AYHI Chapter 8.1

Without waiting for Raymond to finish his sentence, Vee reached out and removed the microchip suspended in the clear box, and the information on the screen shut off instantly. He put the microchip in his shirt pocket, and under Raymond’s confused and surprised gaze, he said, “I didn’t hear or seen it, I don’t know who he is, and you are going to have to pretend you don’t know either.”

“Admiral, this is a serious matter, his identity ……”

“You got a good look at his identity?” Vee once again spoke up to interrupt Ramon, that look over his eyes completely showed a kind of threatening message, instantly the atmosphere was somewhat frozen, and then Vee smiled as he turned to Raymond and added, “I have my own plans, instead I want you to give me a quick look at the internal affairs of Maurice in recent months, based on this information, I reckon it will be fun.”

“Admiral, please don’t be so capricious.”

“Nonsense, how can you call me capricious?” Vee felt that the word capricious was not at all appropriate to put on himself, it didn’t match his identity at all, and it sounded awkward all the same.

Raymond looked over at Li behind Vee, his eyes were glaring at Vee, but you can sense that he didn’t intend to attack Vee for now. Raymond went over the matter in his mind before sighing deeply, he had no intention of betraying Vee, and so since the Admiral had explicitly told him to pretend he didn’t know, that was the only thing he had to do, the Admiral would be there to take over when it came down anyway.

“So what are you going to do, Admiral? Kill when you’ve had enough?”

Raymond regretted after saying that, because he saw Vee’s serious face, which was still smiling before, became serious with that statement, Vee loved to laugh, so this sudden seriousness can only mean that he was really angry.

“Raymond, did I ever tell you that I will never kill anyone except on the battlefield, even if it’s the enemy that I’m fighting openly against?”

“But, I have a feeling you are not treating him as a person now. Admiral, if Maurice learns that we saved their Prince Will, but tamed the prince like a beast…… Admiral, this could potentially turn into war.”

At this moment, directly speaking the thoughts in his heart is much more effective than silence, having done more than a year as an adjutant, and prior to that, he had followed Vee for several years now. Raymond, which is regarded as having a thorough understanding of Vee’s character, also knows that even if the Admiral is angry, he won’t do anything to him, and in some cases, it becomes a good way to be bold.

“I’m a militant, but I’ve never yet started a war on my own account. He’s the one who doesn’t think of himself as a person, so why should I think of him as one. Raymond I’ll put it to you this way, I’m used to you having your head spinning at certain times. All you need to do is listen to me. This man is now badly injured, his memory is confused and he even thinks of himself as a beast, I am ‘taking care’ of him and if he gets better and remembers to go back, then he can go back himself. But the current situation is…” Vee stressed: “We have no idea who he is or where he is from, he was not found on the Maurice Cruiser, his clothes are in tatters and we can’t find anything that can be used to check his identity…Do you understand?”

“I don’t understand…”

“You… I’ve never seen you this stupid before, where did you put the terrifying Raymond that easily understands me without the need to explain? Have you been ‘cursing’ Gu Xuan all day and become an idiot? Raymond, don’t keep asking me to explain things. Don’t think that if you’re with me, you don’t have to think about anything, don’t forget that you’re older than me.  I’m tired of beating people up, and I’m not going to be soft even if it’s you.”

Sensing that his own superior had already started to get annoyed, Raymond simply shut his mouth, but there were still a lot of questions in his mind, since the Admiral had said that if Li recovered and wanted to go back he would let him go back, then why didn’t he hand the person over to the medical team, increase the treatment or simply send him back to Maurice and pretend it’s a favor…

It will be fun he said…

How could he forget the fun things the Admiral talks about?

Didn’t Vee say before that if Li recover too early, it won’t be fun?

As it turns out, it might be the Admiral’s desire to screw over this guy that’s taking center stage? But that person is so noble, if he recovers later and recalls his current situation……

Judging from the Admiral’s position, sure enough it was simply a too-good-to-be-true feeling just to imagine the situation that would arise after Li recovered.

The two of them said a bunch of things, ignoring Li behind them completely. He had lost the idea of fighting earlier, and now his breathing gradually settled down, like a beast lying down to rest, preparing for a second battle after resting. He never took his sharp gaze off of Vee.

Suddenly, Li’s figure moved, bouncing very quickly, it’s even faster than the average person can detect. Even if at this moment he couldn’t well measure the abilities of the man in front of him well enough, as a beast, Li doesn’t care about that.

Vee ducked out of the way faster than Li, not only did he dodge this extreme attack, he even lifted his leg and struck Li on the back with his heel, the pouncing motion was halted abruptly by this attack and Li fell to the ground heavily.

“I was hoping that if I opened my mouth, you’d obeyed.”Vee crouched down and pushed Li on his stomach, easing Li into a flat position.

Translator’s Notes:

It’s hard being Admiral Vee’s adjutant…


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