While Raymond turned to Vee for advice, Gu Xuan bowed low, bypassing Raymond and directly coming in. Looking at the corner of his eye, Gu Xian found Raymond twitched and gleefully sat on the couch, he then said. “Admiral, Colonel Nai Lin successfully taught Li how to speak.”

“Also, as you requested, I delayed his recovery but his memory is still very confused. So even though he can speak, because he thinks of himself as a beast many of his actions are still not normal for us, I brought blood samples and other things from Planet K and cloned some of the creatures out, perhaps I can take you to see them. I also found out that Li’s behaviors are very similar to the behaviors of a type of animal known in ancient times as cheetahs and tigers in the Interstellar Civilization Record.”

“Is he able to speak normally now?”

“Yes, but the level of speech is similar to our normal five year old standards.”

“Where is he?”

“The third station’s swimming pool, as it was specifically ordered by you, Admiral, Colonel Nai Lin has been educating and giving special training to him and I think this morning’s lesson is swimming.”

“And the other one?”

“The one who was rescued from the cruiser has recovered and had asked to go back to Maurice yesterday, this was before he had asked if we had seen ‘him’, he described a person who looked just like Li and even took a side trip to specifically show me a retrieved image of Li, I had asked him who that was and he was a bit evasive.”

Raymond aimed a glance at Gu Xuan, all dissatisfied and said, “It’s strange that you aren’t fidgeting.” Then he turned to Vee,  “Admiral, it’s the same as he said, the commercial cruiser is only a front, it’s a battleship but it was indeed under a commercial cruiser name when it departed from Maurice before it encountered the Star Pirates.”

“Who’s the owner of that battleship?”

“The cruiser is from the Second Prince William’s personal guard. His Majesty, the Maurice Emperor, is seriously ill and I assume the matter was caused by the succession to the throne. The purpose would be Prince Will, as I’ve heard that the two Maurice Princes have been at odds with each other for a long time. As for the specifics …… I think the only two people who might have a clear idea are Prince Will and Prince William.”

“I can only say that the princes of Maurice have terrible names.

“Please don’t say such things at a time like this, Admiral.”

Vee waved his hand, “Don’t make too many guesses just because you found out the true identity of the cruiser, guesses are useless for such things.”

“I’ll keep investigating.”

“It’s not that simple to conduct a real investigation, unless you forcefully hack into Maurice’s military systems but that’s not even possible, Maurice’s military secrecy is known as one of the best and it’s expected that before you go in, you’ll be detected and you”ll start a war…” Vee tsked, “Maybe you can try, you’re competent in this area aren’t you?”

“Admiral, I will not attempt that. Especially when I just saw your eyes glow because you said the word ‘war’.”

“……” Vi was speechless.

“F*cking confidential matter!” Gu Xuan said in disgust, standing up and ignoring Raymond’s eyes that were trying to strangle him in front of the Admiral, he exclaimed to Raymond, “I thought it was something too important to be confidential! You…!”


As expected there was no particular progress in such matters, Vee decided to go to the third station to take a look. Although very curious as to how Li came to be like this, such curiosity was unable to break the balance in his heart and needless to say, the other end of the balance was naturally his evil inclinations.

The third station swimming pool was very large, with four huge swimming pools lined up side by side and this swimming pool was naturally not used for recreation, it was used for training, with different testing procedures and training materials set up in the different pools. However, the swimming pool is very empty because there is no one here today, the scattered soldiers and officers are carrying out their own training somewhere.

Seeing Vee, the soldiers and officers in the field greeted one after another, Vee answered each of them and walked to the side of the swimming pool without any hurry. Colonel Nai Lin lowered his clothes, clenched his hands in front of his chest and bowed to Vee: “Loyalty to the Empire! Admiral you are here.”

Vee pointed to his regular clothes, “There’s no need to salute like that.”

Nai Lin smiled coyly, looked to the pool where there was an enthusiastic one swimming in a dog-like paddle, and said to Vee, “I wanted to bring him here for training since he was so interested in the water when I took him through here before, but as you can see, he still only knows this type of swimming.”

Vee nodded, “Because he’s a beast.”

“He’s a human, Admiral and he can talk already.”

“Then let him come up here and say a few words for me.”

Nai Lin smiled, “Yes Admiral.” He walked over to the edge of the pool and knocked on the side with a metal rod in his hand, after catching Li’s attention, he said to Li, “Li, come over here, Admiral Vee is here to see you.”

Li swam out of the pool, there was some water in his mouth so he puffed and blew, and grunted twice then walked up to Nai Lin. He was quite a bit taller than Nai Lin as he stood in front of them, he also waited with special care for Nai Lin to put on his coat, Nai Lin said, “The Admiral came to see you, talk to him.”

Li looked to Vee and let out a particularly ragged breath of unknown meaning through his nose, then turned to Nai Lin and bent down a little, resting his chin on Nai Lin’s shoulder and refusing to speak.

Vee’s eyes twitched twice, “What is the meaning of this?”

“Admiral don’t be angry, this guy only talks to me, he was obedient for the last two days and is now not listening, this isn’t …”

Gu Xuan smacked his lips, “Maybe it’s an attraction for this guy who’ s a male and thinks he’s a beast, whereas Colonel Nai Lin is a submale.”

“F*ck that! Am I not sub male?”

Vee said, walking towards Li, who snorted and glanced at Vee, then averted his gaze after taking another look.

Suddenly, Li sensed danger but he was clearly not as fast as Vee, Li had not yet jumped out of the way but felt a force on his stomach coming in as he leaned against Nai Lin before disappearing. Then a plopping sound of falling water followed and Li had flown into the water with his entire body.

Vee turned to Nai Lin, “I’ll teach him myself from now on, keeping a pet is all about having fun on your own but thanks to you, he has learned to talk, which saves me some worry.”

“You’re welcome, Admiral.” Nai Lin had never felt so good about being a sub male and the dangerous feeling he’d just had sent chills down his spine.

Gu Xuan leaned a little closer to Raymond, “Tsk, tsk. The Admiral is angry.”


“I don’t know why but I thought I saw something like a grievance floating up like a cloud above his head, and it was like there was a series of characters on it …”

“Speak human.”

“Because the Admiral is also a sub male and his pet actually likes another sub male so much, guess what he is feeling right now?”

Translator’s Notes:

“Because the Admiral is also a sub male and his pet actually likes another sub male so much, guess what he is feeling right now?”

a. He’s in period right now, so he’s moody.

b. He’s like a kid who has lost his candy.

c. He’s eating vinegar.

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