EWP Chapter 120: Reaper’s Wrath

    Jun Mo reached out, pointing at Mu Qian Xi.

    She is now in charge of his food and home, of course he is her person.

    Jun Mo thinks this way, but the others thought the wrong way, this sentence is too misleading, okay?

    Mu Ruyun’s proud face instantly froze in disbelief.

    How could this happen?

    The Medicine King unexpectedly wanted to listen to Mu Qian Xi’s words.

    Mu Qian looked at her with a smile and said: “Mu Ruyun, your words just now, appear to be the opposite! Even if Mu Ruoyan is able to refine a third-grade elixir, this Lord doesn’t think highly of her! She is not even worthy to raise this Lord’s shoes.”

    “Jun Mo, if you take such a woman as your disciple, then I will absolutely cut off ties with you.”

    Jun Mo shrugged his shoulders and said, “Then there is nothing I can do.”

    “Wu wu wu!” Mu Ruoyan cried in a low voice.

    Jing Lianghui immediately grabbed her shoulders and said comfortingly, “Ruoyan, don’t cry! You are so talented, even the patriarch will accept you as a disciple, being the disciple of the Medicine King are not rare in the least.”

    “Boom!” At this time, Jun Mo suddenly made a move! With one kick, Jing Lianghui was sent into the lake.

    “[1]Bengong zi hates self-righteous scum like you the most! To say that you will be more powerful than this bengong zi in the future is simply an insult to this bengong zi!”

    “Khak!!!” Jing Lianghui after he fell directly into the water coughed and took a cold shower. “Medicine King, you’re just too much!”

    “Who let you say things you shouldn’t, you deserve it!”

   For a moment, the cold and immortal-like image of the man disappeared and the onlookers’ mouths twitched. ‘Medicine King, did Lord Mu’s temperament pass on to you? Why are you so violent?’

    At this time, Master Peng’s old face unfolded a bright smile and came up to Mu Qian, asking, “Lord Mu, take a look at me, do I fit in as a proper disciple of the Medicine King?”

    The corners of Mu Qian’s mouth twitched. “Master Peng, you’re so old to be this guy’s disciple, don’t you care about seniority?”

    Master Peng replied, “In our world of alchemy, regardless of age, it is only about one’s ability. Therefore, this old man does not feel ashamed, as long as the Great Medicine King can give a few pointers to me, I will die without regret.”

    Mu Qian said: “The truth is, even if you want the Medicine King to guide you, you can’t. You must give up becoming the royal family’s chief alchemist first and then come to work in my Ghost Medicine House will I agree with you.”

    Her Ghost Doctor House has too few alchemists, while business is getting better and better. It would be good to recruit more people.

    This old guy is a little older and has less talent in alchemy but his experience is not bad, otherwise he would not have become the chief alchemist of the Purple Moon Kingdom, right?

    Xuanyuan Li Shang was furious. “Mu Qian Xi! To think that you have the audacity to steal from our royal family! You’re crazy!”

    Xuan Yuan Li Tian also said gloomily, “Mu Qian Shi, you are Imperial Brother’s fiancée but you are actually hooking up with someone outside and having such a close relationship with the Medicine King. Tarnishing the reputation of our royal family, aren’t you afraid of making Ninth Brother displeased with you?”

    Mu Qian’s voice was cold, “Jiu Ye does not care. Also your highness Xuanyuan Li Tian, you should stop meddling in this Lord’s affairs.”

    Xuanyuan Li Tian’s face turned green for a moment then purple in a matter of seconds, a lot more colorful than a palette could be.

    He coldly snorted, “Mu Qian Xi, if you continue to act like this sooner or later you’ll die without knowing.”

    Meanwhile, Master Peng made up his mind and said, “I promise, I will return to the palace later to give His Majesty my resignation.”

    Xuanyuan Li Shang’s face turned pale and said, “Master Peng, the Ghost Doctor House is just a small medicine house run by Mu Jia. The pills and potions sold are all inferior, why do you have to condescend to a place like that.”

    Master Peng waved his hand and said, “There is a medicine king sitting in there! It is definitely not as simple as you think. Your highness, this old man already made his decision.”

    Xuanyuan Li Shang wanted to kill the chief alchemist of their Xuanyuan royal family, so that he can’t be used by others.

    When their father comes back, His Majesty will surely not let him go!

    Mu Qian said, “Then Master Peng should quickly report to the Ghost Doctor House! This Lord will leave first, you guys take your time and play!”

    Mu Qian dragged Jun Mo away. Since the event was already in a mess and half of the ship was destroyed she hurriedly went home.

    Especially since the restlessness she’s feeling hasn’t gone down at all.

    Jun Mo said, “I’m going back to the Ghost Doctor House and won’t go back to the Mu Jia with you.”

    “Come back to Mu Jia’s residence with me first, I need you to take a look at my little uncle’s leg.” Mu Qian pulled him away nonchalantly.

    She already had a way to solve the poison in little uncle’s eyes.

    But those legs have been poisoned for over twenty years and there is nothing she can do about it. She was hoping that this native medicine king would be able to figure out something, even if just a little.

    When she got back, she found that nothing happened.

    But as soon as she reached the Wu You courtyard, seeing the broken tables and wheelchair with blood, Mu Qian’s face turned dark.

    She coldly shouted, “Mu Yi!”


     All the shadows of the Mu Jia appeared and froze instantly when they saw the scene in front of them.

     “Third Master… He…?”

     With a thud, he kneeled. “Please forgive me, Lord! We subordinates failed you!”

    “Someone entered here and grabbed little uncle without anyone noticing, the other party must be a Martial King or Spirit King expert, but who exactly is it?” Mu Qian’s brows are knitted.

    “No matter who it is, mobilize all the intelligence of the Mu Jia and report back to me!”

    Her purple dress blowing up with the wind and with a cold and dark expression, her aura turned into bloodlust.

    This was the first time Jun Mo, Mu Yi and the others had seen her like this. She, who talks, laughs and is casual and unrestrained everyday let out such a terrifying expression.

    “Yes, Lord”

    Jun Mo said softly: “Little girl, since the other side did not kill directly, there’s still a chance. Don’t rush first.”

    Mu Qian’s figure disappeared in a flash, before going inside the medicine room, she shouted. “Notify me if there is news, I’ll go and do some preparation!”

    “Those who dares to touch my little uncle. I will make them pay a heavy price.”

     Jun Mo originally wanted to help Mu Qian refine some elixirs but seeing that she took out a number of highly poisonous things, he thought it was better for him not to go inside the room.

    When night fell, the eldest young master of the Ouyang family, Ouyang Zhi, entered the Mu Jia’s residence proudly, “Let Mu Qian Xi come to see me.”

    “Lord!” Outside the medicine room, came Mu Yi’s voice.

    With a wave of her hand, Mu Qian Xi gathered up the poison she had refined anew, and with an icy gaze, she spat out two words. “Ouyang Clan.”

    This time Mu Qian did not neglect Ouyang Zhi, and the next moment he learned that Ouyang Zhi had come, Mu Qian had already appeared in front of him.

    When he was about to raise a brow, a sense of foreboding crept up on his skin.

    A pair of slender fingers suddenly strangled his neck and a cold voice came into his ears, “My little uncle, where is he?”

“”Khoff Khak Khak!!””

    Mu Qian’s hand was so fierce that Ouyang Zhi’s face turned blue from the pinch and he kept coughing.

    He said with difficulty, “If you don’t want Mu Wushuang to die, let go!”

[1]Ben (本) is used by a speaker to refer to themselves in the third person (illeism). This form of speaking is used for more formal occasions, usually when the speaker is part of a conversation among equals or as the highest ranking person in the room.

公子(gong zĭ): son of an official or nobility, also a title of respect for young men.

Translator’s Note:

Uh oh, Ouyang Clan will be wiped out…

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