The kick just now was quite a bit more collected, and Vee managed the force well, making Li hurt like hell but not too badly at the same time. Raymond moved away for a moment, he couldn’t even bear to look at it and walked over to Li and followed Vee into a crouch, “Admiral, you can’t keep beating him up like that. You have to give a little sweetness to make the beast behave.”

“How come I’ve never heard that before, taming the beast and still have to be sweet? Can’t I just punch it straight away, when it’s not obedient?”

“Because the previous one you raised is a fierce beast, fierce beast of that huge kind has a very simple mind, they think nothing but food and will not be different, so the method of giving some sweetness is useless, I thought we don’t need to tell you that… Admiral, people are different, this is Prince [1]Will…”

“He is Li. Raymond, which I don’t have to remind you too much.” Vee quipped, “By the way isn’t the Maurice royal family’s naming sense so bad?”

“Uhh Admiral, well that’s … coughs

“Anyways Admiral, Li is a human being just like us. He can understand a lot, even if he is now injured in the head. His memories are confused at this time and sometimes he may even think of himself as a beast but he is still a human being. He has a human mind and is even much smarter than the average person, otherwise he would not be able to swing your way so easily in Planet Venom.”

“You’re indirectly saying that I’m less intelligent than a ‘beast’?”

“Admiral, I never meant that.”

“He had an opening before.” Vee put his hand on Li’s head and ruffled his light brown hair, “so this is being sweet means.”

“I don’t think that sweetness is enough to offset the resistance you caused by kicking and punching him previously, admiral. Besides, you’re rubbing it too hard, and the way you’re rubbing it, his scalp will rub off on him. Look, Li is going to lose his temper again.”

“If he dares, I’ll crush him.”


Raymond said hastily, “Please don’t say such scary things.”

Vee waved his hand, “I know he is human. I am just saying words with my mouth.”

Vee relaxed his hold, using what he considered to be gentle strength, which seemed somewhat comfortable, making the back of Li’s mouth gradually grow lower, and his eyes slowly opened and closed, though he was still lying in a state where he couldn’t move, his vision a little distracted, yet feeling profound.

Vee was tired of rubbing it and put his palm in front of Li’s eyes: “Hand, palm, fingers, hand …… hand.”

Li’s vision looked out through Vee’s fingertips, and after opening and closing his mouth several times, Li finally issued a simple word: “…… hand ……” with a low, somewhat hoarse voice, probably because he hadn’t spoken for a long time. In addition to his previous roar, it actually felt a little off-putting to hear him speak.

“Just by listening to his word, this brat has a really nice voice. I told you before that he could talk but unfortunately I had only seen his mouth move and uttered the word ‘collar’ but there was just no sound.”

“Admiral, please don’t get so excited, he is originally human, it’s normal for him to be able to talk.”

“I think it is indeed time to give some sweetness, you should go and change your clothes but first have him brought to my study and prepare some food for him, it is time for the banquet to begin.”


When Vee appeared in front of the door with Raymond, who had changed into his official uniform, Gu Xuan’s flying car whooshed to a halt in front of the house. Gu Xuan jumped down from the car and said loudly, “Admiral, I sent the Team back, I came all the way to pick you up.”

“So the Great Gu Xian has taken up chauffeuring now? Heh, don’t be too obvious.” Vee looked at the flying car and said sarcastically, “the flying car is a double, which means except for the driver’s seat, that means there’s only the co-driver. Do you want me to ride in the front or the back cover of the car?”

“How can I, I’m letting Raymond sit on the back cover, Raymond likes excitement.”

Raymond chimed in, “As much as I like excitement, I like it less than the Admiral.”

“You… do you say that I dare to let the Admiral sit on it, the Admiral is now a precious sub male, the Empire has only one twenty-eight year old rare sub male like him, others will become much weaker after mutation, except for our Admiral. In addition, aside from his beautiful features, there is no change on him at all. This is very rare and our medical team came up with the result that this kind of sub male has a 100% chance of conceiving and can be shot a hundred times, unlike other sub males who can’t even get one shot out of a hundred. Sub males are very precious, with superb genetic ‘A 100% conceiving’ sub males are far more precious and ……”

Vee slapped the back of Gu Xuan’s head, “Enough talk, get in the car, I’ll drive. Raymond in the passenger seat while you take the back hood.”

“Don’t do that Admiral, I’m weak.”

“It’s settled.”

“I’d rather call the convoy.”

Vee said, “Call what convoy, is the convoy for you to hail to and fro? Hurry up and get in.”


[1]TN: His name in chinese is 威尔 Weier which means ‘power, might or prestige’. I decided to use the English version just like Vee which means ‘to preserve;to maintain and so on.’

Translator’s Notes:

The reason I decided to use an English name for both the MC and ML is due to the similar pinyin in their names.

Vee 维 = Wei

Will 威尔 = Weier

Let me know if you guys prefer the English or the Chinese version of their name, so I can make an adjustment.

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I personally like the Chinese names better. But since they’re similar, I think “Will” should stay for the ML and “Wei” for the MC.

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