EWP Chapter 122: At death’s door

    Mu Qian used the fastest speed to arrive at the clan gate of the Fire Sect.

    The stone stairs leading to the interior of the Fire Sect were filled with lifelike-relief sculptures that were raging with flames.

    Just standing at the entrance, you can feel the heritage of this hundred-year-old sect, which is not a match for any of the secular families in the Purple Moon Kingdom.

    An outer disciple of the Fire Sect came forward and made a palm hold fist salute, “Mu Jia’s Lord, please come inside. Our sect master is waiting for you.”

    Mu Qian’s expression was cold as she followed this person into the Fire Sect and Jun Mo and Qing Ying followed after her.

    The Great Hall of the Fire Sect was wider than the Imperial Palace’s Martial Hall and sitting inside were the Fire Sect’s Leader, Ji Shan, along with his 7 Sect Elders.

    Ji Shan said, “Lord Mu, you dare to come to my Fire Sect personally. You have a lot of guts.”

    “Cut the crap, where is my little uncle!” Mu Qian Xi said in a cold voice.

    “Mu Jia’s Lord is as lawless and untamed as rumors say… Today, I have finally seen it. This is my territory so you are not allowed to be arrogant here.” The spiritual pressure of the Third Stage Spirit King swept over.

    But Mu Qian raised her eyes without the slightest fear; a pair of dark eyes seemed to contain a storm, wanting to annihilate the old guys in front of her.

    “I’ll say it again, where is my little uncle!”

     “Old man, if you still won’t let me see my little uncle, even if this Lord dies today you will also get nothing.”

    The Grand Elder of the Fire Clan laughed, “Mu Jia’s Lord is young and vigorous and truly fears nothing under Heaven. Sect Leader, since Mu Wushuang doesn’t have any strength left should we let her meet him?”

    “Then we will listen to the Grand Elder.” The Sect Leader nodded his head.

    At this time a white figure was being supported by someone to come out, Mu Wushuang had already lost consciousness at this time.

    His jade-like face was white and his breath is extremely weak

    Mu Qian fist clenched, her figure flashed and softly held Mu Wushuang’s body, “Jun Mo!”

    Jun Mo drew a cold breath, “He has an ancient poison in his body and the seal that keeps it bay was already broken, he is already at death’s door!”

    “Swish!” Mu Qian injected several potions into Mu Wushuang and in an instant Mu Wushuang’s life force was quickly fading!

    Ji Shan gloated, “This little girl is a ruthless character, in order to reduce Mu Wushuang’s pain, she actually took the initiative to kill him.”

    Jun Mo also looked stunned, Dou Ying’s face changed greatly, ‘what is the little girl (young lord) doing?’

    Mu Qian ordered, “Dou Ying, take care of little uncle!”

    Jun Mo looked at Mu Qian like a monster, “You actually have a way to make people fake their own death!”

    “Usually when I encounter a patient who is on the verge of death and cannot find treatment for the time being, I will choose to let the patient fake his death first and then study ways to save him! I was able to come up with a solution every time and this time, it will definitely work too!”

    Jun Mo fell silent, he did not want to discourage her.

    This patient, Mu Wushuang was definitely much worse than her previous patients. His poison was not something that could be saved if you want to.

    At this time, Ji Shan said, “Little girl, the person is in your hand so the things that I want, you should hand it over.”

    Mu Qian raised an eyebrow, “Heh, Old man, stop your acting. We all know that even if I hand over all my clan’s property, you will not let us go today. If you were really after my clan’s property, then more than ten years ago, you would have broken the secular agreement to make a move against my Mu Jia, why wait until now?”

    Ji Shan stood up and laughed hideously, “Little girl, I must say you’re very smart! What I want from the Fire Sect is not your Mu Jia’s property, but the life of the future Night Prince’s consort!”

        After saying that, several old guys seized towards Mu Qianshi viciously, carrying a sinister and murderous aura in their whole body.

    Two figures blocked Mu Qian’s front and the strength of Martial and Spirit Kings shook them back before they could get their way!

    Ji Shan froze, “When did the Purple Moon Kingdom produce two such young Martial and Spirit King experts…?”

    But even if Mu Qian had two Martial and Spirit Kings with her, it was still too little; taking down Mu Qian and them would not take much effort at all!

    “Wudi! Xiao Hong!” At this time, Mu Qian let out two more trump cards.

    “I, Wudi Tianxia, are number one! How dare you touch my master, you’re all looking for death!” Wudi said in a cold voice.

    “Swoosh!” With a sound, Wudi’s figure rushed out.

    Their faces changed greatly in unison. “What kind of spirit beast is this?!”

    Meanwhile, crimson flames shot up into the sky as Xiao Hong jumped out.

    They only saw a little red figure wrapped in flames charging straight down at them!

    The eyes of the Sect Leader of the Fire Sect widened, “How is it possible? That’s a Holy Beast! She… How could a Spirit Beast with this rank appear in the Purple Moon Kingdom?!”

    Xiao Hong wagged his tail in delight and laughed, “Old man, do you want to die? How dare you hit my master’s heart ah?”

    “Shadows, do it!”


    Just at this time, the entire Fire Sect Mountain collapsed.

    Before coming to this hall, Mu Qian had asked some Shadows to plant explosives inside the Fire Sect. In addition, these explosives were unlike the ordinary ones she used before, with her configuration of various poisons, today will be the day where the whole Fire Sect will blow up to the sky!

    “Ack! Cough! Sect Leader… it’s not good, we’ve been poisoned!” The disciples of the Fire Sect rushed inside in a hurry.

    All the disciples of the Fire Sect below Martial and Spirit Kings were poisoned and lost their fighting strength while few of the Spirit and Martial Kings left were weakening.

    Ji Shan was furious, “Poisoned? Then why won’t you take an antidote pill?”

    “Sect Leader, the antidote pill is useless, not only is it useless but it also catalyzes the poison, making us more and more deeply poisoned.” a disciple said with anxiety.

    “How is that possible?” Ji Shan said with disbelief.

    The antidote pills rarely failed unless one encountered a very powerful high-ranking poison master, could it be that the Mu Jia actually had a high-ranking poison master!

    “All of you catch Mu Qian Xi for me.” Ji Shan ordered.

    After capturing Mu Jia’s Lord, asking for the antidote won’t be a problem!

    Countless needles flew out of Mu Qian’s body while her whole body was covered with poison.

    When they got close to Mu Qian and were about to grab her, suddenly the poison all over her body turned pitch black!

    “ARGHHH!” A miserable scream came out!

    “Poison! She’s filled with poison …” Their eyes widened in disbelief.

    Even Ji Shan stared in disbelief; he did not expect Mu Qian to make a poison so powerful. The poison on her whole body is fatal, if one touches it, he or she will immediately die!

    Ji Shan ordered, “Kill them directly, no need to leave them alive!”

    A few Spirit Kings from the Fire Sect were stopped by Jun Mo and Wudi, but countless Spirit and Martial Kings pounced towards Mu Qian Xi!

    “Lord!” Several figures fell down and blocked their attacks!

    Clacking sounds filled the area; the Shadows’ concealed weapons were fired in unison, shooting every opponent in front of them.

    “Lord! Hurry up and go with Third Master!” Mu Yi roared.

    In order to make a path for Mu Qian Xi, they will block the enemies even if it costs them their life!

    Even if the other side’s people were poisoned by a lot, if they set their mind to kill there’s still a little chance that they may succeed.

Translator’s Note:

What a battle is this ah! So exciting!

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