Mu Qian smiled faintly and said, “Thank you for the compliment.”

    Jing Lianghui was so enraged that he was hurt internally, and it was the first time he encountered such a difficult person.

    At this time, Mu Ruoyan suddenly spoke up, “Jing [1]Gongzi, it’s Ruoyan’s fault, Ruoyan thought Xi’er wasn’t interested in such things and didn’t send her an invitation. Harmony is to be prized, you should not be angry.”

    She looked at Mu Qian with great sincerity and said, “Xi’er, we all welcome you here.”

    Jing Lianghui who is [2]riding a tiger is now having a hard time to get off, now that the beauty was asking for it, he gave way and said, “You have to participate to attend! When you see gongzi‘s talent later, you will definitely regret going against him.”

    The thought that later on, Mu Qian Xi will worship him like everyone else, fawning over him and flattering him in all sorts of ways, made Jing Lianghui feel much better.

    All the people who came to attend this exchange meeting entered the venue, and the entire venue was very exquisitely decorated and pleasing to the eye, showing that Mu Ruoyan had put in a lot of effort.

    Once everyone was there, it was time for Jing Lianghui to show off and perform, waving his hands and displaying numerous herbs.

    He said, “These herbs are the ones used to refine the First Grade Elixir Pill, which is …”

    As soon as the properties of these herbs were introduced, many people were laymen and naturally looked at Jing Lianghui with admiration.

    Jun Mo said: “Little girl, I feel like I’m watching a monkey show! So boring! Might as well go back and eat meat.”

    “I feel the same way, let’s watch it first! And then you find a chance to break the scene else it’s all for nothing.”

    With a nod he said, “But this guy is such an idiot, I don’t even feel like trashing the venue anymore, I thought he was so powerful!”

    While Mu Qian and Jun Mo were watching the monkey show, something big happened to Mu Jia.

    “Third Master, Third Master!” For a time, the Wu You Courtyard was in complete chaos.

    At this moment, Mu Wushuang’s face was so pale, large drops of sweat fell from his forehead and he felt like his legs were being crawled by millions of ice-cold insects.

    The guards around him said, “I’ll go and invite the Young Lord!”

    “Stop!” Mu Wushuang coldly shouted.

    “Father’s seal is no longer effective and the poison on my leg flared up, so it’s useless even if Xi’er is here or not. Don’t tell Xi’er, so she won’t worry!” Mu Wushuang said weakly.

    “But …”

    “That’s an order!”

    As soon as the Shadow was about to say something, several figures suddenly appeared in front of them.

    The Shadow was stunned, “Who?”


    In a flash they exchanged blows but today Mu Wushuang couldn’t even move a finger because of the pain so it was very difficult for him to deal with these Martial and Spirit Kings by himself.

    The poison flared up wildly and eventually Mu Wushuang couldn’t stand it any longer and passed out.

    “Third Master!”

    Mu Qian, who had been watching Jing Lianghui’s antics, suddenly had a very bad premonition and stood up with a cold killing intent emanating from her body.

    She had no idea what else could be going on that would make her so unsettled?

    Mu Qian could never have imagined that her young uncle Mu Wushuang, who had recovered his eyesight and had reached the Third Stage of Martial King, would encounter danger in this remote land known as the Purple Moon Kingdom.

    At the same time, Jing Lianghui was refining a first-grade pill when he suddenly felt a cold murderous aura that caused his mental energy to stagnate, leaving him out of control for a moment!

    “Boom!” The furnace in front of his eyes exploded with a bang.

    “Cough, cough!” Jing Lianhui crawled up with great difficulty, as if he had come out of a coal mine, and his smoothly combed ink hair had turned into a mess.

    Seeing such a funny scene, the crowd really wanted to laugh but did not dare to! It was so hard to hold it in that it caused internal injuries to some.

    Jing Lianghui raged, “Mu Qian Xi, you actually attacked me while I was refining my medicine! You have caused gongzi to fail in refining medicine!”

    Jun Mo said, “If your strength is poor, how can you blame others for failing to refine the pills?”

    “Who are you? What right do you have to talk to gongzi like that?”

    Jun Mo slowly walked over and said, “Who am I? If I remember correctly, you all call me Medicine King.”

    “Ha Ha Ha! You? Medicine King?” Jing Lianghui was laughing so hard he couldn’t catch his breath.

    “You liar! I’ve heard that the Medicine King is an advanced alchemist, even more powerful than our Patriarch, how can you, a dimwit, be an advanced alchemist?”

    “Boring! Since we are here today to trash this place, there has to be something I can do!” Jun Mo raised his hand, and an alchemy furnace appeared in front of him.

    He lazily used his fire attribute spiritual energy, and for a moment the whole ship’s cabin became scorching hot.

    Master Peng, who had been very arrogant on the side, suddenly jumped up. “Fire Attribute?!”

    Jun Mo’s movements were very smooth as he put in every single spiritual herb, and not long after, a five-grade pill was refined casually by Jun Mo.

    “A five-grade pill! He really is the Medicine King!”

    “How is that possible?” Jing Lianghui was incredulous.

    At this time, Master Peng jumped out and said, “Medicine King, you are definitely the Medicine King, and no one in the entire Purple Moon Kingdom can do that except you. Please take me as your disciple, Master!”

    The crowd saw an unbelievable scene, the Royal Chief Alchemist, who had always been on top of the world, actually wanted to learn from a young man who looked like he had not yet reached the age of 20, what a bizarre scene this was!

    Meanwhile, Mu Ruoyan also walked over and gently said, “Lord Medicine King, Ruoyan has admired you for a long time, please take Ruoyan as your disciple!”

    Jun Mo drew the line: “This old guy is a low-level alchemist and you! Heh! What qualifications do you have to ask me to take you as my disciple?”

    Mu Ruoyan spoke in a low voice, “Ruoyan is not talented, just a low-level alchemist who can only concoct third-grade pills! But I will definitely serve the Medicine King well.”

    “Hiss!” As soon as Mu Ruoyan’s words came out, all the people were stunned.

    Even Xuanyuan Li Shang and Jing Lianhui were shocked, originally thinking that Mu Ruoyan was only interested in alchemy, but never imagined that she could actually refine third-grade pills and was even better than Jing Lianhui.

    Mu Ruyun was thrilled. “Sister Ruyan is so powerful.”

    Seeing a calm Mu Qian Xi on the side, Mu Ruyun walked over and exclaimed, “Humph! Mu Qian Xi, even if you’re a First Stage Spirit Master you are nothing special! No matter what, you can’t catch up with Sister Ruoyan who is an alchemist.”

    “You’re not even worthy enough to lift her shoes!”

    It was at this time that Jun Mo coldly said, “Oh! To be able to concoct a third-grade pill at such a young age is not bad!”

    Mu Ruoyan’s face showed surprise due to Jun Mo’s words, Jun Mo continued, “But if you want me to take you as my disciple, then you have to see if Xiao Xi agrees first, I’m hers after all.”

[1] Gongzi – honorific for son of an official or son of nobility

[2](Idiom) fig. impossible to stop halfway.

Translator’s Note:

I know Jun Mo’s words will be a huge misunderstanding in the future chapter hehe… ?

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Confession time: I… might have forgotten who Jun Mo is… he’s not her fiance (the night prince or whoever), right? Is he the dude she picked up on the street who was alive but not alive and came to life only when she gave him pills?

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