PP Chapter 6.1

The bathroom was poorly soundproofed, and the noise from outside could not have been more clearly heard.

Tang Junhe was standing in front of the sink washing his hands. The warm water runs over his fingers and he looks up at himself in the mirror.

Yang Xuan was right, he did look more like Tang Xiaonian than Yang Chengchuan.

The words themselves were fine, but he didn’t know why his chest was suddenly filled with an unprecedented wave of irritation that rushed up to his throat and made him want to yell “Shut up” at those in the living room. He tried his best to suppress himself, but he couldn’t put the thought into practice.

He turned the faucet to the cold side, splashed some water on his face, washed his face, and toweled off before opening the bathroom door.

The smell of smoke was on the air.

In his previous home, there was no way that such a choking smell could occur. Tang Junhe reaffirmed that he didn’t like it here.

The noise lowered again. Still someone looked over at Tang Junhe, this time the eyes were no longer curious and looked scowling, teasing or something else …… in short, unkind.

Tang Junhe grimly walked back, opened the bathroom window to the largest, and went to the side of the kitchen, did the same action, pulled open the window, the aluminum window edges grinding gingerly, issued a “whirring” sound piercing.

The people in the living room all stopped what they were doing and stared at him in stunned silence.

Tang Junhe didn’t look at them, he went to a few other rooms and opened all the windows to their maximum extent, then went back to his room, closed the door and left it locked.

It was the end of February, the weather had not yet warmed up, and the cold wind from outside whistled in through the wide open windows, blowing a room full of startled looking people into a simultaneous shudder.

The living room was abuzz with curses. “What the Fuck! This is making me crazy!”

“Damn, what the hell! It’s freezing [1]Father!”

“I’m so fucking cold… Is your brother a lunatic, Yang Xuan?”


Yang Xuan didn’t say anything, he just looked at the closed door, then stood up and walked over to the window nearest to him and stayed.

The others thought he was going to close the window and turned their eyes to watch him. But it took a moment to realize that he was just standing at the wide-open window smoking, not that he was going to close it.

“Fuck, it’s freezing, I’ll close it.” Feng Bo cursed as he stood up and closed the windows in several other rooms.

After a few puffs, Yang Xuan put out his cigarette, then pulled up the window and sat back down.

“Brother Xuan, I think I know why you’re moving out.” Feng Bo pointed to Tang Junhe’s room and said indignantly. “[2]This is climbing all over somebody, right?” He finished, and looked to a few others, trying to find approval.

“Yeah, we didn’t even do anything yet.” Chen Hao put on an innocent expression and spread his hands, “It’s him who started it.”

Seeing that Yang Xuan didn’t react, Feng Bo took the initiative to lean in and instigate. “Hey, Brother Xuan, when did you become so tolerant, not going to give him a lesson?”

Yang Xuan glanced at him. “What are you going to do?”

“What can I do?” said Feng Bo, a man of many words. He said while cringing and bluffing. “Fuck him?! Bah, I’m not gay!”

“Don’t get mixed up in this.” said Yang Xuan. “I’ve got my own plans.”

“You say that, so we’re relieved.” Feng Bo looked at him playfully. “Hey, remember to ask us to watch the scene when it’s time, we’ll give you a boost.”

“We’ll talk about it then. Instead, you…” Yang Xuan looked coldly at Feng Bo, and then looked at the other people one by one. “There are a few of you here, this rotten story of my family, after the start of the school; no one is allowed to spread it.”

“Yes, yes, yes, you can count on us.” a few others nodded. “We won’t mention it.  Definitely won’t say anything.”


First day of school.

“Yang Xuan, I’m going to the garage to get my car, so you and Junhe pack up and hurry down.” Yang Chengchuan put on his shoes, straightened his tie in the mirror at the door, and said over his shoulder to Yang Xuan.

When Yang Xuan didn’t answer, he turned back and added. “Make it quick.” before opening the door and going downstairs.

Tang Junhe went to the door to change his shoes, picked up his bag and was just about to go out when Tang Xiaonian quickly came over and pulled his arm to bring him inside: “I bought you a face cream and you did not even wear it, do you know that the weather is dry in the spring?” She said so, holding the cream in her hand, she opened the lid, plucked out a small piece of the cream with her index finger, and applied it to Tang Junhe without hesitation.

Tang Junhe frowned and tilted his neck backwards, clearly wanting to dodge, but his arm was pulled back by Tang Xiaonian, so he could only let her take care of the sticky lump of face cream to his face.

“Enough.” he resisted. “It’s too much.”

“You think I’d like to serve you.” said Tang Xiaonian. “Being so old, wipe it yourself later.”

Tang Xiaonian was rubbing cream on his face when Yang Xuan came out of his room with his backpack on his back, and he tugged at one corner of his mouth and made a soft humming sound, like a chuckle, when he saw him.

Tang Junhe was sensitive to the sarcasm in Yang Xuan’s laugh, and he broke away from Tang Xiaonian with some annoyance and took the cream from her hand. “Stop putting some more, I’ll be late.”

“Be enthusiastic towards your classmates.” Tang Xiaonian instructed, and then took the container of cream back from Tang Junhe’s hands. “Why are you bringing this to school, I’ll put it in your room.”

“Got it.” Tang Junhe said.

Junhe was wondering if he should wait for Yang Xuan to come downstairs with him. He unzipped his backpack as if to check if he had forgotten anything, but in the back of his mind, he quietly watched Xuan’s movements.

Yang Xuan didn’t seem to be waiting for him to change his shoes and pushed out the door. His backpack was on one side, and their arms collided slightly as they passed.

“Mom, I’m leaving.” When Yang Xuan went out, Tang Junhe shouted to the back room, and then pushed out the door as well, Yang Xuan didn’t quite close the door with him.

The elevator was six floors short of coming down, and there was no one at the door. There was the sound of footsteps coming down the aisle, and it seemed that Yang Xuan went straight down the stairs without waiting for the elevator.

Too slow, Tang Junhe took a look at the numbers displayed by the elevator door and also turned towards the side stairway.

At seven o’clock in the morning, before it was fully dawn, the sound-activated lights in the corridor were lit by the sound of Yang Xuan’s passing footsteps, illuminating the stairs dimly.

Thud, thud, thud. The sound of footsteps quickly rose and fell in the hallway.

When Tang Junhe went downstairs, he saw that Yang Xuan had not gone to the garage, but was standing by a bicycle near the side of the building, bending over to unlock it.

“Hey.” Tang Junhe shouted at him.

Yang Xuan looked up at him as if waiting for what he was about to say.

“Your father said…” Tang Junhe looked at him grimly. “…that he’ll send us to school this morning.”

“I’ll ride my bike.” Yang Xuan said, unlocking the bike and then without looking at him, he drove the bike out, straddling the seat with one leg and quickly riding away.

Tang Junhe exhaled a breath and then headed over to the garage.

Yang Chengchuan was standing by the car waiting for them, and when he saw Tang Junhe come over, he asked. “Where is Yang Xuan? Still dawdling?”

“He rode off.” Tang Junhe walked over to the car and pulled the door open to sit in the back.

If he didn’t know where the school was, he wouldn’t want to get in this car. But it didn’t matter.

“He’s getting more and more unlikeable.” Yang Chengchuan also got into the car and said as he fastened his seatbelt, “Don’t mind him Junhe, he-“

“I don’t mind.” Tang Junhe interrupted Yang Chengchuan. He didn’t want to hear it at all.


[1]He’s referring to himself

[2] to take advantage of someone’s weakness.

Translator’s Note:

Sorry for the delay, I was busy decorating the Christmas tree I forgot to post the chapter for today.

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