The unconscious man’s head was hanging low and blood was dripping from the corners of his mouth, Vee hadn’t shown any mercy with those two blows, so it would be strange if he didn’t bleed a little.

Previously, the man was so grizzled that he couldn’t be seen, but now it seems that this guy is very handsome, his features are very three-dimensional, and even if his nose and mouth are bleeding now, there is no way to hide this guy’s sharp features. Vee tsked a bit, his sight turned to the side of the wall, the metal of the advanced wall has a certain degree of reflection, on the wall reflects a beautiful face. His original features had softened a bit due to the mutation, otherwise he wouldn’t have lost to this guy to some extent!

The medical team had changed Li into clean clothes while he was unconscious, and the badge that had been hanging on the tattered uniform had been cleaned and were now hanging on the shirt Li was wearing. Vee reached out and pulled off the overly ornate looking badge, the excessive movement brought the unconscious Li to his senses.

“Not bad for a body to wake up so quickly.” Vee looked over the unsigned badge and searched his mind thoroughly for anything that had to do with it, but still couldn’t find any familiarity. He’d seen this one before in Planet Venom, but hadn’t noticed anything about the man wearing a badge at that time.

Maybe it’s a special medal of some kind, gotta check.

“I don’t believe you can still move.”

It was indeed impossible to move, and all Li could do was grunt out of his mouth other than glare fiercely at Vee.

“Make another sound and I’ll break your jaw.”

Li growled viciously and lowly twice, his voice gradually diminished, and finally hardened without making another sound.

Vee raised a satisfied hand to stroke Li’s head, “That’s a good boy.”

The door to the basement was opened again, and entering was Raymond, holding a collar large enough for him to wear, the collar was specially made from special materials, the palm width of the collar had countless tiny lines with a faint blue light flowing through the lines.

“Admiral, the collar.”

Vee received the collar and placed it in front of Li, pulling up his hand and placing it on the collar, “Here, feel it, does it feel particularly good? This thing is called a collar. Come! pronounce it with me, co…llar ……”

Li’s beast-like, deep gaze aimed at Vee was thrown away…

“Hey, is this some kind of tantrum with me or something? You want to get beaten up, don’t you?”

“I say Admiral, what are you trying to train him to do? Don’t forget the ones you raised before, all of them were dead due to your faulty education. In fact, they all disobeyed and angered you, so you gave one ‘slap’ and killed them, and those were all beasts and nothing more, but this is a human, a Maurice Citizen, we don’t even know his identity yet.”

“Well, if I was gonna shoot him anyway, what’s the point of leaving him alive?” Vee moved rudely and wrapped the collar around Li’s waist, the overly long collar wrapped hard around Li’s waist two times before buckling, he tossed the badge in Raymon’s hand, “Don’t nag at me here, since you want to know his identity, use this to check him.”

“It’s the badge he was wearing before?”

Vee didn’t say anything more, persistently reached out and grabbed the collar on Li’s waist, teaching Li, “Collar…collar ……”


Raymond opened the door of the other basement and walked in, there was a huge holo-brain system in the center of the huge basement, as people entered, the pitch black basement gradually lit up, pure white light and shadow rendered the entire interior as if entering another world. Raymond placed the badge between a four-sided transparent box, the badge suspended in the box slowly rotated, a green light made a scan of the badge in all directions from top to bottom. The large screen in the central area showed a large image of the badge, and then the Brain started a search.

Soon, a similar look of the badge appeared on the other side of the huge screen ……

“Holy shi…t…ake mushrooms!” Raymond watched in amazement at the results reached.

Vee walked in with Li, his eyes falling on the results of the screen first, his narrowed eyes revealing his momentary surprise.

Li had lost his fierce appearance at the moment, and now he looked like a beast that had been defeated in a fight and had lost the ability and idea to attack again.

“Admiral, this is not a badge.”

It is a crest, a heraldic symbol of identity, and he’s actually…”

Translator’s Notes:

Remember kids, Raymond can’t curse okay? haha!

Also, I made a major mistake on the translation on the Novel Title. Apparently, it should be ‘Admiral’ not ‘General’.

I always thought it would be ‘general’, since an admiral is an equivalent of it in Navy but she (MayO) told me that in Interstellar Novels, admiral’s are commonly used rank for ‘general in space’. So I’ll change it all now, starting from the first chapter.

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