The spaceport was bustling with activity as the negotiating team led by Vee arrived three star hours later on board the spaceship. The Empire’s Eldest Prince came with his partner to greet Admiral Vee on his return trip.

The Emperor of Talis hosted a welcoming banquet to greet the team of Admiral Vee, who had successfully returned from a successful negotiation.

After first returning to the palace for an audience, Vee rushed back home, having to wear formal clothes for the evening banquet, so the regular clothes on his body still had to be changed. The most important thing is, although as a male, wrong, he is now a sub male who’s been out of the house for so many days was missing his family a bit. He wasn’t sure if it’s due to his mutation that his personality had also changed, or if it’s because it’s been too peaceful lately.

It’s nice to think that when there was a war, he was years away from home, but now, since signing a truce with Maurice, the world is at peace between his mutation till now.

It was difficult to get out of Planet Tygo a while ago, forcing His Majesty to promise to let him go to the negotiations, and also expecting the negotiations to be unsuccessful to have a well-fought battle, who knows that when this negotiation table just started and his ass is not yet hot from sitting, the conditions that were put forward by his aide was approved in an instant by the other side. That event can’t even be called a ‘negotiation’, those experts looked at him like they saw a ghost, that they can’t wait to immediately sign a treaty just to leave the table.

Vee was thinking about it then he felt unhappy, what he didn’t know was when he was sitting up there, he looked like he wanted war immediately, so who would dare to say more? Not to mention that the other side was just a small planet, why would they dare to confront a planet with a military power like Talis. It is said that the negotiation is just to get some benefits, but since the benefits can’t be obtained, then they just have to prevent war from happening.

In this galaxy, being a war-monger is not great either.

Vee went back to his parents’ house first, meeting the two elderly people in the house before returning to his residence. As soon as he entered the door, he was greeted by Raymond with a bad face.

“Who’s taut face is that for, Gu Xuan didn’t come with me ah.”

Raymond knew the odd tone in Vee’s voice as soon as he heard it and laughed bitterly, “What are you talking about, Admiral.”

Vee smiled and changed the subject, “I think it’s related to the guy locked to the basement, isn’t it?”

“Well, it’s just that the guy was acting crazy, catching and biting everyone, it’s a good thing I didn’t untie him before, or it would have been harder for me to handle him.” Raymond thought about the guy that was brought back from K planet, his face darkened even more, the guy really was a beast right, Raymond was just a little bit closer to him, so when that guy opened his mouth and tried to bit him down, although he dodged quickly, his arm was still scraped by the guy’s teeth.

“Admiral, should we go over there now?”

“Hmm.” Vee suddenly thought of something and turned to Raymond, “I’ve made it clear to His Majesty about this K planet rescue matter, let Gu Xuan go with the unconscious man until he recovers, of course, if Gu Xuan wants to keep him for any experiments, I won’t object. Just don’t reveal anything about Li to that man, not even a single word.”

Raymond was stunned for a moment before he realized who Li was.


“Open the door.”

The door to the basement was opened, standing in front of the door, Vee only felt a figure pouncing over towards his face, a feeling of danger immediately made him react, Vee raised his hand to block and at the same time has finally gotten a clear look at the person pouncing over, then the other hand up, fiercely punched towards where that person is.

The figure flew away from the heavy blow, hitting the wall and dropping to the floor with a ‘clang’.

Like a beast that has been beaten back in a fight, falling to the ground Li sits up, his hands tied behind his back, the rope that was originally tied around his feet has been untied, Li shakes his head like a beast shifting its head and body to tidy its fur. His eyes are dead set on Vee, and the man slowly stands up on his feet for support, his tall body bowed, his mouth roaring in a strange and meaningless way.

Vee didn’t hold back much from that one, but he didn’t hit hard either, and Li looked a little dazed from the beating, wobbling on his feet twice.

“Be careful, admiral, it looks like he’ll pounce again.”

“Let him pounce.”

He pounces once; I’ll punch him once again.

Vee walked up towards Li, Li’s mouth was still emitting a low growl, he was still human after all, and seemed to see the danger conveyed in Vee’s eyes, surprisingly, as Vee moved forward, Li involuntarily took two steps back.

Vee stood his ground and looked off to the side at the guy in front of him who really looked like a beast, turned to look at Raymond and said, “Bring me that collar from last time, this rope isn’t much use.”

“That last collar was used for monsters; it would be huge on a human’s neck.”

Raymond remembered the Fanged beast that went crazy because it didn’t listen to Vee’s discipline and ended up being killed by Admiral Vee with a single punch in the end, comparing the size with Li, how could that collar that big be worn around Li’s neck.

“Who said he’s wearing it around his neck, I’ll tie it to his waist.”


As they spoke, the neglected Li looked away from Vee, lingering on Raymond for less than two seconds then turning back again to Vee, his sharp gaze biting Vee to death, and then he pounced on Vee twice as hard.

With his head turned to stare at Raymond, Vee hinted Raymond with wide eyes, Raymond was still stunned. Vee quirked lips showing the good mood he was in now. The sound of the heavy object hitting the wall and crashing to the ground sounded rhythmic as he lifted his foot and to kick the guy, Li struggled twice on the floor and passed out.

Raymond’s eyes twitched twice, “Admiral, I’ll go get the collar.”

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I re-watched some Studio Ghibli movies today, and as I thought my favorite is still ‘Whisper of the heart’.

How about you guys? Which movie is your favorite?

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