“AHH!” The Sect Leader of the Fire Sect fell to his knees and wailed in pain.

“You’re not human, you’re definitely not human!”

Starting from his head, his body turned into white bones in an instant and finally fell to the ground, completely dead.

Jiu Ye’s ink hair, which was like silk fluttered freely in the night sky.

A pair of ruthless eyes, tinged with bloodthirsty and ruthless bone chilling, looked at Mu Qian.

His face, which was so beautiful and unrivaled, now became even more hideous than the evil ghost Rakshasa.

And the black pattern that seemed to be spreading out to his body kept on giving him an aura that grew more and more terrifying.

Jiu Ye stepped on the void, like a devil god who defied all life and approached Mu Qian and the others!

“My Lord! Hurry up and take the Third Master away!” Mu Yi hurriedly said.

In an instant, a boundless, gloomy, cold killing aura filled the air.

It was as if ten thousand ghosts were howling around them, making people’s bodies freezing cold which made them think that death is near.

Mu Qian pushed Mu Yi away: “”You guys move out of the way!”

“Lord!” Mu Yi’s brow wrinkled into a ‘川’ character.

“This is an order!” Mu Qian said without being allowed to make a comment.

“Xi’er!” Mu Wushuang wanted to stand up to pull Mu Qian but his legs could not support him at all.

“Boom!” Mu Wushuang, whose strength was depleted, instantly lost consciousness and fainted!

He said in a raving voice: “Xi’er, absolutely nothing must happen!”

Mu Qian with a consoling voice, “Little Uncle, don’t worry! I will be fine.”

“Take good care of little uncle, I’ll go check on Jiu Ye.” Mu Qian moved in a flash.

Mu Yi and the others could only watch as the Lord, whom they were protecting, approached the man who was as bloodthirsty and ruthless as a demon god.

They wanted to stop her but the Lord’s order could not be disobeyed.

She walked in front of Jiu Ye, Jiu Ye like an ice sculpture set his eyes on Mu Qian Xi.

Mu Qian stretched out her hand, touching the hideous face and said softly: “Jiu Ye, what is wrong? This is the first time I’ve seen you in such a mess.”

What shocked Mu Qian even more was that the black lines, filled with great evil power, were not poison, nor were they compulsions.

Mu Yi, Jun Mo and the others were about to glare their eyes out, not only did she get close to this man but she even touched his face!

A pair of cold hands that seemed to freeze Mu Qian to death grabbed her wrist; the terrible strength seemed to crush her bones.

Jiu Ye said in a low voice: “Go! Take your people and go quickly!”

His voice… it was as if he was suppressing something?

Like there’s a ferocious beast that was about to break out of his body, devouring all living creatures here, including Mu Qian Xi.

Jiu Ye’s hands slowly loosened, allowing Mu Qian to regain her freedom.

Mu Qian coldly shouted: “Mu Yi, take little uncle and leave quickly!”

“Lord, what about you!” Mu Yi gritted his teeth.

“Jiu Ye came in order to help me, he is in a bad situation right now and as an alchemist, I may have something to alleviate his symptoms.”

“Lord, this is very dangerous!” The hearts of the shadows were anxious.

“You all go!” A powerful force pushed Mu Qian away!

“Lord …” Mu Yi’s heart was burning with anxiety.

Before they had time to leave, at this time, some of the black patterns suddenly came out of Jiu Ye’s body, forming a furious vortex that surrounded him.

Jun Mo widened his eyes, “What the hell is going on?”

When Qing Ying saw the scene in front of him, his pupils shrank violently and he said in a low voice: “I seem to have some impression but I can’t remember.”

The scene in front of them was completely beyond their imagination!

“ROAR!” Suddenly a painful roar came out.

Mu Qian frowned tightly, ‘what in the end was that black pattern that could make Jiu Ye, who had always been indifferent to anything, suffer to such an extent?’

Mu Qian took out countless pill bottles and deployed several potions in the blink of an eye.

“Painkiller, sedative, sleeping agent, these are the only three simple potions that can be dispensed today but no matter what, I’m going to try, hopefully I can reduce his pain a bit.” Mu Qian muttered.

Jun Mo’s face sank, “Little girl, you’re crazy! Although these potions of yours are special I don’t feel that they are going to work against this bizarre situation!”


The mountain beneath their feet suddenly collapsed, making their figures a little unstable.

Mu Yi exclaimed, “Lord, we must retreat now or else we will be buried alive.”

Mu Qian also looked at the man who was wrapped in an evil and terrifying power and couldn’t help but stammer.

Originally, she thought that the people of the Purple Moon Kingdom feared Jiu Ye so much was just an exaggeration to deliberately demonize a good iceberg beauty.

But she didn’t expect that Jiu Ye could really do such a terrifying thing!

But even if that is the case, Mu Qian is willing to give it a try.

Just when she was about to rush over, a cyan figure blocked her.

He said in a deep voice, “Don’t go near him, he’s very dangerous.”

“Boom!” A destructive force rushed towards the Qing Ying, slapping him away.

And at this time, Jiu Ye expressionlessly appeared in front of Mu Qian and stretched out his hands to pinch her slender neck.

As long as he moves a little, he will be able to snap her neck.

Seeing this scene, Mu Yi, Jun Mo and the others’ anxious hearts are about to jump out but they are biting their lips to death. At this moment no one dared to make a sound.

They are afraid that if they make a sound, His Highness the Night Prince, who has lost his mind like a demon god, will completely strangle their Lord to death.

Mu Qian felt that she had difficulty breathing and her head was dizzy.

Instead of killing her for snatching Ah Ting when they first met, Jiu Yi was about to make up for it at this time.

Just when Mu Qian was about to lose support, she suddenly felt a dark shadow looming over her eyes and then she woke up with a jolt!

“Xi…” A single word was slowly exhaled, followed by……

“Mmph! … mn!” Mu Qian’s eyes widened and looked at Jiu Ye with disbelief.

Mu Yi, Jun Mo and the others also froze, the Lord (Little girl) was forcefully kissed by the frenzied Night Prince! His Highness Xuanyuan Jiu Ye’s action is too outrageous!

Jiu Ye’s kiss was very wild. There was no trace of order and skill as if he simply wanted to let off some steam!

His eyes look like it wants to claim or possess something!

It’s a scene that seems to haunt forever.

The night breeze blew up, the black robe and purple dress intertwined underneath the moon, the two people’s silky hair was blown up by the cold wind in a difficult way and entwined in their eyes.

It was like a deep kiss that even if it went forever, will never be enough.

Translator’s Note:

Jie Ye waited long enough lol.

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