PP Chapter 5.2

In the afternoon of the last day of winter vacation, Feng Bo yelled at some of his classmates to get their homework copied at his home. The gatekeeper of the district was strict and one could not get in without swiping their card.

Yang Xuan and Feng Bo had lunch in the restaurant downstairs, and then stood by the side of the road and waited for the people to come.

The appointment was at 1:30 p.m., with ten minutes to spare, Ying Hui arrived first.

“Hey hey hey, Look at you specially wearing makeup today just for Brother Xuan.” As soon as Feng Bo saw Ying Hui, he pointed at her and joked, “Come, let me take a picture of you and send it to the class teacher’s phone.”

“Do you want me to take a picture of you when you copy my homework later?” Ying Hui fought back without showing weakness.

Ying Hui stood next to Yang Xuan upon her arrival; she’s short, only reaching his chin but she was pretty enough to be somewhat appealing, which was evident from the passersby who frequently looked back.

Ying Hui stood next to Yang Xuan, as if she wanted to find something to talk to him about, but couldn’t think of anything good to say, so she could only ask dryly, “Have you had lunch yet?”

Yang Xuan leaned against the pole and gave a rather undignified “hmm”.

“What did you eat?” Ying Hui followed up with another question.

Yang Xuan lifted his arm and pointed backwards with his thumb, lazily saying, “That one.”

“Oh,” Ying Hui was undeterred and followed up this pointless topic with, “Is it good?”

Yang Xuan was succinct: “Not bad.” After saying that, he looked at the few people coming from behind, “Almost all of them are here, right? Go?”

“Everyone is here, let’s go.” Feng Bo waved his arm, “Let’s go brothers!” After saying that he took another glance at Ying Hui, “And…… sisters!”

Ying Hui’s coyness disappeared when she didn’t talk to Yang Xuan: “Let’s go, Sister Feng will lead the way!”

As the group of people hooked up and walked to the entrance of the neighborhood, Feng Bo pulled out his pants pocket, followed by a howl, “Fuck!”

He quickly pulled out one side of his left and right pants pockets, cryptically facing Xuan Yang: “Brother Xuan, have you brought the key with you? …….”

“Didn’t you say you brought it with you on the way out?” Yang Xuan looked at him somewhat speechlessly.

“I was wrong …… “Feng Bo wanted to cry, “I’m sorry everyone ……”

“Not going to KFC again, are we?!” Wangxin Chun at the side spoke with obvious displeasure.

“Relax.” next to him, Chen Hao patted him on the back, “Don’t talk like that, we are all civilized people here.”

“The School Flower is here, will you restrain yourself a little?” Wangxin Chun swatted away his hand.

“What should we do? Where to?” Ying Hui was still standing next to Yang Xuan, waiting for the other people’s opinions.

“My mom’s home ……” one paw was raised.

“My grandmother came to my house ……” another paw goes up again.

Feng Bo thought about it and bumped Yang Xuan with his shoulder, “Hey, Brother Xuan, want to go to your house?”

Xuan Yang looked at him, nonchalantly. “Don’t you know what’s going on at my house?”

“I know!” Feng Bo was in high spirits, “We’ll go together, to make Third angry and see what Third‘s son looks like. I heard he’s been transferred to our class.”

“What’s there to see, to look for trouble? Not going.”

“It’s strange, that’s your house,” said Feng Bo, adding fuel to the fire, “With this situation now, it’s more like you’ve been kicked out.

“What? What’s going on?” Ying Hui curiously asked Feng Bo.

“Brother Xuan’s father married his mistress outside and she also brought the bastard child with her, and the two of them worked together,” Feng Bo gestured with both hands to his chest in a pushing gesture, “to push Brother Xuan out of the house.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Yang Xuan warned him with his eyes.

Feng Bo silenced his voice and shrugged his shoulders at Ying Hui.

“Let’s go, let’s be a back up to Yang.” Chen Hao waved his arm, “Being kind to a bad guy is being cruel to yourself. Go, go, go. I’ve been to Yang’s house before. I know where it is.”

A few people were clamoring to go, so Yang Xuan didn’t say anything and let them go.

It had suddenly cooled down and just snowed a few days before, and it had cleared up again the last few days, and the unmelted snow was piled up on the side of the road looking dirty and a bit disgusting.

Several people went upstairs and walked up to Yang Xuan’s door, automatically stepping aside and waiting for him to open the door. Yang Xuan walked forward, pulled out the key, bent down slightly, and lowered his head to unlock the door.

When the door opened, the warmth of the room puffed out. A few people were very quiet.

The living room was empty and quiet, except for the other room besides the one with a locked door.

 Feng Bo and Chen Hao peered into the other rooms, turning back to whisper to Yang Xuan, “These rooms seem to be empty.”

Yang Xuan was already sitting on the couch, and said in his usual volume, “I don’t know, the cups are on the table, so whoever wants a drink can pour it themselves.”

“Hey, who’s in this room?” Feng Bo pointed to the closed door of the room.

Xuan Yang took a sip of water and put the cup back on the table, “Who else could it be?

“Oh – I see,” Feng Bo pretended to have an epiphany, “The little bastard.”

“Copy your homework,” Yang Xuan said.

It was cold outside, and a few people were wearing a lot of clothes, so they threw their hats and coats on the floor as soon as they entered the room.

“This is mathematics and chemistry notes borrowed from the top student,” Feng Bo put a bunch of papers on the table, “For English we will depend on you, Ying Hui.”

“I know, I brought it.” Ying Hui picked up the bag placed on the side, unzipped it, and bowed her head to take out her own test papers from it, “Don’t copy it exactly, ah, the teacher will ask again later.”

“Sister…” Chen Hao turned back and laughed with her, “We’re such veterans of these crimes, why do we need you to instruct us?”

Several people started to copy their homework noisily.

Yang Xuan took the remote from the coffee table and turned on the TV.

“Yang Xuan, aren’t you copying?” The floor heating was on full blast, so Ying Hui sat on the ground not far from Young Xuan and asked him up.

“Hmm, not copying.” Yang Xuan looked at the screen and pressed the remote to change the channel.

“The teacher will check.” Ying Hui said again.

CCTV6 was broadcasting “Journey to the West,” and Yang Xuan stopped changing the channel, put the remote control aside, and said another “hmm”.

“Copying homework is not cool, Xuan never copied homework before.” Feng Bo buried himself in his pen as he struggled to write, not forgetting to tear Yang Xuan down.

“I’ll help you write.” Ying Hui volunteered to take Yang Xuan’s test paper and began to fill in the answers to his paper.

Tang Junhe had been woken up by the sounds outside.

When the people outside came in, he was taking a nap in that room with the door closed. He probably woke up from his nap, but Feng Bo was standing at his door and Tang Junhe heard Feng Bo’s words clearly.

Tang Junhe irritably pulled the blanket over him, smothered his head in, and lay with his eyes closed for a while. That group of noisy people outside would be his classmates from tomorrow onwards? Then it looks like school won’t be a pleasant experience either, Tang Junhe sighed

After waking up, he was still a little tempted to go to the bathroom, but he didn’t want to go out and face those people in the living room.

But it looks like they won’t be leaving for a while. Tang Junhe tossed and turned with irritation, lifted the covers and sat up, took a deep breath, got out of bed, put on his slippers, and walked to the door.

Then he walked back.

Let’s change out of our pajamas. Tang Junhe thought.

He’s wearing the little panda pajamas that Tang Xiaonian bought him and a furry panda headwear on his head, which looks too uninspiring.

It was not conducive to the ensuing confrontation and exchange of gaze. Tang Junhe thought so, while pulling the pajamas and the thing off his head.

He went topless to the closet and fished out a curry hoodie, put it on, and went back to the door. Took a deep breath, and then pulled the door open.

The noise in the living room was instantly silenced, and several people all looked back at him, their eyes filled with curiosity

Except for the one sitting in the single couch at the far end, Yang Xuan.

Yang Xuan was the last one to look at him, and as he turned his head slowly around, his gaze remained on the TV screen for a moment, as if he was having trouble parting with it.

Tang Junhe hears that ”Journey to the West” is playing on TV, because when the noise is still, Zixia is saying that classic line – “I like you so much, it would kill you to like me a little.”

He and Yang Xuan looked at each other for two seconds, maybe longer, who knows.

And then Yang Xuan turned his attention back to the screen.

After all, that part was really classic. Fairy Zixia was much better looking than him. Tang Junhe thought so and also withdrew his gaze

He bent down and threw away a piece of clothing at his feet, then walked to the bathroom without a care in the world and closed the door

As soon as the door closed, several people in the living room other than Yang Xuan looked at each other.

The first to react was Chen Hao, who whistled loudly and said loudly, “Too bad, Yang Xuan, how come it’s not a sister.”

Yang Xuan replied back carelessly, “What do you want to do if it’s a sister?”

It was a serious question, but Chen Hao misinterpreted it to mean something else, and he said. “Fuck.”

The other boys reacted and laughed out loud unkindly.

Ying Hui sat on the floor and heard this, rolled up the test paper and got up to hit him, “Why are you full of yellow thoughts ah! You?!”

Feng Bo laughed the loudest: “You’re being too tactful, his head full of yellow is not just a thought, it’s ……”

Before he could finish, he was also hit by Ying Hui, so he shut up consciously.

Ying Hui straightened up and leaned in close to hit him on the head with a test paper: “Wickedly disgusting of you!”

Feng Bo’s two arms were protecting his head, and he begged for forgiveness in a throttling manner: “Sister, Ying Hui School Flower, Sister Ying, please stop it, I was wrong, I really was wrong!”

Only then did Ying Hui sit back, copy two questions, and look up at Yang Xuan and stop talking.

Yang Xuan was looking a little annoyed, frowning, “What do you want to say?”

Only then did Ying Hui look at him and carefully spoke, “Your brother is really good-looking, and to be honest, he’s a bit like you.”

“Sister.” Feng Bo touched his arm, “Can you not touch the object of your bright love’s bad luck ah.”

“Just telling the truth,” Ying Hui trailed off, “What’s wrong, you can’t tell the truth if you like it. If you’re that good looking, I’ll compliment you every day.”

“Cigarette.” Yang Xuan lifted his chin towards Feng Bo, “I don’t have mine, do you have any more?”

“Oh, here then.” Feng Bo threw the cigarette case at him.

Yang Xuan caught it with a lift of his hand, pulled one out of the cigarette case, and took out his lighter to light it, his eyes downcast, and said vaguely, “He’s not like me, he’s like his mother.”

Translator’s Note:

I’m gonna be frank with you guys, YX friends in High School are all pricks. From when I started reading this to the end, no other characters beat their record of most hated in my list. At least when TJ makes friends, even though the number is small, they’re genuine.

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Damn. Typical act-cool kids…I can already see that Feng Bo trying to be the one who calls the shots…makes me think how can he be more hateful in the later chapters 🤔 Is he the type who’d make TJH’s life difficult in class with the excuse of avenging Yang Xuan even tho YX didn’t ask him to. I wonder if he’s also the type who can’t keep his mouth shut and spread rumors 🤔

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