EWP Chapter 124: Powerful Killing

    A cold indifferent voice came out, “A lowly ghost, how dare you harm my niece!”

    That pair of golden eyes, with an icy coldness that did not belong to this human world seemed to turn the surroundings into hell.

    “Little Uncle!” Mu Qian was stunned.

    She forced her little uncle’s body to rigor mortis but didn’t expect him to suppress the medicine and wake up.

    “This power … this power is yours? You’re here! Then, as long as I eat you! I will get incomparable power.” The ghost laughed hideously.

    At this point, the menacing ghost has given up on feasting Mu Qian’s body and turned his attention to Mu Wushuang instead, greedily looking at Mu Wushuang with drool.

    Ji Shan widened his eyes, “Master, are you saying that the power you wanted was from him and not from the Night Prince? How is that possible?”

    “It’s him! I’m sure it’s him! My intuition is never wrong!” The ghost drooled at Mu Wushuang, its appearance is incomparably disgusting!

    After saying that, the ghost rushed towards Mu Wushuang!

    “Boom!” Terrifying power emanated from Mu Wushuang’s body and rushed towards the menacing ghost!

    But the ghost dodged away and laughed triumphantly, “Ka Ka Ka Ka! Your seal is only half unlocked, your power is too weak and your legs are useless, how can you be a match for benzuo! Be a good boy and become the nourishment for benzuo!”

    As its hands grabbed at Mu Wushuang, Mu Wushuang rolled down to the ground to dodge, his legs not being able to move was too limiting to his strength.

    Mu Wushuang shouted, “Xi’er, hurry up and go!”

    Mu Qian hastily stood up, she knew Ah Ting was in a deep sleep by this time and her own strength which is at the First Stage Spirit Master isn’t enough for the monster they’re fighting against right now.

    But even if she had to fight with her little uncle until the last moment, she will not go!

    “Dou Ying! Take Xi’er away!”

    Although it was only a low-level ghost, it was not something that any of the people in this little kingdom could fight against and all Mu Wushuang could do was buy her a little time to escape.

    “You still care about others when you’re at the end of your life! Hah! Take this!” A powerful attack was blasted towards Mu Wushuang!

    “Ack—!” A mouthful of fresh blood spat out from Mu Wushuang’s mouth.

    The smell of blood made the ghost even greedier as he opened his big mouth and pounced on Mu Wushuang.

    “I’ll eat you alive!”

    “Go!” At the same time, a volley of needles with varying poisons rushed towards the arm of four-armed monster!


    The poison needle exploded in its arm and a white mist enveloped it for a while.

    This white mist was highly poisonous and ordinary cultivators would definitely be affected.

    But this four-armed monster isn’t human and Mu Qian knew that it wouldn’t do any harm on it.

    Mu Qian swept past and pulled Mu Wushuang, “Little uncle! Let’s go!”

    The white mist dispersed and the huge shadow shrouded them, followed by a raucous voice, “Go? Heh, None of you can leave!”

    “You humans are too much of an eyesore, why don’t you all die for me!”

    A powerful force came towards Mu Qian, obliterating everything on its path!

    Mu Wushuang’s golden eyes seemed to burn up, ready to throw everything just to protect Mu Qian Xi!

    But at this moment, a cold and merciless voice that seemed to come out of hell filled the entire area.

    “An insect like you, how dare you do this to this prince’s fiancée!”

    A man with a black robe dancing wildly in the night wind appeared in the air like a dark demon god.

    The night is dark as ink and his aura was akin to a King which no one could disobey.

    Ji Shan exclaimed. “It’s the Night Prince, he’s here!”

    Mu Qian looked at the man who looked like an Asura in the night sky and was slightly stunned. ‘He really came!’

    “Insect , you say? In front of benzuo, you humans are the insects!” The ghost used its two hands to grab Jiu Ye in the air.

    The black figure looks cold and noble even when sweeping through the darkness and easily dodging the attacks of the four-armed monster.

    Suddenly a power that shook heaven and earth swept down, imprisoning the ghost to death.

    “Boom!” In the blink of an eye, the menacing ghost was viciously thrown outside, on top of a mountain peak!

    Its body smashed out a huge hole on top of the mountain peak, the mountain peak countless rocks fell, and the power of the four-armed monster is surprisingly weakening rapidly.

    A cold, cruel and sinister look was on Jiu Ye’s face as he gently raised his hand and a strand of the ghost’s pitch-black soul was drawn out by him.

    It screamed miserably, “No! My lord, please spare my life!”

    A cold glint flashed in Jiu Ye’s eyes.


    “Who… are you ? You… why are you here… Ack…How can there be such an existence in this place?”

    The soul of the ghost was torn apart in an instant and his angry roar resounded throughout the Fire Sect.

    The Fire Sect leader trembled in fear; he originally thought that the person in the Snow Continent who was only at the Ninth Stage Spirit King’s peak was the strongest but he was mistaken. Xuanyuan Jiu Ye, this man who could fight to this point was even more powerful!

    His Master who is his greatest reliance was easily cleaned up by Xuanyuan Jiu Ye! It was too much to take in!

    For a moment, he felt an incomparably dangerous aura that locked onto his body.

    Ji Shan was very afraid of death and hurriedly ordered, “Stop him for me! Stop him for me!”

    He wanted his men to stop Jiu Ye and buy himself time to escape.

    The remaining disciples of the Fire Sect, all trembling with fear, were forced to approach carefully due to the orders of the Sect Leader.

    But at this time, that pair of icy blue eyes became bloody red!

    With a wave of his hand, all the people around were all knocked out, one by one, they turned into hideous white bones!

    “Demon!” Ji Shan shouted.

    The man in front of him was staring wide-eyed and the mask on his face suddenly fell off. His whole face was covered with a hideous pattern like a vine.

    Vicious. Venomous. Bloodthirsty. These words suited him completely. He was like a demon god descending into the world, making the crowd almost scared out of their wits.

    Mu Qian froze for a moment and hurriedly shouted, “Jiu Ye!”

    His face, how did it turn out like this?

    She had seen the face under his mask. It was beautiful enough to make heaven and earth lose its color, not like this.

    “Boom!” Sounds of chaos filled the area and Jiu Ye is like the devil that seeks others life at each turn. At this point, the entire Fire Sect was destroyed.

    The majestic sect with palaces, pavilions and towers are all turned into ashes in an instant, as if a bomb landed on it.

    All the disciples of the Fire Sect were turned into white bones and reported to King Yan.

    It was a terrifying and shocking extermination, Mu Yi and the others were shaken.

    They hastily contracted their formation and protected Mu Qian Xi.

    They felt that at this moment, His Highness the Night Prince had turned into a demon who only wanted to kill.

    After he finished solving those people from the Fire Sect, they were afraid that he would make a move on their Lord so they had to protect her even if it cost them their lives!

Translator’s Note:

What a chapter ah! Jiu Ye please don’t hurt Mu Qian!

Also, Merry Christmas to you all! I wish you all will stay healthy and happy!

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