EWP Chapter 118: Not with the Crown Prince anymore?

    Mu Qian is still very righteous and without further ado said, “Okay, let’s go and break it up! I’d like to see what that so-called genius alchemist of the Pill Sect is all about.”

    The fact that the Pill Sect and Yun Xinran are good friends made it possible for them to test the alchemist and perhaps catch Yun Xinran’s [1]fox tail.

    In fact, she was going to go there regardless of whether or not Jun Mo Xi came.

    The next day, the Purple Moon Lake was bustling with activity.

    A gorgeous ship was docked in the middle of the water, and countless noblemen and ladies in gorgeous clothes were riding on exquisite bamboo rafts to the ship.

    They had no interest in alchemy, but they would never let go of the opportunity to get to know the disciple of a Pill Sect.

    At this time, a noble and elegant purple figure and a man in white clothing approached the ship on a bamboo raft and slowly walked on it.

    Seeing them, the face of the white-clothed maid who was in charge of serving the guests instantly went cold.

    “Mu Qian Xi, our lady didn’t invite you so hurry up and get out!”

    As Mu Ruoyan’s personal maid, [2]Xiao Tao despised the Mu Jia’s lord from the bottom of her heart when she met her three years ago.

    She believes that Mu Qian Xi mistreated their Miss and now that the Miss is being fought over by two excellent men, her self-confidence has grown. So what if Mu Qian was the number one genius in the Purple Moon Kingdom? Is she better than the alchemist who adores the Miss?

    For such a little girl who doesn’t know how to behave, Mu Qian won’t be polite to her either.

    “Ah!” Mu Qian kicked her right off!

    “Good dogs shouldn’t block the way! Does this Lord need your permission to board her own ship? What more do I need from a little girl who doesn’t know how to live?”

    “Tao!” At this time, a panicked voice came over, and many people came out and noticed Mu Qian and Jun Mo Xi beside her.

    What a pair of incomparably handsome man and beautiful woman pair, people can’t take their eyes off them.

    “Hurry up and save Tao, hurry up!” Mu Ruoyan’s face was white with anxiety as she grabbed Jing Lianghui’s sleeve.

    Naturally, Jing Lianghui would not let her worry, and hurriedly let her hand go down to rescue the person, but the maid was already unconscious when she was rescued.

    Mu Ruoyan’s fingertips were somewhat white and trembled as she walked up to Mu Qian, speaking pitifully: “Xi’er, I know you’ve been angry with me, but it has nothing to do with Xiao Tao, so if you want to take it out on me, take it out on me, why hurt an innocent person?”

        She was like a white lotus that had been destroyed by the waves, and it was heartbreaking for Jing Lianghui to see her like that.

    Jing Lianghui said, “Mu Qian Xi, you are the head of a big clan. Bullying a weak woman, do you feel a sense of accomplishment about it?”

    A pink-clothed Mu Ruyun also rushed over and pulled Mu Ruoyan, “Sister, you should stay away from that sadistic woman in the future, or you will be badly hurt by her again.”

    At this time, Xuanyuan Li Shang and Xuanyuan Li Tian also came out, Xuanyuan Li Tian saw the man standing beside Mu Qian, his expression darkened.

    Damn this woman! She who hooked up with Yue Ze has another wild man with her today!

    This fickle and shameful woman!

    Jun Mo Xi doesn’t know that at this time he was labeled as a wild man.

    Mu Qian Xi slightly raised her eyebrow, the corners of her exquisite mouth curved up in a wicked way, saying, “Then let me ask you, do you feel more accomplished by pleasing someone else’s [3]used broken shoes?”

“Xi’er…” at this time Mu Ruoyan bit her lips in distress, revealing an expression of being heartbroken to death.

    Xuanyuan Li Shang was angry: “Mu Qian Xi, you must not slander Ruoyan! There is no such thing as a sordid relationship between Ruoyan and me like you think.”

    Mu Qian smiled and said, “It seems that the crown prince really can’t do it anymore ah! I was sure the rumors were false.”

    The crowd was stunned when Mu Qian revealed a big secret! They were shocked! The crown prince, he really … really can’t do it anymore?

    Xuanyuan Li Shang’s face became fierce, “Mu Qian Xi, you are looking for death!”

    If he hadn’t been unable to beat Mu Qian Xi, he really would have wanted to slap her to death with one hand.

    “What’s with the noise?” At this time, an old voice came over.

    A gray-robed old man appeared in front of everyone, and even Xuanyuan Li Shang restrained his anger and respectfully greeted him with a shout, “Master Peng, you’ve come.”

    This was the chief alchemist of the palace, Master Peng.

    As soon as Master Peng came, all the young men and women of the Purple Moon Kingdom looked at him in adoration.

    This master is usually not easy to meet, even if you want to see him!

    The Pill Sect has a large number of alchemists who can only concoct second-grade pills.

    If it weren’t for his great reputation in the Purple Moon Kingdom and Ruoyan’s admiration for him, he wouldn’t even bother to treat the old man with care.

    Mu Ruoyan finally regained her emotions and walked forward, “Mu Ruoyan has met Master Peng, the exchange meeting is ready, Master Peng please come in.”

    Master Peng didn’t care about this delicate young lady at all, and if he hadn’t heard that the genius disciple of the Pill Sect was coming, he wouldn’t have bothered to associate with these youngsters today.

    The storm just now, because of Master Peng’s arrival, was automatically forgotten, and the people did not want to make a big deal out of it.

    One by one, they all wanted to enter the ship’s cabin, but at this time, Jing Lianghui said, “Lord Mu, although your cultivation talent is decent and your clan is big and powerful, you don’t know anything about alchemy so I don’t welcome you at this exchange meeting.”

    “Little girl doesn’t know anything about alchemy? What a joke!” At this time Jun Mo chuckled as if he had heard a great joke.

    If the little girl doesn’t know anything, I’m afraid that this useless person must be a nobody.

    This cold and charming man is like a fine work of art, his smile can be considered as being able to overturn a country, making all the women look dumbstruck. Jing Lianghui replied, “What you mean is that the Mu Jia Lord, apart from being rich, also knows how to do alchemy?”

    Mu Qian said, “So what if I do? What if I don’t?”

    Mu Qian pointed at the ship in front of her and said, “This ship belongs to my Mu Jia, if you don’t dare to let this Lord in, I’ll have this ship blown up later. Let’s see if you can still hold some kind of Alchemy Exchange Meeting then.”

    The crowd was astonished, Mu Qian Xi was worthy of being the head of the Mu Jia! It was too overbearing!

    Even the palace’s chief alchemist was busy [4]hugging the young man’s big thighs but Lord Mu openly provoked him ah!

    Although Mu Ruoyan was removed from the Mu Jia, she obviously had no self-awareness at all.

    As soon as Jing Lianghui said he was going to hold the Pill Exchange Meeting, she kindly asked her grandfather, the Mu Jia’s Great Elder, to transfer one of the Mu Jia’s best ships over.

    Jing Lianghui raged, “Mu Qian Xi, you’re too much, too unreasonable!”

[1] Chinese Idiom: visible sign of evil intentions; to reveal one’s evil nature.

[2] Her name’s literal translation is ‘Little Peach’

[3] Literally means ‘loose woman’

[4] The meaning of this phrase is to signify someone trying to curry favor with someone else.

Translator’s Omake:

(A parallel universe where Mu Ruoyan has brain)

Mu Ruoyan: Eh, you want to start a exchange meeting? Wait, I’ll send a message to my grandfather.

Jing Lianghui: Why?

Mu Ruoyan: To get a ship for you ah!~

Jing Lianghui: I thought you’re not in the Mu Clan anymore?

Mu Ruoyan: Ah, oh right. I guess you’ll be the one finding a place then.

Jing Lianghui: Okay, lest you’ll be bullied by Lord Mu again. How could you even forget that?

Mu Ruoyan: Ha ha, sorry.

Jing Lianghui: It’s fine. Also, stop meddling with her already if you don’t stop now, you’ll be killed by her someday.

Mu Ruoyan: Mm. I know. I’ll listen to you.

Jing Lianghui: Good.

Translator’s Note:

That’s a red flag Jing Lianghui!

Let me check how many chapters till the elders and the 2 granddaughters are gone.

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