EWP Chapter 121: Seal the danger to people

    Mu Qian’s arm moved and viciously dropped Ouyang Zhi’s body down.

    “Leader!” At this time, a slender voice swept by and Yue Ze looked at Mu Qian with worry.

    He knew that Third Master Mu Wushuang was her only family member.

    How much Third Master Mu Wushuang dotes on her and how important he is for her.

    Ouyang Zhi grimaced in pain and said angrily, “Mu Qian Xi, how dare you make a move against me! Aren’t you afraid that Mu Wushuang will die without a burial place?”

    “Swish!” Numerous needles were suspended in front of Ouyang Zhi.

    “Speak up! Don’t give me so much nonsense. No matter what, this Lord will kill you today and go talk to the Ouyang Clan myself.”

    Ouyang Zhi’s body trembled. He felt that at this time the person in his eyes was not Mu Qian, but His Highness the Night Prince instead.

    Like a death god, there is no trace of human emotion in her eyes.

    Ouyang Zhi didn’t dare to talk any more nonsense, and spoke, “Mu Wushuang was taken away by my master and his men, as long as your Mu Clan handed over all their properties, including money, estates, elixirs, and artifacts my master and his men would naturally release Mu Wushuang.”

    Mu Qian asked, “The Third Elder of the Fire Sect and the others, how exactly did they capture my uncle?”

    Even if a few Spirit Kings are mobilized, it is impossible to make a move on her little uncle. Mu Qian wanted to know what exactly happened to him.

“How can Mu Wushuang be my master’s opponent? You also think too highly of him!”

    “AHH!” Mu Qian directly slapped Ouyang Zhi away!

    “Those scum from the Fire Sect, how could they be a match for my little uncle!”

    Ouyang Zhi covered his face, “Mu Qian Xi, do you promise or not? If you don’t deliver the stuff personally to the Fire Sect before midnight today, just wait until you collect the corpse of that crippled little uncle of yours!”

    “Crack!” Without needing Mu Qian’s hand, Yue Ze had already moved forward to break both of Ouyang Zhi’s arms!

    “AHHHG!” Ouyang Zhi screamed miserably in pain.

     “They wanted to take my clan’s properties and think that this Lord would easily agree? Born as a major clan of the Purple Moon Kingdom yet they covet the wealth of secular families? Tell me, did the Fire Clan go crazy from poverty?”

    At this time, the Great Elder and the others rushed towards her, “Lord, you mustn’t! If we give away these properties, our Mu Jia is finished.”

    The second elder spoke without remorse on the side, “Yes! The third master is lucky. He will definitely escape this disaster!”

    A cold glint flashed on Mu Qian’s eyes, “If we don’t hand over the wealth, will the two elders lead the way to kill the Fire Sect with me to save little uncle?”

    The corners of their mouths twitched slightly, they were only at the peak of the Ninth Stage Martial Warrior. Don’t mention going, even killing the Extreme Fire Sect was obviously an impossible task for them! They still want to live a few more years!

    The Great Elder said, “Lord, the Fire sect is a large sect. In the whole Purple Moon Kingdom they are definitely not to be messed with. We can tolerate this Lord, don’t be impulsive!”

    “Swoosh!” A few cries were heard as countless needles flew towards these old guys!

    All kinds of poisonous powders were also sprayed towards them!

    Mu Qian was furious, “A bunch of old guys looking for death! This Lord’s little uncle’s life is in danger right now and you’re telling me to put up with it? All of you! Get lost!”

    Mu Qian pointed at Ouyang Zhi, “Including you! Get lost for this Lord as well!”

    For the Fire Sect to be able to make the calm and collected Mu Qian Xi like this, it seems like they really touched her reverse scale.

    “Yue Ze, go and collect the property of the Mu Jia.”

    “I understand!” Yue Ze agreed without saying a word.

    “Mu Yi, gather everyone!”

    “Yes, my Lord!”

    “Jun Mo, follow me to the Fire Sect and I will make you a lot of delicious food that you have never eaten before.”

    “Really? Count me in!” Jun Mo jumped up in excitement as soon as he heard about food and was completely captivated.

    “Qing Ying, feel free to eat these elixirs! Restore yourself to the highest level, then come with me to save him.”

    Mu Qian took out a large batch of elixirs, which was more than the entire Purple Moon Kingdom’s annual elixir trade.

    Jun Mo looked at Mu Qian with wide eyes, “Little girl, so many elixirs! Are you feeding a pig? Wow!”

    As a result, a pair of cold eyes glanced at him, Jun Mo suddenly felt a chill so he hurriedly shut his mouth!

    Although Qing Ying doesn’t talk a lot, it does not mean that he couldn’t understand human words.

    It was already dark and all preparations were ready, Mu Qian brought the ninety-nine shadows of the Mu Jia along with Qing Ying and  Jun Mo, whose strength was unfathomable, to eliminate the Fire Sect.

    While they were in the midst of a mad rush, a scarred figure suddenly jumped out, and Mu Qian hastily bellowed, “Mu Yi!”

    Mu Yi hurriedly pulled the one who had fallen to the ground, “…Sir Dou Ying.”

    “Aren’t you my little uncle’s personal shadow guard?” Mu Qian asked in a low voice.

    Dou Ying fell to one knee, “This subordinate deserved to die! I didn’t protect the Third Master well enough! Please forgive me, young lord!”

    “What exactly happened?”

    “This … ” Dou Ying wanted to say something but stopped for a moment and just said, “Young Lord, Third Master said that the Fire Sect possesses a powerful artifact. He ordered this subordinate to never let you go to the Fire Sect for he will be fine. “

    He clenched his fists, wishing he could shatter the bones in his body.

    He knows how badly the situation is for the Third Master but he can only say to others that Mu Wushuang will be fine.

    No matter what, the young lord mustn’t go to that place and risk her life!

    Mu Qian lowered her head, her pair of pitch black eyes were so deep as she looked down on him, “You better be telling the truth or else! I actually do not want to use this on my own people!”

    A needle with uncertain substance had already drawn into Mu Qian’s hand, and the pupils of Dou Ying fiercely shrank.

    The young lord was always true to her words, she definitely wouldn’t say it just to intimidate people.

     “Young Lord, the poison in the Third master’s legs was sealed by the Old Patriarch since childhood, but now the seal has not been imprinted for nearly twenty years so it has almost reached its limit and has broken out by now. With the arrival of those scum from the Fire Sect today, the Third master who is in immense pain is unable to face the enemy. And I alone wasn’t enough to deal with so many people and let the Third Master be taken away by them. I sneaked into the Fire Sect to save him but was eventually discovered by them and failed to bring the Third master out.”

    Mu Qian’s face changed greatly, “Little uncle’s situation is so critical? We must hurry and save him!”

    Dou Ying anxiously said, “Young Lord, the Fire Sect is a dangerous place. Third master knew their plans were not small otherwise they would not do something against the rules of the Dao!”

    “Dou Ying, you know I couldn’t care less about that! Right now, my only family is in their hands! Even if I pull the whole Fire Sect to hell, I will not give up to save my little uncle!”

    The night breeze blew up, her black hair blowing in the wind, the woman in front of him was as bright as the moon and her eyes were as clear as the cold stars of the dark night. He knew that there was no one who could stop her.

    There was a time that Third Master was also like this and this time it was the Young lord!


Translator’s Note:

I think this is the first time MQ grandpa was mentioned. I wonder if her grandparents are dead or alive?

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