The banquet ended and Vee went home carrying a heavy assault-style sniper rifle. Just like the Emperor said, it was a half-finished product but at least it was the most valuable model and the following guns were based on the prototype of this thing, which was the original version, making it unique.  No matter if it was good or not, if it had the word “unique” on it, Vee loved it, not to mention that he loved collecting guns.

He went home and had gone directly to the study. The banquet is not interesting but at least it has been more than a year since the mutation that he needed to attend once again, watching a few people in the venue who had suffered from their own wrongdoings. It is simply refreshing to see a few people who were scared and helpless upon facing him ah, it was much more enjoyable than kicking Li.

The design of the study was unique, which looked like a cosmic space, with all the stars and bright lights in the darkness and from time to time there would be virtual spaceships and battleships leaping over as well, even the ground was the same. Occasionally, there would be ‘battleships’ which flew over for a moment, instantly making you feel like you were standing on top of a it. It was said to be a study room but there were no books inside, it was just an empty room. As soon as Vee entered the study, he saw Li running from one corner of the room to another, chasing after the virtual battleship that had swum past him from the ground.

As the battleship disappeared around the corner, the guy let out an ‘awoo’ sound of reluctance. Hearing the footsteps, Li turned to look over and seeing that Vee was reacting strangely, Li simply crouched to the ground.

The tip of Vee’s eyebrow moved, had this guy not been beaten up enough and wanted to pounce again he would…

Li braced his hands in front of him, crouched with his feet apart, eyeing Vee, which didn’t seem like he was going to attack but instead was in a completely defensive posture.

Ignoring Li’s movement, Vee put the gun into the study’s hidden room, which appeared when he pressed the button next to the door wall, very much accompanied by the sound of the table and couch rising from the floor. Vee sat on the couch in a good mood and suddenly remembered something, “Have you eaten yet?”

Li placed his limbs on the ground, completely stern, he couldn’t understand Vee’s words so after deflecting his head, he moved his body to the side, as if to get away from Vee.

Vee don’t know if the guy had eaten or not, but the study was clean, with no traces of food stored in it and even if it had, it had probably been cleaned by the butler. Now at this time the robot helpers and the butler should be resting, Vee touched his nose, suddenly had the idea to make some food himself. He glanced over at the guy who was staring at him with big eyes and immediately dispelled the thought…

Make something for this guy to eat……

Are you out of your mind?!

“Come here.” Vee patted the empty seat next to the couch and said to Li.

Li bared his teeth and scooted back.

“Do it again and see what I’ll do to you, come here!”

“V… Vee ……” Li mouths a monotone sound, moving back a little, he doesn’t sound like he’s using his vocal cords so it’s quite a muffled sound, with just a bit of air and mouth movement indicating it’s the same pronunciation of his name but Vee is not certain if it was really the case.

The guy shouldn’t be smart enough to know his own name right now.

Vee frowned and Li shifted more than he had to, already touching the wall at eye level. The man on the couch had dangerous eyes, the same as before every time he’d struck him, and though it was fleeting, elusive even, Li sensed it. He was aching all over, not wanting to be attacked with that kind of force again, but he didn’t know what the other man was saying.

The guy probably doesn’t speak the same language as him but thinking about it is not right, the interstellar language is common to both planets, so naturally there should be no problem. So the problem lies on the guy’s brain…

Ignoring Li’s bluff, Vee grabbed Li’s clothes behind him and lifted the man up, then threw him towards the couch. Vee pointed at the couch, “Laozi ordered you to sleep.”


As soon as he reached the couch, Li had felt the comfortably soft feeling and stopped halfway through his panicked climbing motion, Li blinked his eyes and after scanning his keen vision from Vee, he used his hands to touch the couch, then rubbed his body against it and lay down on it, closing his eyes comfortably.

“Tomorrow we have to go to the military department. Do you want to take the sofa with you?”

Before this guy recovers, we have to play a game of taming first. It’s all about having fun la.

But teaching him to speak and act like a human, Vee’s afraid that he doesn’t have the patience and he might actually slap this Prince Will to death just like he did to the fierce beast someday if he does.

It’s not unlikely…

Vee smiled, touched the crest and walked over to the table.

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Li stepping back.

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