PP Chapter 7.2

According to the usual practice of Runcheng First Middle School, the last class of the day is a study session, where the student athletes of the varsity team go to the field to train, while the others stay in the classroom to organize what they have learned that day.

The first day of school was an exception, however, as teachers were called to meetings, classrooms were unattended, hallways were unpatrolled, and before the end of the school day, many had already packed their backpacks and were stupidly waiting for the bell to ring.

“Don’t be in a hurry to leave later, everyone. The math teacher is coming over to hand out the morning papers.” The math rep stood up in time to announce before the bell rang.

“Hey! Say all the things you’re going to say ah…” This immediately set off long sighs from the whole class.

As soon as the bell rang, whispering turned into loud noises.

Tang Junhe, ignoring the commotion around him, is still working on the Olympiad problem. He thinks the answer to the last multiple-choice question is wrong, and is doing an arithmetic check on his draft paper. Yin Cong, who is at the same table, comes over to talk to him, and seeing that he is so conscientious of his words, he goes to the front row to look for Ying Hui.

A basketball was thrown from the right, and it hit Yin Cong’s cup on the table with a loud bang. The cup with an open lid fell over, spilling water all over the table and onto Tang Junhe’s face, school uniform, and the open exercise booklet.

“Ooh, nice shot!” Chen Hao drank a mouthful of water right after.

“You bet me on accuracy?” Feng Bo sat on his desk and smiled at him imperiously. “Come, pay me the promised hundred yuan.”

Tang Junhe reached up to wipe the water from his face and looked up at him.

Feng Bo held up the hundred yuan that Chen Hao slapped into his hand and turned back to Tang Junhe and said. “Sorry buddy, I didn’t think it would be thrown so accurately, why don’t I share you a fifty?”

That was undoubtedly a ‘snarky’ provocation, but Tang Junhe, ignoring him like he was, stood up and walked to the back of the classroom to pick up that basketball.

“Ya, ya, yah! Don’t be impulsive. It’s not good to hit someone.” Feng Bo thought he was going to throw the ball, and lifted an arm weakly to shield his face.

The class immediately quieted down and looked back at Tang Junhe.

Tang Junhe just took that basketball back to his seat, shook the water off the exercise booklet, put it in his backpack, then carried the backpack over his left shoulder and walked out of the classroom with the ball.

 “Fuck, give me back my fucking ball!” Feng Bo yelled at him and quickly jumped off the desk to follow after him out of the classroom.

As soon as he ran out, he saw Tang Junhe pull open the hallway window, throw the basketball that he was holding right out of the window and into the deserted back of the school, then carry his backpack and head for the stairs.

“WTF! Fuck! That’s Yang Xuan’s basketball, you fucking–” Feng Bo chased after him, grabbing Tang Junhe by the collar from behind and swinging his fist at his face.

Tang Junhe dodged off to the side, and was able to dodge, allowing Feng Bo to make a swing.

“You fucking go down there and pick it up for me.” Feng Bo withdrew his hand in a bit of a mess, grabbing him by the collar with his other hand and pointing viciously out the window.

Tang Junhe looked at him calmly and asked. “Why should I pick it up?”

“Whoever fucking threw it down will pick it up!” Feng Bo was annoyed. He was the only son of the family and had grown up spoiled and pampered, and no one dared to flaunt their faces at him in public.

“Whoever wants the ball is going to pick it up.” Tang Junhe said.

“You fucker-” before Feng Bo could say anything more, he heard Yang Xuan’s voice coming from behind, asking. “What’s wrong?”

After training in the field, Yang Xuan ran into this skirmish as soon as he got upstairs and came over to ask. “What’s wrong?”

Translator’s Note:

I wanna smack FB’s head so much.

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He’s a jerk. He’s annoying, I want to cuss him out 🤬

I bet if Yang Xuan took the side of Tang Junghe, Feng Bo would be the first to turn his back on Yang Xuan. I can already see their friendship is that fickle.

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