EWP Chapter 117: The Champion Genius

Mu Qian said, “So this is your real strength?

Yun Xinran nodded, “If Lord Mu hadn’t pushed me so hard, Lord Mu could have easily won the competition and gotten the top spot in the Purple Moon Country’s talent rankings.

Mu Qian waved her hand: “That’s true; however, this Lord prefers to beat you at your true strength in order to have a worthy win.

“Perhaps I will disappoint you, Lord Mu.”

Yun Xinran’s figure approached Mu Qian Xi with great speed, and slapped his palm with majestic spiritual power toward her.

An opponent two steps above her struck with all his might, and this time Mu Qian chose to dodge, his spiritual energy shattering the tip of Mu Qian’s dress.

The situation was then reversed, and Yun Xinran, who had been caught and beaten by Mu Qian, was now able to catch up with Mu Qian Xi.

“Lord Mu, you are the only one who has pushed me, Yun Xinran, to this point in the past eighteen years.”

The corner of Mu Qian’s mouth curved slightly, “You want to win against me? It’s not that easy.”

Mu Qian fiercely lifted her hand and countless needles flew out.

“This is how Mu Ruoyan was defeated.”

After the last battle, it became clear to them that Mu Qian Xi’s most lethal weapon was not her water elemental attack, but rather this bizarre small needle weapon, which was unstoppable.

Even though the small needle attack was bizarre, the crowd saw the difference in their strengths.

“This small needle is powerful, but young master Yun is much better than Mu Ruoyan. It’s not that easy for Mu Qian Xi to win.” Someone said.

Faced with the sudden appearance of the needles, Yun Xinran’s face was very calm and the wind from his palm whistled, slapping away Mu Qian’s needles!

However, when he slapped the needles away, smaller needles flew toward him like rain, and Yun Xinran’s face changed dramatically and he hurriedly dodged.

This set of needles that Mu Qian had the Fire Elder create is multi-functional, it can save lives, it can poison others, it can attack and it can be used as a hidden weapon for sneak attacks.

‘Boom! Boom!’

Yun Xinran hurriedly dodged and finally hit all the fine needles away.

The crowd was stunned, saying, “Looks like Young Master Yun has successfully dodged this attack.”

“Yeah…  I guess! Eh? No, take a look!” At this time, a man spoke out.

People saw a trace of blood slipping down from Yun Xinran’s fingertips and saw that Young Master Yun was injured.

“It’s just a small puncture wound, so it shouldn’t be a problem!”

But as soon as the man’s words fell, Yun Xinran’s face suddenly turned pale.

“Puff!” With one sound, a mouthful of blood was spat out and his lips began to turn purple.

The Ghost Doctor’s medicinal needles, after making even a small cut, can be fatal.

The crowd was shocked, “Wah! Lord Mu won, even when Young Master Yun’s strength had increased to the third level of Spiritual Master!”

Mu Qian said, “It seems that I have not yet won, as the young master has not conceded defeat.”

Mu Qian looked at Yun Xinran with a smile on her face, not missing his expression.

Just at this time the master of the Jingwu Tang stepped forward and said, “As the referee of this match, I declare Young Master Yun the loser! Take young master Yun out for treatment.”

Although the master of the Jinwu Tang remained calm on the surface, Mu Qian could see the panic in his eyes.

Mu Qian’s expression darkened a bit, it seems that Jinwu Tang has a deep relationship with Yun Xinran.

Otherwise, they would not have risked offending her by rescuing Yun Xinran in a timely manner.

“Hmph!” Mu Qian coldly snorted and walked off the stage.

If he escapes this time, there is always a chance for Yun Xinran to show his true colors again.

Mu Ruoyan lost her fighting power and so did Yun Xinran.

The next match between Yue Ze and Xuanyuan Qingyun is much simpler without these two opponents.

In the final battle, Yue Ze faced Xuanyuan Qingyun to take second place.

Surprisingly, Xuanyuan Qingyun is also very strong.

Mu Qian Xi and Yun Xinran aren’t the only formidable geniuses in their Purple Moon Kingdom.

It was inconceivable that he had the strength of a Third Stage Spiritual Master.

Faced with an opponent who was far superior to him, Yue Ze decided to give it his best shot.

He was already too far behind his leader, and if he didn’t fight well, he would be pulled further and further away from her, which was definitely something he was afraid of.

Boom! The two figures crossed paths with each other.

During the battle, Yue Ze frantically squeezed his own potential, and once again broke through to the Ninth Stage Spiritual Warrior.

He is still under the age of seventeen and with such strength, he can also be considered a top talent in the Purple Moon Kingdom.


But the gap of four levels was inevitable, and in the end, Yue Ze was defeated by Xuanyuan Qingyun.

It is obvious, however, that Xuanyuan Qingyun is very considerate towards the situation, and Yue Ze was only slightly injured.

Soon, a new list of talents was released.

Mu Qian Xi received four points and is in first place.

Xuanyuan Qingyun received three points and is in second place.

Yue Ze received two points and was in third place.

As for the fourth and fifth places, after Mu Ruoyan found out Yun Xinran’s true grade, she naturally did not dare to occupy the fourth place and had to give it to Yun Xinran. So young master Yun still kept his old ranking.

The Mu Jia residence.

Mu Qian took the information about Yun Xinran, frowned slightly and said: “The investigation of Yun Xinran that I asked for, only got this little information?”

“Yes Lord, I am incapable!” Mu Er is very ashamed.

Mu Qian waved her hand: “It’s not your fault, Yun Xinran has been hiding the truth for so long, so it won’t be easy to catch him! No one moves until the enemy does.”

“Yes Lord.”

The Top Ten Talent Ranking Competition came to an end, and Mu Qian Xi took the top spot.

No one in the entire Purple Moon Kingdom would say that Mu Qian Xi was a useless family head any more, and the elders of the Mu Jia also felt much more at ease.

On the other hand, one of Yun Xinran’s elder brothers from the [1]Pill Sect, a low-level alchemist, came to the Purple Moon Kingdom to cure Yun Xinran of his poison, and also to cure Mu Ruoyan.

This low-level alchemist not only cured Mu Ruoyan but also seemed to fall in love with the woman who looked like a fairy at first sight, and almost had a major fight with the crown prince over the beauty.

Surprisingly, Mu Ruoyan also has a high talent for alchemy.

Apparently, this disciple is going to recommend the beauty to his own master as a disciple and become his junior sister to obtain an opportunity of getting closer to her.

Xuanyuan Li Shang is already dying of depression, but he has compensated many treasures of the Mu family for the beauty and if the beauty is snatched away by other men before he can get his hands on her, it would be a big loss, wouldn’t it?

In order to please the beauty, this alchemist has organized an alchemy exchange meeting at Purple Moon Lake.

Anyone who is interested in alchemy can come to this event. He even invited the Palace’s chief alchemist, a man of mystery, to this event.

He also boasted that he would someday be able to surpass the Medicine King.

The news has spread very widely in the Purple Moon Capital, and when Jun Mo Xi heard this news, he was so angry that he wanted to kill that arrogant and useless person at once.

He approached Mu Qian and said, “Little girl, what is that exchange meeting? Do you want to come with me tomorrow to break it up? …That punk!”

“How dare he claim that he is better than me!”

[1] Formerly ‘Danji Zhong’ is now Pill Sect for easier reading.

Translator’s Note:

At this point, I’m thinking Mu Ruoyan has a type of spell that can enchant people.

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