In fact, that’s what Li Wei believed. No matter what she wanted, she would be disappointed in the end. Rather than waiting until she was greatly disappointed and then blaming it back on him like those people in the past, it was better for her to stay away from him now.

    Zhang Man understood what he was saying and understood that he was so distrustful of so-called emotions. He simply didn’t believe that someone would be nice to him for no reason at all.

    If she said now that she liked him, it would only make him more agitated.

    She closed her eyes, pressed down the sourness in her heart, tried her best to pull out a relaxed smile and said the excuse she had thought of before: “I have one thing that I have been too embarrassed to say, worried that …… it would be too much trouble for you. Li Wei, I heard them say that you are particularly good at Physics, I… am not too good with Physics, can you give me extra lessons every weekend? I can pay and in exchange and I can take care of you until your cast is removed.”

    Everything happened in a roundabout way, always repeating in a cycle. Zhang Man remembered that the two of them became familiar with each other in their previous lives because she had asked him to tutor her in physics, except that this life was a semester earlier.

    She worried that the teenager wouldn’t believe her, and gripped her fingers again, her voice very low, “I will be transferred to a regular class next semester if my grades are very poor.”

    After she said that, the young man in front of her was quiet for a moment and somewhat surprised, blinking his eyes, as if he hadn’t expected such a reason.

    He dropped his eyes in contemplation, and after a long time his slender fingers held the cup of sago from earlier and raised it to his mouth, taking a sip on the straw.

    Her offer worked.

    He was now living with a cast on his left hand and there were many inconveniences in his life, which sometimes he did need help with. Li Wei liked this kind of fair trade, where the give and take was calculated at the very beginning, and each took what they needed, without involving the most obnoxious feelings and without having to owe for anything.

    The easiest thing to do is to make a clear-cut deal. Because it allows you to at least proactively gauge whether or not you can afford to give what the other person is asking for, and you’ll be able to accept what she gives without being burdened.

    The worst thing in the world is to say that because you like someone, you can do anything selflessly for them. What’s that like? What happens tomorrow if the feeling change? Am I going to… hell?


    With that being said, he still didn’t look at her and continued to open the next book. But Zhang Man could feel that he was in a better mood.


    The next morning, Li Wei took out the signed apology letter from his bag and placed it on the top right corner of the desk, waiting for the first period to hand it over to the form teacher.

    Zhang Man found that his mental state was very bad today, with heavy dark circles and red and blue veins in his eyes.

    She sneaked a glance at the apology letter on the desk, and the parent’s signature was signed in beautiful handwriting:

   ‘I have read it.’ —Lin Hui

    When she saw the name, her heart felt like it had been hit by a heavy hammer. After two lifetimes, seeing it with her own eyes again, she was still quite shocked. She bent down and pretended to be sleepy and yawned, then blinked away the tears that were trying to rush out.

    She was blaming herself constantly, was it wrong of her to stand up for him like that? When he got home last night, did he experience the same thing again?

    The young man saw that she had been lying on the table and asked, somewhat hesitantly, “… not feeling well?”

    Zhang Man quickly adjusted her state and looked up at him: “No, just didn’t sleep well last night, I’m a bit sleepy.”

    Li Wei nodded and took out another exercise book from his backpack, it was a high school physics exercise book that looked a bit old.

    “The book I used to use has a lot of my notes on it, you can go back and read it first. I don’t need the payment, I usually have difficulty with school and I’d like you to help me out with it. You’ll come to my house this weekend for three hours a day, and I’ll give you a crash course for the first semester. Kinesiology and biomechanics are relatively simple for the first semester, so you should be able to get it done in a month.”

    Li Wei has been very forward in learning Physics, and the “Quantum mechanics” that he is reading now is already the content for the third year of general Theoretical Physics major, like those light and superficial ones that are still within the scope of Newton’s three laws, he probably learned almost everything on his own at a very young age.

    After he finished, he saw that Zhang Man didn’t respond, only stared at him with her chin in her hand, and assumed that she was distracted. With a frown, he turned around and went to read his own book without bothering to say it again.

    Zhang Man was indeed distracted, because this was the longest speech she had heard him speak since she was reborn.

    He actually had a nice voice, it was lower pitched and slightly hoarse, which didn’t quite match his delicate and good-looking appearance.

    Zhang Man thought to herself, if only he could talk a lot every day.


    On Friday, it was Zhang Man’s turn to be on duty, and she stayed in the classroom, dazed as she cleaned up. Tomorrow, she would be going to Li Wei’s house to make up for the class, although her previous life had been a light ride, there were many details that were not easy to remember. She wanted to compensate him for the best things in the world but was also worried that he wouldn’t like her anymore.

    She thought carefully about the memories of their previous time together.

    It was after the final exams of the first semester, her physics score was the lowest in the class and her form teacher Liu Zhijun gave her a notice that if she didn’t manage to score in the top 30 in the second semester, she would be transferred to a regular class.

    The form teacher set up a study group in the class consisting of a top student and a bottom student, and since she was at the same desk with Li Wei, they naturally became a team.

    At that time, she couldn’t do the test papers assigned by the teacher every weekend, so she proposed to go to Li Wei’s house to be taught by him.

    Li Wei was initially as indifferent as he is now, and similarly, she was only anxious about her own grades and had no interest in his life either. In the beginning, except for a question and answer session, the two of them discussed Physics problems and never spoke more than half a sentence.

    How did they become familiar with each other later? And when did he fall in love with her?

    Zhang Man was lost in her thoughts when she heard someone calling her.

    She came back to her senses and found that it was Chen Feier.

    “Man Man, Man Man ah? What are you thinking about so deeply?” Chen Feier held out her hand in front of Zhang Man’s eyes, her expression quite serious.

    “Nothing, what’s wrong?” Zhang Man saw her solemn expression and leaned the broom to one side to listen to her.

    Chen Feier pinched her sleeve and was silent for quite a long time before answering: “I don’t know how to say this but… Man Man, your desk mate is Li Wei, right? Let me ask you, are you really in love with him? Can you not like him?”

    She had heard some not-so-good rumors about the guy and although she couldn’t confirm them yet, she always felt that Li Wei was a strange person.

    Zhang Man’s heart thudded as she listened to her words.

    The things that were meant to come would always come, there were always people who had known Li Wei since he was a child and knew the things he used to do. When Li Wei first came to the school, the attention he received was so high that even Zhang Man couldn’t count how many love letters he had received in total over the past few days.

    The more attention he received, the faster the rumors about him would spread.

    When Zhang Man thought of the sarcastic smile on his lips every time he received those love letters, she felt pain like pins and needles in her heart.

    “Feier, I know what you’re going to say, I know all about his affairs. I don’t care.”

    Zhang Man looked at her and said seriously.

    Chen Feier looked at her for a long while, swallowed what she was going to say, and merely said, “Man Man, if you really like him, then I support you. However, if one day you don’t like him anymore you must let go, okay? Don’t ever let yourself get hurt.”

    Zhang Man touched her head without saying anything, her heart was already full of thoughts of him.

Translator’s Note:

“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.”

– Albert Einstein

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Yep. Very good, phone-friendly, and easy to read. I also like that we can just click at some words to see their meaning rather than footnoting them at the bottom. Thanks for translating!


Judging without knowing anything is the worst ever. Destroy someone life by gossiping on them. The quote note is well choosed ! Thank you for your hard work


Una a enecdota que me dejo marcada para siempre, tiene que ver justo con seguir a la borregada😭…. Cuando iba en la primaria (entre segundo y cuarto) llego una niña y por alguna razón no le cayo bien a la líder del salon, y eso provoca que se le aislada. Se nos Prohibio hablarle y estar con ella, yo no entendía por que tenía que hacerlo, pero si tenía claro que desobedecer significaría él aislamiento, yo nunca le hice nada (no insultos, caras desagradables, mi maltratos), cosas que otros si hicieron, pero aun así fui parte de ellos por verlo pero no hacer nada. Como acabo eso??….pues ella levanto la voz y denuncio lo que le haciamos, eso hizo que la maestra exigiera una disculpa de nosotros hacia ella, expresado en una carta. Despues ella se mudo, y hasta ahora nunca la volví a ver. Esperó que donde este sea feliz.
Jamas juzgare a alguien por hacer lo que hace en su juventud ( en mi caso, ignorarla para no ser aislada tambien), pero todo tiene consecuencias y uno tiene que saber que hay cosas que las cargarás por siempre 😭🤧

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