PP Chapter 5.1

For almost a week, Yang Xuan lived his life without his so-called family.

On the other hand, Yang Chengchuan was quite concerned about the matters of the mother and son pair, so he quickly completed the transfer procedures for Tang Junhe and gave Tang Xiaonian a spare job in a public institution not far from home.

Tang Xiaonian had no objections regarding this and accepted the new life that Yang Chengchuan had arranged for them. Within a few days, she carried her bag off to work.

Tang Junhe remembered that his mother Tang Xiaonian wasn’t like this before. When she was very young, every time Yang Chengchuan handed over money, Tang Xiaonian would first reach out and take it, and then throw it all into his face fiercely. Later, Yang Chengchuan learned from his mistakes. He secretly hid the money under the mat at the door before calling Tang Xiaonian outside. He thought that everything would be fine after this, so he waited one day before coming again. When Tang Xiaonian opened the door lightly, an arm stretched out and slammed the wad of money directly into Yang Chengchuan’s face.

It seemed that from that certain point, Yang Chengchuan handed over more money again and again until Tang Xiaonian has no choice but to accept it quietly. After accepting his money, it would naturally be difficult for the person to scold him anymore. After all, [1]the mouth that eats the food of others is softened; the hand that takes the possessions of others is shortened.

Probably it started from the “to come to light” incident… Tang Junhe sat at the dinner table, eating, and thinking about the past.

The other two people at the dinner table have obviously adapted to this discordant family setup, and are simply discussing Tang Junhe’s transfer.

“Preparations are all done. I will send them both on the first day of school.” Although Yang Chengchuan still looks bright and neat, he can’t conceal the ostentatious tone of a middle-aged man when he talks. “In Xiao Xuan’s class, all the teachers are top class, whenever parents decided to enroll their kids on that school no matter how much money they could give if the kid’s results didn’t reach the school’s requirement they won’t get in.”

“Wait, didn’t you tell me before that little Xuan’s grades are bad.” Tang Xiaonian asked nonchalantly while eating. “How can he also get into this class?”

“It’s not like that.  Xiao Xuan used to have good grades in junior high school. Later, because of his mother’s affairs, he missed the high school entrance examination. If there is no high school entrance examination score, no school can accept him. It just so happened that in the city sports meeting he won a rank so I asked someone to give him a spot for student athletes just to let him in.

It turns out that Yang Xuan is a student athlete. When Tang Junhe heard them discussing Yang Xuan’s affairs, he brought his attention back.

“His mother used to be a middle school teacher in that school and had a good relationship with the dean. Knowing about Xiao Xuan’s situation, it was the dean who signed him in as a student athlete. But that brat didn’t live up to expectations, after entering senior high school decided to abandon learning and put all his effort and time on being an athlete.” Yang Chengchuan complained as he talked and the expression on his face turned ugly towards the end.

Tang Xiaonian only listened and said nothing.

“While Junhe here already skipped a grade, his future looks promising.” Yang Chengchuan turned his face to Tang Junhe, with a sullen smile he said. “After transferring you might be affected by your big brother but still take good care of each other and make progress together, both in life and studies.”

As Yang Chengchuan spoke, his voice changed into the tone of an official. This made Tang Junhe unable to restrain the disgusting feeling in his heart.

“Don’t you have any manners? Your father is talking to you, have you heard it?” Tang Xiaonian tapped the bowl with her chopsticks.

“Un. I heard it.” Tang Junhe said.

“It’s fine. They are in their rebellious phase.” Yang Chengchuan felt a little embarrassed, he coughed twice and continued eating.

After a moment of awkward silence, Tang Xiaonian asked again: “Xiao Xuan hasn’t come back these days, do you know where he is staying?”

“As one of his classmates, he is also a son of an official and Yang Xuan hangs out with him every day. That kid is also no-good.”

Tang Xiaonian lowered her eyes and in a low voice, she said. “Maybe it’s because of us mother and son, Xiao Xuan must feel uncomfortable with us around.”

Yang Chengchuan didn’t want to talk more about Yang Xuan so he sternly changed the topic. “Don’t worry about him, if he doesn’t want to go back no one has to beg him.”

“I want to…” Tang Xiaonian paused, and finally said the words that had been circling in her mind for the past few days. “If he feels uncomfortable, how about letting him live on campus after the school starts? Whenever he wants to come back, he could…”

Before she could finish her words, Tang Junhe’s cold voice came. “I want to live on campus too.”

Tang Xiaonian was taken aback for a moment, her face sank and while deliberately suppressing her anger she asked.  “Why do you suddenly want to move out?”

Tang Junhe put the chopsticks on the table, looked at Tang Xiaonian’s face. 

“I feel uncomfortable.” He replied.

“From when you’re small to now, what things did I not help you with that made you think of living on campus?” Tang Xiaonian snapped. “Do you even have the ability to live alone?!”

“Calm down, he won’t go, I assure you he won’t.” Yang Chengchuan saw Tang Xiaonian’s worries and Tang Junhe shunned him so he persuaded to make peace quickly. “Junhe, you need to stay at home, no matter how uncomfortable you are this is still your home.”

“I’m full.” Tang Junhe stood up and went back to his room. At the last second before turning around, he received Tang Xiaonian’s reproachful gaze, he thought it was probably because she thought he was a white-eyed wolf.

Tang Junhe sat back at his desk and proceeded to do the Mathematical Olympiad problems that had not been completed in the morning.

For him, being a good student isn’t to get ahead of others, glorifying his ancestor, nor for fulfilling a decent life. There is only one purpose and that is to leave here, to go far away and never come back.

Tang Xiaonian’s voice faintly came from outside: “There are times where he is ignorant however he never had me worried about his studies. He had the opportunity to represent the school in the city’s Olympiads before in Junior high school. If not for…”

Hypocrite, that’s what Tang Junhe thought of his mother now. How did she become like this?

Or perhaps Tang Xiaonian was like this from the very beginning. Even by using his name, you can see Tang Xiaonian’s ambition to compete with Yang Chengchuan’s eldest son. When she made him skip a grade, it was nothing more but to one-up the other.

Speaking of it, Tang Junhe vaguely remembered that he seemed to have heard Yang Xuan’s previous good grades. It seems that it was that year when Yang Xuan began to fail his grades, Tang Xiaonian specifically asked Yang Chengchuan about it, her purpose must be to know Yang Xuan’s strengths but it was such a long time ago that he didn’t take it by heart at that time.

Tang Junhe was the only one that Tang Xiaonian could talk about with others. Those days when the transcripts issued each semester came are when she is the most proud.

He felt that he now knew how much vanity and hypocrisy his mother possessed better than anyone although he is the one who has the least position to criticize her.


[1] Basically the Chinese idiom goes like this, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”.

Translator’s Note:

I kinda pity TX, she just wants the best for her son but TJ can’t see it.

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Uh-huh, you got a point there. I feel sorry for TXN too, but getting to this point, I felt like she’s no different from other mistresses who covets the family’s inheritance. Yeah she wants the best for TJH but the moment she didn’t listen to her son, that’s where it went downhill. She didn’t consider TJH’s feelings and that’s where TJH felt disconnected with her, and felt for YX instead.

So I think this is a factor that pushed them to be together. The two are both disconnected with their parents, so they can only seek comfort with each other. Of course that doesn’t mean those who were raised well are incapable of incestuous relationships, but it’s undeniable that the living and family conditions always has something to do with how the kids grow up. That’s why communication is so important, adults can’t always impose their decisions to their growing kids, thus the more they impose, the more they become resistant. Maybe this might be even why they let their feelings for each other fester, as a form of retaliation. But even if that’s not the case,I feel sorry in advance for their parents ʘ‿ʘ They’re imperfect but they’re trying, no matter what, seeing their kids in that sort of relationship is bound to make them hurt.


I don’t think she wants the best for him shes just selfishly competing with a dead woman when tbh she lost long ago


Thank you for the chapter.


I dont really pity her, you can wish the best for your own child without wishing bad on the other child, she’s selfish and a hypocrite

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