His Majesty the Emperor had thrown a banque and all the Talis dignitaries had to attend. In fact Vee didn’t want to go, he didn’t like this kind of formal banquet but if it was a normal one, then he could definitely have a good time, but this was the palace, even if His Majesty said it was just a simple and normal banquet, but once the Emperor sat down at his place, everything will be completely different.

Vee was the protagonist of today’s banquet but his appearance still made many people feel uncomfortable, as well as himself. These people sitting in front of him were already old and which one of them didn’t have a strong family background. As for him, he had been promoted to the rank of admiral in just a few years because of his great fighting ability and the numerous merits he had accumulated but Vee didn’t mind.

Especially now that he has turned into a sub male. Vee, who had been fed up with it in the past, was making a big deal about it right now. By the second half of the party, Vee felt the words ‘Admiral, you are a sub male!’ is looping inside his ears.

So what if he is a sub male?!

You motherf*ckers! What’s wrong with all of you?!

Is this how you f*ckers treat the one’s bearing your children? Like they’re some kind of sh*t?!

Vee was in a bad mood and smashed his cup, the crunching sound suppressing the laughter in the entire banquet hall. Realizing full well that it wasn’t the sub males that were unpopular, but it was simply him, the sub male admiral, who is the unwanted one.

It wasn’t the first time or two that he lost his temper at a banquet and the Emperor of Talis had long since become accustomed to dealing with such things and immediately had someone bring the gift he prepared and delivered it to Vee.

Vee looked to the Emperor, only to see the Emperor’s eyebrows raised in a completely inscrutable manner. Vee shrugged his shoulders and unwrapped the gift in front of everyone.

“Is this a ready-made xM-717 laser submachine gun?” Vee put the magazine in the gun and raised it to the targeting device, pointing the muzzle straight at the person opposite him, and laughed: “It has a laser scope with a built-in micro-photocell, which can emit 32 laser waves in the same direction continuously. There is no problem in penetrating a T-33 light fighter with a built-in power of 20%. Of course it depends on how well you can shoot a gun towards the enemy, does Vice Admiral Lai Xi think that with my current ‘sub male’ physique, using this thing at such a distance is enough to destroy that pillar behind you?”

“Vee, Admiral Vee ……”

The man in the scope, called Vice Admiral Lai Xi waved his hand in panic, if not because he did not want to make a fool of himself, he would have been ready to get up from his seat, Vee put down the gun with a gentle smile and picked up the dinner knife from the table. In the next moment everyone only heard a rustling sound of metal and when they looked back, they saw the dinner knife pass over the head of Vice Admiral Lai Xi and plunge deeply into the pillar.

“Actually, at this distance there’s no need to waste such weapons.” The people were puzzled, Vee reached out and touched the hole into which the dinner knife was plunged then turned back to face them: “I’m very sorry Your Majesty, I’ve damaged your beloved palace, but I just wanted to make sure that I was physically fit after my mutation. Now I know… that my strength hasn’t weakened at all!” Vee chuckled, “This can be a ‘miracle’ right? In fact, most people who went with their mutation got weaker but look at me! I’m still as strong as before ah. Raymond, pass me another dinner knife. I didn’t use my full power just now, I think this time I can just shoot through this pillar and destroy it.”

Smiling helplessly to prevent the whole atmosphere from getting any weirder, the Emperor said to Vee, “Now, now Vee, come sit down.

Vee quirked an eyebrow and looked disappointed, sitting back in his seat.

Raymond bent down and whispered in Vee’s ear, “Admiral, your performance was so fake.”

“How can it be fake, didn’t you see the dinner knife stuck in there?”

“I say it was you who spoke, too deliberately, just look at Vice Admiral Lai Xi who was so frightened by that knife of yours. But at least now these men don’t dare to say anything about sub males anymore.”

At this time, the Emperor asked, “Vee, did you like your new gun?”

“How was it as a weapon?”

“Not so great … Your majesty, this gun is for Land Warfare right? How would I know that much if I am a member of the Imperial Starfleet? But even if I am, I wouldn’t use this one, it’s too heavy, holding it for even a minute can be tiring already…”

“That’s because you are currently a sub male, Admiral Vee.” The person sitting next to him suddenly opened his mouth and Vee looked over and after confirming who it was, Vee picked up the gun on the table and threw it right over to him.

“Your Excellency, please raise the gun.”

The man grunted first as he raised the gun, and Vee watched with his arms folded. As he expected, within ten seconds, the other man was unable to maintain his arms as he dropped the gun to the ground.

Vee continued: “It’s too heavy. Putting aside the weight, let’s just talk about the long-range shooting, location scanners and laser-guided bullets, even if the laser is not small in power, the bullet diameter is too small. A stalled battleship might be able to get you through but in real battle, it won’t necessarily be enough to get your bullets to hit and besides, wouldn’t it be funny if you were carrying around this kind-of-heavy ‘artillery’ as a long-range weapon?  If I were flying a battleship, this thing would be useless and a waste of bullets. All in all, this thing is a piece of garbage, and if I had the choice to carry it into battle, I’d rather fight with my bare hands.”

The Emperor was inexplicably relieved and smiled, “Good thing it’s only a half-finished product at the moment and further improvements are being made.”

“So Your Majesty, are you going to use a half-finished product as a gift for me?”

“There is only this semi-finished product but this is the most valuable model at present and the original one. I know you like to collect these things that’s why I decided to give it to you. Of course, when the real finished product comes out I’ll give one to you. Why? are you worried that you won’t have it? Don’t worry, the first reason for sending you this is that I only saw it today but the engineer said it wasn’t ready yet and I haven’t been able to hear him explain the details either, so I just brought it to you. Second, I certainly did want to give it to you because it was originally intended to be destroyed.”

“Your Majesty, you’re teasing me.”

The Emperor was laughing heartily. ”It’s nothing.”

Translator’s Notes:

Vee is basically just flexing at this point. ?

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