PP Chapter 8.2

Tang Junhe left the school building, bowing his head and walking quickly out of the school.

What had just happened had confirmed a faint thought he had previously had — that Yang Xuan hated him. Originally, he had still held a tiny bit of slim hope. After all, there was a time ten years ago when they had truly been as close as brothers.

Now it seems that he was too naive. It’s not so much that Yang Xuan was kept in the dark and willingly showered him with kindness, but rather that he concealed his identity and stole that kindness in a sinister way.

At that time, although Yang Xuan knew nothing of his identity, he himself was vaguely aware that Yang Chengchuan was his biological father and Yang Xuan was his biological brother.

No one had ever poked this truth at him and so he had obediently pretended to know nothing about it.

As he stepped out of the school gates, he was keenly aware of a line of sight cast upon him.

Surrounded by parents who had come to pick up their children and were bustling around the school entrance, Tang Junhe looked in the direction of the line of sight he had just seen and didn’t see any suspicious figures – they should be hiding.

He subconsciously gripped the straps of his bag and looked back cautiously as he made his way through the crowded area.

As he was walking forward, someone suddenly reached out and grabbed his arm, startling him, his heart lifted up and he almost shouted, reflexively looking up — it was Yang Chengchuan’s driver, whom he had seen before and finally let out a sigh of relief: “Uncle Chen.”

“What are you thinking about?” The driver laughed at his frightened appearance and looked towards the school entrance, “Where’s your brother? Not out yet?”

—That gaze was looking at him again.

Tang Junhe looked back sharply and the man didn’t have time to dodge, half of his body was exposed to his view and then quickly disappeared into the crowd.

“What’s wrong?” The driver sensed that he was looking at something and asked.

“It’s nothing.” Tang Junhe said back and then he followed up Uncle Chen’s last question with. “He rode home.”

Although Yang Xuan didn’t say that, Tang Junhe guessed that would have been his thought.

“So we go first?” The driver asked for his opinion.

Tang Junhe nodded. “Yes.”

The driver stepped in front and led him to a car a short distance away, then leaned over to open the door for him.

Tang Junhe got in the car and still couldn’t stop looking back.

“Do you need me to open the window?” The driver asked.

“Keep going,” Tang Junhe halted his movements in a panic, “Someone is following me.”

The driver saw the cautious expression on his face in the rear-view mirror — it didn’t look like he was joking so he asked. “Who followed you? Shall I go down and take a look?”

Tang Junhe realized that he had just said something that slipped out of his mouth and quickly turned to him, “No. It’s probably a classmate prank, let’s go.”

The driver looked in that direction a couple more times, turned around and started the car, saying, “If you really think someone is following you, don’t be a hero yourself.”

Tang Junhe responded with an “Mm,” sat upright, and didn’t turn his head to look again. After a while, he looked up and said to the driver. “Uncle Chen, you don’t have to pick me up anymore.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not used to being picked up.” Tang Junhe said looking out the window.

“What’s there to get used to about this?” The driver lost his smile.

“I’m just not used to being picked up.” Tang Junhe sounded a little bit stubborn. “I’ll talk to Uncle Yang when I get home tonight, thank you for picking me up this time.”

These were all things from Yang Xuan, and he didn’t want any of them.

Translator’s Note:

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I wish you all many blessings, much happiness, and even more love!

I know that there is still a pandemic going on so please be safe everyone. Always wear a mask and stay away from people if you’re going outside. I wish everything would go back normal soon.

Anyways, thank you all for reading! ♥

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This is very lovely, thank you for the translations! Merry Christmas! Also.. this gonna be incest-kinda story? Or just bromance? 🙂


Merry Christmas ( ◜‿◝ )♡ hope you and your loved ones stay healthy and happy.

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