It had been three days since he had sent Li to the military base and handed him over to Colonel Nai Lin, and there was a feeling that he couldn’t go on any longer without anyone to kick or fight.

In the past, it was fine, although he is a Admiral, but the military base can be said to be his other home, he will stay there for a while, to simulate the battlefield to play, and then find a few soldiers to fight with, although it was boring but it was also fun. From the signing of the truce with Maurice Empire to the present, sometimes Vee couldn’t help but had this idea that after the treaty was quickly decided, it didn’t take long before his mutation started.

It’s not like he hasn’t been to the base after the mutation, In the whole Talis base who doesn’t know that their Star Force Army Admiral Vee mutated, a twenty-eight years old had suddenly turned from a domineering and violent male to a sub male, who would dare to play with him and hurt the precious Admiral now? What is a sub male? It’s one of the most precious things on the planet, and it’s a human being who possesses the ability to produce offspring, although this ability still depends on the physical quality of both sexes

In the whole interstellar history, he was the first case that exceeded the common mutation period and changed slowly for more than ten years. This was not just a ‘miracle’, in other countries, this could be considered as a joke.

However, for the time being, Vee’s mutation is considered to be a military ‘Top Secret’ and not many people know about it. The so-called Top Secret, if it is spread out, will be marked ‘Confidential’ instead…

After breakfast, Vee changed into his regular clothes, spoke to the butler and went to the garage by himself. After picking out the flying car, Vee patted his body and prepared to jump in it.

“Vee, please don’t make such a dangerous move.” The front foot hasn’t fallen into the flying car and the back foot almost missed into the door, Vee stumbled, nearly missed falling to the seat, so he reached out well with one hand to support his body. His body made a small curve in the air to rotate and landed firmly on the seat, which was replaced by a surprised sound from the butler ‘Oh god’!

“…… Uncle Hang, it wasn’t dangerous, but being told that by you is really dangerous.” Vee looked at the butler who came over with a bored face.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his eyes looked very different from normal people, it would be impossible to tell that this middle-aged man with independent thinking ability was a third-generation android of the Empire.

“Vee, you’re not like you used to be, don’t make such dangerous moves, I’ve called for Raymond and he’ll come and drive for you, so you get out of the flying car now.”

“Raymond speed is nowhere near mine ah, goodbye Uncle Hang.”


The flying car gradually took off, and before the steward could say anything, it disappeared with a ”swoosh” inside the garage. Along the way Vee drove the flying car, airborne to tell the flying car lane could no longer accommodate his passing speed and had to switch to a designated maximum speed, which avoided the possibility of being caught by the Planet Air Patrol.

Arriving over the military base, Vee drove the flying car into the garage and got out to see the people coming to greet him. His personal locator had sent a message to the base before, so naturally the military base would send someone to greet him.

It is a good idea to have a medical center within the military base, thought Vee, more importantly the doctor, Gu Xuan who is wearing a white coat has been following Raymond all around since he came here, making others feel that it wasn’t strange to see those two together anymore.

“Admiral, long time no see.” Gu Xuan was a bit unable to keep up with Raymond’s pace, and it was only when he reached Vee that he grinned mischievously.

“We just had a drink yesterday,” Vee said, looking at Raymond.

Raymond was full of displeasure and knew at a glance that he was in the mood to be pestered by Gu Xuan again, “Admiral, I found something about that commercial cruiser.”

“Tell me about it.”

Vee didn’t shy away from Gu Xian, instead it was Raymond who looked to Gu Xian, “I have something important to tell the Admiral, will you go back to your lab or go stand in front of my office?”

“I’d rather lie on the couch in your office and enjoy a cup of coffee you’ve made yourself.

Vee said, “You can still have coffee when you’re lying down.”

“I can still drink it lying down, but if I choke on it, Raymond will be there to save me.”

“You want to choke that badly?”

“En, I must.”

“…… “

Raymond’s eyes drew in the corners, hurriedly looked around and found that there were not too many people in this corridor now, before touching his nose. The three of them went all the way to the door of Raymond’s office, Raymond opened the door to invite Vee in, Gu xian was about to go in when he was grabbed by someone and threw him out directly: “Military secrets, you’re a doctor, there’s no need for you to be here.”

“Admiral …”

Vee spread his hands and laughed.  “It’s no use calling me, I don’t mind if you listen but look at what Raymond did bah, I won’t meddle between you two.”

“But Raymond’s going to throw me out…”

Raymond reached into the door to break Gu Xuan’s tightly clasped hands, then pushed him out: “Didn’t you see the Admiral’s laugh? He’s gonna get annoyed with your noise and tantrums if you continue, see if the Admiral’s kick won’t kill you then, unlike Li you don’t stand a chance.”

“Oh! If you’re still so concerned about me then you have to let me in quickly ah, I’ll stop making a scene, besides…” Gu Xuan shouted towards the inside: “Admiral, I have a matter about Li to speak with you!”


Translator’s Notes:

I’m now convinced that Raymond and Gu Xuan is canon.

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