Li was kicked into the pool and gulped down several mouthfuls of water before struggling to get his head out of the water, and then while his hands were digging into the water to float on the surface, he looked at Vee on the shore with a very fierce look on his face, gnashing his teeth like he wanted to tear Vee to eat, but unfortunately, he was no match for Vee at all.

Colonel Nai Lin looked at Vee and then at Li in the water, feeling a little embarrassed for a moment.

Vee took off his regular coat and tossed it onto the chair next to him, and with one hand in his hipbone pointing in the direction of his side, he said to Li, “Get over here.”

“No!” Li opened his mouth, with a clear and standard monotone, and the word ‘no’ was spoken loudly and firmly, completely expressing his thoughts in a powerful tone.

The guy sure can talk and knows what ‘no’ means.

That’s normal, it’s weirder if he didn’t know that, and this guy is a human anyway.


In fact, he’s being too disobedient.

Nai Lin took a look at Vee, the Admiral that was still with a smile on his face before, now looks terrifying, he was a little worried that the Admiral will do it again, the Admiral’s temper even if not exposed to a lot of people, he had still heard how badly it is, not to mention that just now Nai Lin looked like he was somehow hit while it was a direct kick to Li into the water, you can even see the red marks on Li’s stomach through the water line. Now standing three meters away from the Admiral, he could already feel the pressure, maybe the next moment the Admiral will jump into the water and directly beat Li that kid into pulp…

Nai Lin turned to the side of Gu Xuan and Raymond for help but Gu Xuan shrugged his shoulders first and walked over to Vee and said, “Admiral, you can’t do that, you have to be gentle.”

“Gentle? I think I’m usually gentle, but this guy is so arrogant.”

Where is he so badly beaten? Vee thought.

“Admiral, a pet is an animal that needs to be pampered and what you’re doing right now is wrong, you’re simply trying to train a beast ah. You’re going to have to give it a little bit of benefit, and it’s okay to tease it but please be sweet to it sometimes, it’s fine to touch its head and say rewarding words. Why don’t you try to be nice to him, the first time you met didn’t you beat him up? Now you haven’t seen him for three days and you are kicking him into the water upon seeing him again, do you think you would come over if someone did the exact thing you did to Li? You even pointed at the ground and yelled ‘come over here’ ah!” Gu Xuan watched Vee as he finished and added, “Ahem, of course, who would dare to do that to the Admiral…”

“Stop nagging, I’m already being gentle. If not, that bastard wouldn’t be paddling in the water right now but floating.”

“You could be a little gentler, like Colonel Nai Lin…”

On this side the two were discussing how to be gentle. Over there, Nai Lin walked over to the edge of the pool, crouched down, waved at Li and said softly, “Li, come here, let me see your stomach.”

“Mm.” Li said, and that ‘Mm’ was out of willingness, a very happy ‘Mm’. It was an ‘Mm’ that drew the corner of Vee’s eye several times.

Gu Xuan threw his arms out directly to hold Vee’s arm, “Admiral, you can’t go over there and kick someone again.”

“I’m not going to kick him.”

“Then what were you going to do?” Gu Xuan asks, while dragging a little force beside Vee. Vee’s strength is too great, if he goes forward who could really drag him back, Gu Xuan felt his feet are grinding against the ground with heat, finally dragged him to the side of Nai Lin and Li.

“You told me to be gentle, so I will gently touch him.” He said reaching out his hand, intending to rub Li’s head twice. A few days ago Raymond said, he should be sweet and care for him a bit, although it doesn’t have to be ‘too sweet’, like a pat, praise or encouragement such things should still be done, but not too hard.

Gu Xuan said, “Admiral, being gentle also depends on who gives it ah, if you’re suddenly gentle like this, Li will definitely not be impressed with you being sweet and caring.”

Vee pretended he hadn’t heard and moved his five fingers out in the air, as if adjusting the force he was going to use next.

Li sensed something, he was originally looking down to observe the red mark on his stomach when he suddenly looked up at Vee, with some surprise and complete resistance in his sharp eyes. For a moment, it made Vee feel extremely uncomfortable but he was already in a bad mood, so this kind of discomfort did not bother him.

Li jumped away abruptly and stood behind Nai Lin, letting Vee’s outstretched hand drop. Li says, “Don’t like it.”

He was speaking to Nai Lin.

“Admiral, please don’t be angry.” Nai Lin stretched out his hand to block Li’s body. That look, it was completely a protective look for a pup. However, compared to protecting a pup, Nai Lin now wanted to knock Li’s forehead, before teaching Li to say ‘like’ if he likes and ‘don’t like’ if he dislikes something, he forgot to teach Li to say ‘like’ towards the Admiral.

Vee withdrew his hand and took a deep breath, his smile was a little stiff at best. “Keeping a pet, one needs to be gentle right? Raymond, bring the chain and put it on him. I’ll take him home, I’ll make him food and I’ll be gentle with him. However, I still don’t believe in having a pet that’s still all over the place, especially that sh*t about male to sub male attraction!”

“Admiral, do you really not mind that? But both of you and Colonel Nai Lin are sub males yet Li still doesn’t like you.” Gu Xuan smiled, “You can’t put all the blame on Li, Admiral. Who told you to treat him like this, punching and kicking every time you see him, you should know how heavy your hand is. You are usually aware that you can’t be too hard-blooded and coercive to your subordinates and soldiers, but why can’t you realize that you can’t be like that too to your pets either? Even before raising that Fang beast which is already scary, I thought Raymond and Butler Hang already reminded you the reason why such beasts aren’t kept but Li is different ah…”

“YES YES YES, I know he’s different, don’t waste time giving me a nag, step aside! I’ll be gentle alright. I’ll remember it.” Vee thought inside his head about his usual practice of raising a Fang Beast and then looked at Li’s appearance standing behind Nai Lin.

Vee admitted in his mind that he was sticking to one principle when raising Fanged Beasts, which is ‘beating’.

BEAT the Fang Beast until it OBEYS…

Translator’s Notes:

If you remember last time, Li called out Vee’s name and I’m sure that’s not a coincidence so I think Li is doing it all on purpose just to get Vee’s attention, that’s just my guess though…

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