PP Chapter 8.1

Seeing YangXuan come over, Feng Bo loosened Tang Junhe’s collar, not forgetting to jostle him in the chest before letting go: “Brother Xuan, he threw your basketball out the window.”

Tang Junhe stumbled back a couple of steps as Feng Bo pushed him, then stood still and looked at Yang Xuan.

“What basketball?” Yang Xuan asked.

Chen Hao leaned against the classroom door frame with his arms folded and said. “It’s that NBA All-Star signed basketball of yours.”

Yang Xuan turned his head to glance at Chen Hao and walked up to Tang Junhe, blocking the sunlight reflecting on his face and looked at him in the eye, he asked, “Did you throw it?”

Tang Junhe tilted his head slightly and looked at the haughty Yang Xuan in front of him, who was half a head taller than him, and tried his best to make a calm appearance, “Yes.”

Many people ran to the back door and stuck their necks out to see what was going on. Those passing in the corridor also paused to watch the sudden dispute. A tiny spark falling inside the school is enough to ignite a large area of tedious curiosity of the students.

Yang Xuan found it somewhat amusing that he noticed Tang Junhe’s clenched fist draped over the side of his pants, easily seeing through his nervousness and pretense of composure.

The doll who used to just cry at everything was now staring at him like a cat with its back arched in stern anticipation. It made him want to try to see what it would be like to annoy him – will he cry just like the time when they were little?

“Pick it up.” He snapped.

“Aren’t you even going to ask what’s going on?” Tang Junhe looked at him and gulped his throat, his Adam’s apple sliding up and down a bit.

The right half of his shirt was wet, and Yang Xuan already had an idea that Feng Bo and Chen Hao had him messed up.

“Is it necessary?” Yang Xuan smiled. “You threw it. Then you pick it up.”

“What if I say I won’t pick it up?”

Yang Xuan seemed to see the cat’s back arch a little higher, like a fully drawn bow. A mischievous idea popped into his head, then he bowed slightly and leaned over Tang Junhe’s ear, lowering his voice and saying, “Since your mother is serving you like a little princess, she shouldn’t mind buying you an identical basketball, right?”

Tang Junhe’s thoughts flashed back to the slightly sarcastic smile that Yang Xuan had shown him in the morning and his face burned red, his clenched fist then went out at Yang Xuan’s face.

Yang Xuan easily dodged off to the side and reached out to catch the punch, his hand wrapped around that clenched fist and pressed down with a little more force, “Want to fight? Save your energy—”

“What are you all doing? Gathering a mob in the hallway!” The math teacher rushed over on her heels to make way for a group of students who were watching the fun, and instantly yelled at the dozens of students who were blocking the corridor, “Didn’t look at their own test results, and still have the face to come out to watch the fun! Hey, you two standing there! Do you two want to be expelled?! All of you get back to class!”

Tang Junhe took advantage of the situation to shake off Yang Xuan’s hand, glared at him and then turned his head towards the stairs.

“Eh, isn’t he a student of this class?” The math teacher, having never seen a student so unshaken, was momentarily a bit confused and grabbed the next person to ask.

“He… he just transferred here to… today.” The youth stammered.

“Call him back… ah wait, never mind.” the math teacher waved her hand, “go back to class, that one doesn’t need revision. Everyone else get back to your seats now!”

Everyone scattered, and Yang Xuan stared at the stairway for two more seconds before turning around and heading back to class.

“This is what you guys said about not lying to me, right?” The math teacher slapped the stack of papers twice on the board, sending dust flying everywhere. “All of you had the same answers on the same questions in the exercise books and none of you have all of them right— No, there was one and it’s the new transfer student from a public school who doesn’t have time to do winter break homework.”

“The class rep is coming over to help with the rolls!” The math teacher handed the paper to the class rep, slapped the board eraser on the board with a rattling sound, and growled bitterly. “Still think you’re the top student at a major high school, don’t you? Look at the new student who just transferred in today, from the Third Rank Middle School! Full marks for doing a paper in half an hour! Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? Wake up, my students, don’t be a frog in a well, okay?!… Go back and revise your papers tonight and you guys will tell me about it in class tomorrow, do you understand!”

“Yes, teacher—” the whole class answered listlessly.

Once the math teacher was out of the classroom, Feng Bo immediately turned around, with his two hands slamming down a few desks in the back row, shouting at Yang Xuan: “How’s it going Brother Xuan, you feel any relief from earlier?”

Yang Xuan got up and headed out the door, “NBA All-Star signed basketball. You guys can talk nonsense too.”

Feng Bo walked out after him with his bag on his back, laughing, “Hehe, he really believed it ah! I almost didn’t hold my breath in happiness.”

“How did you guys manage to provoke him?” Yang Xuan looked at him.

Feng Bo described what had happened in the classroom earlier with added jealousy and leapt to ask, “Hey, that basketball… you’re still going to ask him to pick it up tomorrow?”

“You started it, you pick it up.” Yang Xuan didn’t even want to give him a face.

“Hey Brother Yang— I’m helping you out!” Feng Bo wailed.

“Don’t. It’s no fun to just target him.” Yang Xuan was in a faint mood, lifting his foot in the other direction, “I’m going to the cafeteria for dinner.”

“To the cafeteria?” Feng Bo took him by the arm. “What’s the matter, not going home?”

“Mm, I applied for school lodging with the class teacher.”

“You’re not serious, are you?” Feng Bo’s eyes widened in shock, “That’s your house!”

“Don’t make any trouble for yourself.” Yang Xuan looked at the field not too far away and frowned, “Stay out of my way, okay.”


Translator’s Note:

I almost shed a tear for MC on this chapter.

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