EWP Chapter 123: Black Shadow

    Just as this crisis reaches its peak, Ah Ting’s voice sounded, “Ugly woman, I’ll do my best to help you this once. Remember when the time stops it’s all up to you, after that I will fall into a deep sleep so you can’t be too careless while I’m asleep…”

    “Cut the crap and do it quickly! Mu Yi and the others can’t hold out anymore!”

    A breeze blew and in an instant, everything around seemed to have stood still.

    When Mu Qian’s purple figure moved, all the poisonous needles flew out and rushed towards all the strong people around.

    She was like a Grim Reaper as she began to reap the lives of these people.


    All seven elders were killed with a single blow.

    However, the Sect Leader of the Fire Sect happened to be protecting his body with spiritual power so his body was unharmed and Mu Qian’s needles, surprisingly, could not get close to him.

    Time resumed its flow when Mu Qian struck him once more.

    Seeing that Mu Qian, a weak Spirit master, dared to strike at him, Ji Shan directly slapped her palm away!

    “Seeking death!”

    The power of a Spirit King swept through her, making Mu Qian feel like her body and internal organs were about to shatter open!

    “Pft!” A mouthful of blood was spat out.

    Qing Ying’s body flashed and in an instant, he shielded Mu Qian from the front!

    “Boom!” Ji Shan’s attack fell on his body!

    Qing Ying and Mu Qian flew out, while Ji Shan also took a few steps back and widened his eyes in surprise, “How is that possible? How can his body be so strong?”

    But what surprised him even more was yet to come!

    The 7 Fire Sect’s elders, one by one with a ‘thud’ fell to the ground.

    Everyone’s lips were purple, as if they had been poisoned.

    What happened just now? How can they be poisoned in a blink of an eye? Is this something even a human can do? Ji Shan was confused.

    The opponent in front of him somehow collapsed and Wudi and Xiao Hong hurriedly blocked in front of their seriously injured master.

    Jun Mo’s body flashed and encircled Ji Shan from behind.

    He laughed, “The elders of your clan are all poisoned. Once I finish you, I’ll be done and have something good to eat.”

    “What the hell is going on here?” Ji Shan felt that this must be a nightmare!

    Mu Qian slowly stood up, wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, “If you want to know, you go to hell and ask the King Yan!

    Mu Qian grabbed out a handful of pills to heal herself and also gave a lot to Qing Ying.

    “Qing Ying, can you still fight? If you can fight, finish this old guy in one breath!”

    Qing Ying directly took the pills as water to drink to recover his strength and the corners of Ji Shan’s mouth twitched when he saw these two people who were so wasteful of high quality pills!

    What kind of people are these!

    “Do it!” Mu Qian coldly shouted and in an instant, Ji Shan was surrounded by four sides!

    The strength of Jun Mo, Qing Ying, and Xiao Hong were not weaker than him, plus with the agility of the Spirit Beast Wudi, this is the first time he fell into a difficult battle.

    Xiao Hong shouted, “Behold, The Amazing Destroyer of Heaven!”

    Fiery red flames spread out in the entire Fire Sect as Xiao Hong attacked with all his might!

    Qing Ying’s figure turned into countless shadows, continuously attacking Ji Shan from all sides.

    “Swish!” Wudi made a strike with his claw and viciously grabbed Ji Shan’s neck!

    Ji Shan hurriedly dodged but there were three still more bloody cat claw marks left on his face.

    “AGHH!” A miserable scream came out from him and blood spilled on the ground.

    Just at this time, the moonlight shone on a long sword then stabbed towards Ji Shan’s chest!

    Mu Qian smiled: “I didn’t expect that this foodie who’s good at alchemy is also good at making swords.”

    “AHHH!” This stunning sword made Ji Shan unable to escape anymore.

    Ji Shan shouted loudly: “Master … help ……me!”

    “Save… me! I… don’t want to die yet!”


    After Ji Shan fell to the ground, a deafening sound filled the entire area of the Fire Sect!

    A huge black shadow that blots out the moonlight with its darkness and evil aura swept over Ji Shan’s body.

    “Which person managed to turn you into this wretched state? Is it Benzuo’s food that has come?  Since you’re here, why didn’t you wake benzuo up earlier?”

    Its voice was ear-splitting, causing the whole ground to shake.

    Ji Shan weakly answered, “That person, he hasn’t come yet.”

    “Rubbish, that man hasn’t even come yet and you’re already in such a mess!”

    The power of darkness devoured all the disciples of the Fire Sect who were poisoned and lost their combat power on the ground.

    “Master, these are all my disciples of the Fire Sect, they are only poisoned! They’re not dead yet!” His own disciples were devoured one by one, including the seven elders, which made his flesh ache.

    “It’s just some trash ah, so what if they are devoured by me? In time, with benzuo’s help, you will make your Fire Sect the number one sect in the Snow Continent and the number one sect in the Southern Realm! When that time comes, will you still care about these wastes?” That voice was unusually arrogant.

    Ji Shan exclaimed, “Your Excellency is right!”

    The power of darkness seems to restore Ji Shan’s life that was on the verge of death.

    It was good that he himself came back to life so it doesn’t matter to him whether others were alive or dead at this point.

    Xiao Hong hurriedly said in a deep voice: “Master, go! This disgusting thing gives me a very bad feeling!”

    Even Jun Mo also frowned slightly, “What the hell is this thing?”

    “Lord!” The Shadows and the others were also incredibly cautious.

    When the Fire Clan got a particularly powerful backing, that’s the only time they dared to go against the entire Purple Moon Kingdom and went against Jiu Ye directly!

    That powerful force is not something they can go against, so that powerful backing must be this pitch-black monster!

    Mu Qian shouted: “Retreat!”

    Ji Shan hurriedly said: “Master, don’t let them get away!”

    The entire space seemed to be enveloped by that dark power, becoming sticky and that black shadow laughed hideously, “You can’t run away, be good and become my food for recovery!”

    A behemoth, from and among the black fog came out and at this time Mu Qian and the others clearly saw the monster’s appearance.

    It has an ape-like face but with a pair of bull horns. Have four legs and four hands but the body is like a lion with long hair. It is a big monster that is completely unlike any other.

    Ji Shan pointed at Mu Qian, “That woman! That’s his woman! Kill her and he will surely throw himself into the pit!”

    “Ka Ka Ka Ka! Is that so?” The monster laughed hideously and its four hands suddenly became longer to grab Mu Qian Xi!

    “Roar!” Xiao Hong bellowed with rage and spewed out crimson flames.

    “Disgusting thing, don’t try to touch benzuo!”

    Those flames did not do any damage to the monster as if it was only a small flame!

    It said with contempt, “A stupid pig, how dare you block benzuo!”

    With great strength, Xiao Hong’s body was directly slapped away!

    “Eyesore, all of you, get lost!”

    Looking at the aggressive Wudi, Jun Mo and the others, the monster’s four hands slapped towards them!

    Sound of chaos filled the area. The monster’s speed is astonishing that even Jun Mo and Qing Ying could not dodge it completely.

    The disparity in strength between the monster and them was in plain sight, in just a few seconds, Mu Qian was already caught and she simply could not escape!

    “Woman, do you think I should shred your arm first? Or should I tear your hand first?” The monster stared at Mu Qian and asked.

    Right at this time, Mu Wushuang who had been shielded by Dou Ying moved a little, in front of Dou Ying, Mu Wushuang’s jet black hair turned into silver purple.

    As his eyes slowly opened, it also turned into another color!

Translator’s Note:

My hands are now tired from wrapping gifts for Christmas XD

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