PP Chapter 6.2

As Yang Chengchuan said, Runcheng Middle School which is considered as the No.1 is the city’s focus, especially the third science class where talented individuals are hiding. In the top students’ class, a small group of dregs led by Yang Xuan and Feng Bo became the existence of a strange, but also exceptionally eye-catching presence.

“I’ve learned all about the situation, you can rest assured.” Third class teacher Qiu Li took Tang Junhe from Yang Chengchuan’s hand and patted his shoulder. “You can tell me where you’re not comfortable, I’ve read your previous grades in school, good students like you don’t need me to say more – it’s Yang Xuan…” She changed her tone and looked at Yang Chengchuan. “I really can’t do anything about this kid ……”

“That boy is slick, please bear with me.” Yang Chengchuan sighed with a headache. “Let’s make an effort on both sides. I’ll talk to him again sometime.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to him today too.” The class teacher lifted her wrist and looked at her watch, “It’s almost time for class, I’ll take Junhe to class first ah, a bunch of kids coming back from vacation still have fierce minds, there’s no telling what kind of chaos the class will be in.”

“Yes, you should go, I’ll leave both of them to you.” Yang Chengchuan had a few polite words with the class teacher and also turned to leave.

“Teacher Qiu.” When he was almost at the front of the class, Tang Junhe opened his mouth.

“What’s wrong?” Qiu Li turned to look at him.

“Can I not introduce myself later?”

Qiu Li has been teaching for nearly twenty years, and this the first time she heard such a request, she lost a bit of a smile. “Why don’t you want to do it, you’ve got to let people get familiar with you.”

“There’s nothing to introduce.” Tang Junhe said with further bluntness, “I hate to introduce myself.”

This is no longer a request, Qiu Li had a moment of consternation, and then a bit of a headache, thinking about the Vice Mayor Yang’s youngest son, it seems like she won’t be able to handle him any better than his eldest son, Yang Xuan.

“All right.” Qiu Li, who is speechless, gave in. “Then I’ll briefly introduce you to everyone.”

“Thank you, teacher.” Tang Junhe said politely.

Passing through the corridor, several classrooms are filled with students, and the sophomore in Third Science class, which was under the spotlight for its grades, was no exception.

When Qiu Li opened the door with Tang Junhe, the students in her class were gathering in groups to play gags. When they saw the class teacher come in, everyone automatically silenced themselves and returned to their seats. Only Feng Bo, the errand boy, had his back to the door and was still saying out loud:  “I’m damn tired from copying all afternoon yesterday and I’m getting frozen shoulders – hey! don’t go guys ……”

“The teacher is here!” Someone whispered to remind him.

Feng Bo fiercely shut up and turned back to Qiu Li, then sat back down in his seat abruptly.

“Shall I grant you a week’s sick leave and let you go back to nurse your frozen shoulder?” The class teacher glared at Feng Bo, then held her glasses and looked around the class. “There’s still half a semester until senior year, look at you guys, do you have half the looks of a sophomore? I just came all the way from the hallway, and all the other classes were mulling over memorization, but we’re the only ones in class who don’t and even though your voices are high but the discussion is about copying homework. You guys are great at making newcomers look like jokes when they first arrive.”

Nonsense, Tang Junhe thought as he stood behind the class teacher, looking at a whole class full of students who were like lined vegetables, obviously the other classes were much noisier.

“Let me introduce to you all.” Qiu Li is half a head shorter than Tang Junhe, she put her hand on Tang Junhe’s back and took a few steps towards the middle of the classroom with him. “There’s a new student in our class this semester, named-“

She turned back to Tang Junhe, wanting him to have a friendly interaction with his new classmates, but Tang Junhe wasn’t going to strike up a conversation at all, so she just left him alone.

The students in the class also looked up at him curiously and couldn’t stop crossing their fingers.

“-named Tang Junhe.” The class teacher had to pick up the conversation herself, “His grades are good, especially in math. The new student isn’t familiar with the class yet, so the class leader should help him integrate into the environment here more. There’s an empty seat there, you go first.” The class teacher pointed to an empty seat in the penultimate row and patted Tang Junhe on the back.

Tang Junhe walked over to that empty seat, put his bag on the table, and sat down.

He was sitting at the same table as a girl with crooked braids, who was making a finicky face at the side of the class.

Seeing Tang Junhe sitting next to her, she turned her head around and spoke to him in a low voice, “Your name is Tang Junhe, right? How to write it? Which “Jun” and which ‘He’?”

Tang Junhe shoved his bag into the desk hole and said. “The [1]‘Jun’ in Junzi and the widely known ‘He’.”  As he spoke, he turned his head backwards distractedly and saw that empty spot at the end of the middle row – that would be Yang Xuan’s, he thought. Yang Chengchuan said that Yang Xuan was also in this class, but he had just glanced over at the class and didn’t see him.

“Oh, that’s nice. My name is Yin Cong, Yin as “to run” and Cong as “running water”.” The girl at the other desk said.

It was as if she still had something to say, but then she was ordered by the class teacher, “Yin Cong, I told you last semester that you can’t wear crooked braids, right, and my words will expire after the winter break, right?”

“Got it teacher.” Yin Cong flew her head down, grabbing her braids with both hands and moving symbolically to the middle.

“Alright, memorize your books quickly; the subject teacher will be here later.” The class teacher swept a few more glances at the class, and then headed for the door, and as soon as she walked out of the classroom, Yang Xuan came in through the door.

“Where did you go and what did you do?” The class teacher grabbed him by the arm and stopped him in the doorway, asking sternly.

“Varsity meeting, Teacher.” Yang Xuan looked at her with an innocent face.

“You really think you’re a student athlete, don’t you?” The class teacher looked at him hatefully. “Meet me in my office at the end of the second period.”

“Oh.” Yang Xuan looked down at her.

The math teacher then hurried over to the classroom, nodded a greeting to the class teacher, and walked into the classroom.

“Go to class first.” The class teacher just wanted to stagger over, but then remembered something and said back. “By the way, tell Tang Junhe for me to come to my office at the end of the second period to get his exercise book.”

“I won’t tell.” Yang Xuan rightfully refused, “My family’s situation, my father has told you all about it.”

The class teacher had a big headache for a while, “Fine, you call the class president out, I’m really getting hypertension from you brats, one term is worse than another!”

[1] TN: 君/Jun means lord or monarch while 赫/He means awe-inspiring.

Translator’s Note:

I’m a nerd even in High School, so I don’t get why these kids are so against in studying. LOL

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Ahahah poor teachers, faced with a lot of headache-inducing brats XD

As an average student, I get lazy studying when I can’t understand the lesson xD There are people whose passion is learning, perhaps we just happened to have a completely different interest.

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