression softened a lot and he even took the initiative to ask her to come early tomorrow.

    Before Zhang Man left, he asked him, “Li Wei, your mother has gone back to Canada, is she not coming back for a while?”

    The young man nodded and walked her out.

    “Then …… then why don’t I come over tomorrow morning and cook for you.”

    Only then did the young man look up at her, his eyes seemed a little surprised, “You can cook?”

    Zhang Man nodded and added, “We can have breakfast and lunch together, which will save more time for self-study. By the way, can I still stay at your house to study after the make-up class tomorrow? I’ll never bother you, and we can both study at school again for tomorrow.”

    She calculated plainly, like she was thinking entirely of the cost and convenience of their time.

    The young man considered for a moment and nodded his head to agree.

    Zhang Man was a little happy, leaning against the door and asking, “What do you want to eat then? My cooking skills are not bad.”

    Li Wei didn’t have a strong obsession with food: “You can do whatever you want, I’m going in if there’s nothing else.”

    Saying that, he nodded to her and gently closed the door.


    It was not yet time for dinner when she got home, Zhang Man turned on the electric fan in the living room and stood in front of it, enjoying the breeze.The summer heat in N city was stifling, and she was sweating on her way back from the station.

    Zhang Huifang wasn’t at home, she should be out partying with friends. She had so many friends that Zhang Man didn’t even recognize them all.

    She only remembered that Zhang Huifang vaguely said that the reason she met Zheng Zhi in her previous life was because she attended a party hosted by a friend. She vaguely remembered that the time they got together was around January next year.

    She pinched her eyebrows and told herself that things had to be taken slowly one thing at a time.

    As soon as she returned to her room, Chen Feier called over.

    “When I called you this morning, your mother said you went out to play.”

    Zhang Man explained, “No, I went to Li Wei’s house, he helped me tutor in Physics. I’ll have to go every weekend from now on, but I’m free in the evenings, if you want to look for me you can in the evenings.”

    Chen Feier was silent for a long time when she heard Li Wei’s name, and said in a low voice, “Man Man, did you see that school posting last night?”

    “Hmm, see.” Zhang Man relaxed her body, lying across her entire body on the bed. The spot at her temple felt a little dizzy, probably from the summer heat outside.

    “…… How are you so calm, I’m so scared reading it. Do you think that Li Wei was really almost hanged by his father when he was little?” Chen Feier was curious, this kind of thing was simply appalling in their small city.

    Zhang Man took a deep breath and sounded as calm as possible, “Mm.”

    “My God ……”, Chen Feier sucked in a breath of cold air, “Mental illness runs in families, doesn’t it? Many people under that post replied that Li Wei is also schizophrenic like his father, so isn’t it possible that he might do such horrible things afterwards? Man Man, you should …… stay away from him, even if he is handsome, life safety is more important.”

    “Feier, I’ve checked it all, there’s a high chance that this disease can be cured, as long as the patient actively cooperates with the treatment plus the careful guidance of the family.” Zhang Man sat up and tried to sound light and cheerful in order to appease Chen Feier, “And Li Wei’s symptoms are not the same as his father’s, it’s highly unlikely that he will actively harm others.”

    “But aren’t you afraid of the unexpected …… Man Man, what exactly do you like about him? I’ve never seen you so obsessed with anything since we were kids.”

    Zhang Man knew that Chen Feier was worried about her, and she felt sad and a little warm.

    She said earnestly, “Feier, you also said that I am not interested in anything. But Li Wei is different …… Don’t worry, I won’t let myself get hurt.”

    “…… Forget it, I’m beaten by you. No wonder people always say that the people who usually seem to be the most indifferent to the world are the most ruthless when it comes to arguments.” Chen Feier saw how determined Zhang Man was, and knew that no one could persuade her once she had set her mind on something, “Maybe you’re right, it’s not like this illness can’t be cured, not to mention that I think he’s pretty normal right now, except for being a bit gloomy.”

    “But Man Man, you are really inexorable.”

    Zhang Man shook her head and laughed when Chen Feier said that.

    This was also something that Chen Feier had said to her in her previous life.

    In her previous life, when she celebrated her 34th birthday, Chen Feier accompanied her to go shopping.

    At that time, Chen Feier was pregnant with her second child, and she was still single. The two of them went shopping for baby products together, and Chen Feier teased her: “Man Man, you said you haven’t had a boyfriend for so many years, it can’t be that you still like the boy in your class in high school, right? It’s the one who is said to have schizophrenia, and later even guaranteed to go to B University. What’s his name, it seems like he’s now a professor at some prestigious foreign university, Li ……”

    When she heard this, she directly stopped in front of the store. It was like a secret that had been hidden for years and that she hadn’t even bothered to deliberately remember and suddenly saw the light of day. She didn’t say anything, but her face had changed, her breathing disordered. Chen Feier’s joke had poked at her hidden thoughts.

    Chen Feier saw her face; her voice faded, and after a long while exaggeratedly said, “My God …… No, I won’t be right, will I? How long has that been going on, over a decade? Man Man, you are really inexorable.”

    Yeah, a lot of people have said that she’s really inexorable.

    Just like in the previous life, she only loved one person for all time.


    They talked for a long while before hanging up reluctantly, and Zhang Man lay back on the bed, burying herself in the blanket.

    Li Wei’s father was a very famous businessman in N City at that time, and his business was doing very well. But since Li Wei was born, he started to become abnormal, and later became even more delirious to the point where he couldn’t recognize anyone else anymore.

    After that incident, he was sober for a while.

    The worst thing about a madman is not that he is mad all the time, but that while he is mad, he suddenly becomes sober.

    He clearly remembered everything he had done to his son, so he collapsed. At that time, like Li Wei in later years, he could not accept the fact that he had no control over himself, and was even more terrified that he would only cause more harm to his son by living, so he decided to commit suicide.

    At that time, Li Wei was still lying in the intensive care unit, a young boy who was still clueless that he had lost a loved one after that day.

    Zhang Man buried herself in the blanket. She remembered the two takeaway boxes she had seen in the trash during the day, and couldn’t control herself any longer, crying out in suppressed tears.

    He himself called and ordered takeaway and poured the food inside into the porcelain plate at home, but he didn’t remember anything about it. In his consciousness, those meals were made for him by his mother.

    But his mother, Lin Hui, died in childbirth when she gave birth to him that day.

Translator’s Note:

Honestly, I was a bit teary in the end. Imagine how painful would it be if someday you’ll know that the only family you’ve got is just your imagination.

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