Back in the main control room, several subordinates immediately greeted the oversized screen in the central area showing a magnificent explosion, the light illuminated the entire star field, and the space station of the Auster Empire that detected a sudden intrusion of an unknown flying object — which really wasn’t the case at all. Presumably, Auster’s space station automatically launched a round of attacks when contact on the said Planet was unsuccessful, but they would soon learn that it was just an unknown, but not aggressive, little planet.  And then the higher-ups there would learn just how stupid this defense of theirs really was.

Following such an attack, the Planet K was now probably nothing but rocks, and then there were carcasses. The things that Gu Xuan had collected appeared in Vee’s mind, they were of little value to him, but perhaps in another sector, they would be worth a lot. Gu Xuan, who had been depressed because he hadn’t been able to collect too many things before, would probably be somewhat happier this time.

The officer behind Vee pulled out some video recordings, “This is the interstellar news three months ago, and one of Maurice’s commercial cruisers was attacked by an interstellar pirate group in the interstellar public shipping lanes then crashed into an unknown planet. I think it was this Planet K, when the cruiser sent out a distress signal and Maurice had sent a search party the search was useless and later had to be stopped. I presume it’s because Maurice didn’t know the planet was orbiting too fast… Their search party has been locked in the public domain of the Bay of the Flying Fish…”

Vee shook his head, “Never mind that for now.”

A commercial cruiser that was only the surface, these things would obviously have to be investigated in deeper detail, but right now Vee had no such thoughts.

“…… So do you wish to rest, Admiral?”

“I think I need a meal more than anything.”

“I’m going to order it.”

The Medbay is bustling with work; Vee walks in with a half-chewed chicken leg in his hand. The crowd is about to greet Admiral Vee but Vee shakes the half-chewed leg in his hand, “Don’t mind me, how’s are they, those guys I rescued?”

Gu Xuan took a glance at Raymond behind Vee and took down the piece of equipment he was biting into his mouth, “The one that was saved from the cruiser is fine, he’s a little bit stronger than the norm, so I guess that’s why he survived among so many people, but the damage to his body is still severe, he’s being given a regeneration treatment.”

“Still performing regeneration therapy, you’re so kind ah but since he’s in good health, just leave him there and let him recover slowly.”

“Admiral, that ……”

Vee chuckled, “Just kidding, how about the other one?”

“There’s something wrong with the one you knocked unconscious, here…” Gu Xuan knocked himself on the head and continued, “I checked him out. He took a serious hit to the brain, damage to the frontal lobe of the brain and awareness that caused him memory loss. He even developed some problems in an environment where there was no one but animals…”

“Oh? What problems?”

Gu Xuan raised his hands and curled his fingers into a claw shape, made a clawing motion and howled deliberately, “He thought he was one of those beasts, so he attacked us who appeared in his ‘territory’.”

“Take me to him.”

“Lieutenant Hou Ci, please take the admiral to check on that guy, I can’t get away from here. By the way admiral, could you leave Raymond for me?”

“Suit yourself.”

The doctor called Lieutenant Hou Ci lowered his test tube and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, “Admiral, that guy was untied first but because he kept trying to attack people, we tied him again.”

“Keep him strapped down.”

The access door was opened and Vee looked up to see the guy tied to the post next to the experimental platform, it was hard to tell if the guy was crying or sweating from the pain but his face was damp.

The tied up guy saw the two men walking in and immediately went into a frenzied struggle, his mouth shrieking at them in a unintelligible sense, Vee was stunned, finally realizing why the guy’s face was wet, he wasn’t sweating so bad so most likely it was his drool, Vee had dislocated the guy’s jaw and no one had managed to close it for him yet.

So pathetic…

“There’s no chance of him recovering?” Said Vee, reaching up to the guy’s chin and then lifting it up with too much force so that the back of his head slammed hard into the post as his jaw closed, a ‘thud’ sound flowed in Vee’s ears which were so pleasing to hear.

Hou Ci’s eye twitched a bit, “No admiral, we’ve already given him another treatment.”

“Treat him slowly, there’s no need to rush, it’s too boring to just let him off like this.” Vee slowly leaned in, now the guy’s mouth was hissing low, not as violent as earlier, but just a little, and it was so low that it felt like a painful groan. Vee lowered his voice: “Bastard, I told you not to fall into my hands, I can’t kill you ’cause I still don’t know your name but I’m too lazy to look it up so I’ll give you a new one now. Huo Ci, give him a name.”

Vee whispered in the guy’s ear. “…. Won’t you take it?”

The corner of Huo Ci’s eyes twitched again, “Let’s call him Li, simple and easy to remember and still suitable for his current state, that’s all I can come up with for now.”

TN: Originally called / Lie which means intense,
but for easier translation I’ll cut the ‘e’.

“That’s fine, we’ll call him Li, there’s no need to name him too good. He doesn’t deserve it.” Vee patted Li’s cheek, “I just like big and vigorous ones, it’s a shame that I’ve had many big ones before but never had the chance to keep them for long.”

“Admiral, what did you… what did you say?”


If this guy thinks he’s a beast then so be it, but alas there’s always a time to recover.

But it’s no fun if he can’t recover, right?

Translator’s Omake:

Li: Do you remember what you’ve said to me before?

Vee: What are you talking about?

Li: That you like ‘big and vigorous ones’

Vee: Oh that, what about it?

(Li starts stripping…)

Vee: F*ck! Why are you stripping all of a sudden!!!

Li: Didn’t you say you like big and vigorous? I will show to you how big and vigorous I can be!

Vee: NO! Damn it! That’s not what I meant! Stop right there! Don’t come closer or I’ll beat you to death!!!

(When Li was about to take off his pants, Vee immediately knocked him in the head, causing Li to faint.)

Vee: *sighs… This bastard really has no shame at all. I’m gonna kill him if he did this again next time!

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