PP Chapter 9.1

Dinner was cooked by the helper aunt who came over. A few days ago, Tang Xiaonian got off work early and bought the ingredients on her way home, and by the time the helper came over to cook the dinner at the usual time, Tang Xiaonian had already processed the ingredients and was ready to fry the vegetables.

Because she was too embarrassed to let the helper aunt come for nothing, Tang Xiaonian asked her to do some unimportant cleaning work. The aunt felt so bad that she came half an hour early today to cook dinner.

Tang Xiaonian herself had worked as a helper for a while, when Tang Junhe was three years old, but only for a short time before she changed jobs. The woman who hired her at that time always suspected that she was having an affair with the fifty-year-old man in the family, and she couldn’t stand that disgust, so she quit that job in a fit of rage and started selling clothes for others in the mall.

It was probably because she was used to a hard life, and the first time the helper aunt appeared in the house, she seemed a bit at a loss.

When Tang Junhe arrived home, he saw his mother, Tang Xiaonian, sitting on the couch staring at the air, wondering what she was thinking about.

“You’re back?” As soon as Tang Xiaonian heard the sound of pushing the door, she immediately looked back and saw that it was Tang Junhe coming back from school, and hurriedly got up from the sofa and went forward to pick up his school bag and asked. “Are you still adjusting to the new environment?”

“It’s okay.” Tang Junhe changed into his slippers perfunctorily.

“Then why don’t you look happy?” Tang Xiaonian asked sensitively as she eyed the not-quite-clear water stains left on his shoulder that hasn’t dried yet. “Did Yang Xuan and the others bully you in class?”

“No.” Tang Junhe picked up his bag and headed for his room, “It’s not like I’m an elementary school student, so where’s all the bullying.”

“Then what’s with the water on your shoulder?” Tang Xiaonian followed up and asked.

“My desk mate’s glass of water accidentally spilled and splashed on my shoulder.” Tang Junhe tried his best to explain patiently.

“You’re at the same desk?” Tang Xiaonian changed the direction of the conversation, “Male or female? Did you get along well?”

“Girl.” Tang Junhe put his bag on the table. “Mom, are you going to let me do my homework or not.”

“It was just a few words ah.” Tang Xiaonian’s tone was clearly disgruntled, but she turned around and closed the door of the room for him.

Tang Junhe pulled his chair out and sat down, sighing and scratching his hair with some irritation. He didn’t know when he started to feel a little impatient with this kind of chattering concern from Tang Xiaonian. Even though he knew it was bad, he still couldn’t restrain this emotion.

Yang Chengchuan came back later than usual, and only after his return was Tang Junhe called to the living room for dinner.

Yang Chengchuan’s face looked terrible, and he thought it was something to do with Yang Xuan again.

Xiao Xuan isn’t coming back?” Tang Xiaonian put a bowl of rice in front of him, looked at him and inquired.

“He said he wanted to be lodged in a school dormitory, and even got the class teacher to call me as his layman.” Yang Chengchuan frowned. “Let him be.”

Tang Xiaonian looked at him again somewhat unexpectedly, said nothing, and settled down to start eating.

No one spoke, and there was another period of relative silence. After a while, Yang Chengchuan suddenly spoke up. “You didn’t say anything to Yang Xuan this morning, did you?”

Tang Xiaonian immediately paused in her action of putting food in her mouth, looked up at him and asked. “What do you mean?”

Yang Chengchuan knew that he had misspoken and quickly appeased the situation: “Just a casual question, don’t overthink it.”

Tang Xiaonian slapped her chopsticks on the table and stopped eating, questioning him. “What do you mean I’m overthinking it? Yang Chengchuan, you’re saying that I kicked your eldest son out, aren’t you?”

Here we go again. Tang Junhe felt his temples ache with pins and needles, maybe he should have applied for accommodation with Yang Xuan too.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that,” Yang Chengchuan swallowed his pride and admitted. “I shouldn’t have asked that just now.” Seeing Tang Xiaonian still glaring at him, he could only pat the back of her hand to persuade her. “Don’t make a scene in front of the child, Xiaonian.”

“My mother didn’t say anything to Yang Xuan.” Tang Junhe said with his eyes hanging open.

Yang Chengchuan was stunned, hearing the alienation in Tang Junhe’s words; he barely managed to pull out a little smile and said. “I know, I know.” Then he changed the subject at the right time, “By the way Junhe, from what your Uncle Chen said, you felt that someone was following you today after school?”

When Tang Xiaonian heard this, she couldn’t care less about getting angry with Yang Chengchuan and looked somewhat nervously at Tang Junhe and asked… “Is he following you again?”

“No, it was a classmate watching me,” said Tang Junhe. “It’s not stalking.”

Tang Xiaonian said with a sigh of relief, “I knew it, it’s been so many years.”

Yang Chengchuan saw Tang Xiaonian’s face ease up, and quickly seized the opportunity to turn to her and offer her goodwill, by asking… “Has anyone else been stalking Junhe before?”

Tang Xiaonian first ignored him and ate a few bites of her own food before saying after a while, “It’s a teacher.”

After all, it was his youngest son, Yang Chengchuan couldn’t say that he was completely indifferent and was concerned, “Why? Is the teacher still doing this stalking thing?”

“That teacher is a pervert.” said Tang Xiaonian, without mercy, “He had no good intentions, when Junhe skipped a grade, he said he wanted to help Junhe with his lessons, I thought he was being kind, but I didn’t think-“

“Mom!” Tang Junhe suddenly interrupted her with a loud voice, “Nothing happened, so don’t mention it.”

“Why can’t I mention it?” Tang Xiaonian got a little emotional, “What if something happened then?”

Yang Chengchuan guessed that Tang Xiaonian had been interrupted and asked, “Male or female teacher?”

Xiaonian said, “A male teacher.”

“What’s the name? Which school teacher?” Yang Chengchuan’s expression became a bit more serious, and then pursued his question.

“A math teacher, the elementary school that Junhe was in at that time, Zedong Elementary School, his name is Zhou Lin, isn’t it?” Tang Xiaonian looked at Tang Junhe, trying to confirm with him.

Tang Junhe didn’t say anything. He sensed that Yang Chengchuan probably wasn’t just asking a casual question, but really wanted to do something – this was easy for Yang Chengchuan nowadays, and probably the best way for him to gain control of himself and Tang Xiaonian, he thought somewhat maliciously.

However, he didn’t want to be baited, nor did he want to take up any of what belonged to Yang Xuan.

Translator’s Note:

Sorry for the late upload!

Also, someone asked if this would be tagged ‘incest’ in the previous chapter.

Um… I really don’t know either, I’m reading it as I’m translating so I haven’t finished it yet but I think it does need that tag, since their parents are already married… What do you guys think?   

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Thanks for the chapter! It’s definitely incest, they share the same blood from the dad (unless it turns out they don’t??) If it was just step brothers, I wouldn’t consider it to be.


My, TJH gets targeted by male predators with that pretty face of his huh. He should learn self-defense just in case…

I read from a review that they’re definitely half-brothers.


This belongs to you too, you’re his son.
Thank you for the chapter.

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