EWP Chapter 99: Ghost Doctor’s refining talent

Ghost Doctor’s refining talent.

Mu Qian nodded. “Fine, I will listen to Little Uncle. But after I treat your legs you must explain everything to me then.”

Mu Wushuang smiled. “Good.”

Even his (MW) own father hasn’t found a way to treat his legs.

Although her trust in Mu Qian is infinite, accepting it still requires time.

So as long as Mu Qian doesn’t involve herself further, Mu Wushuang is alright dragging it (illness) longer.

Mu Qian is still worried. “Little Uncle are you sure you are okay now? Should we go back?”

“I’m Fine.” Mu Wushuang nod.

When they are about to set off, Jiu Ye suddenly reached out and stopped them.

For the people inside the array, they have a clear look on what’s happening outside while the people outside had no idea what is the situation inside.

Mu Qian tried to take a good look outside but saw a familiar figure trying hard to break the array she made instead. That person seems to be the Emperor of the Purple Moon, Xuanyuan Li Zhi!


The Emperor can’t find a way to break the array so he directly launched a more forceful approach instead!

The ground started to shake for a while; Mu Qian can’t help but speak. “…Xuanyuan Li Zhi has the strength of a Martial King yet he didn’t declare his achievement. He obviously had the ability and position. Why did he hide his strength and falsely appear as a Ninth-Grade Martial Master?”

Mu Wushuang whispered to her. “The Royal Family cannot be trusted. No matter what they say don’t believe them.”

Mu Wushuang’s pair of warm eyes suddenly turned cold while looking at Jiu Ye.

In his eyes, Emperor Xuanyuan and his family are all fakes.

Mu Wushuang won’t let his niece suffer another grievance before meeting her father again.

Jiu Ye’s brows didn’t move, he acted as if he didn’t hear him (MW).

Mu Qian’s mouth twitch, like what her Uncle said, Jiu Ye is indeed a member of the Royal Family but he is completely different with the Emperor and his other sons.

Another set of explosion appear outside the array, it seems the Emperor is getting impatient as he tried to take a shot few more times.

Mu Qian sneered. “The Emperor of the Purple MoonKingdom is really raring to go huh. Once he gets through, I’m sure he won’t waste any effort to kill us inside. It’s finally time to let them know how strong our clan is!”

“If he is so capable, he can try!”

In a flash, Mu Wushuang’s whole body is covered with vital energy fluctuating at a frightening speed, a flash of surprise appeared in Mu Qian’s eyes,.

“Little Uncle! You’re strength had breakthrough to the third-stage Martial King!”

(TN: Okay, if you guys remember, author stated MW is at the Ninth-stage Martial King in the previous chapters. Now, author confuses this tiny brain of mine that MW is at initial-stage of Martial King (Turned to third-stage by MQ’s elixir now). When he got his illness especially in his eyes, his abilities also deteriorated causing the drop on his cultivation. I always thought he was in the Ninth-Stage but I was apparently wrong. Maybe it will change again IDK. I kinda missed this vital point while translating, sorry… Blame me for poor MTL QAQ)

Mu Wushuang let out a gentle smile, he said. “Thanks to Xi’er curing my eyes, my strength suddenly restored to the third-stage.”

It’s not an enhancement but a strength that is restored? It seems that Mu Qian’s level is too low to see Mu Wushuang’s cultivation.

Now Emperor Xuanyuan and his men surrounded them outside. Once they go out, they will be easily found out and a slaughter will inevitably happen sooner or later. In Mu Qian’s mind, taking care of the Emperor is easy yet this is not the right time!

Jiu Ye saw the hesitation on Mu Qian’s eyes, his voice is low, he said. “Leave, I will take care of them.”

His figure instantly disappeared, at the top of the array, a guard shouted while trembling. “The… The Night Prince!”

All of a sudden, a cold hellfire slowly burn everything in sight!

Upon turning their heads to flee, countless infernal skeletons welcomed them!

The guards’ heart felt cold, it really is true that curiosity kill the cat ah!

If they knew that this strange phenomenon involves the evil star, they would never dare get near.

“Scram!” Jiu Ye only spat one word.

Emperor Xuanyuan’s face was heavy, as a father he wanted to teach this ‘good’ son a good lesson for him to be polite.

But upon sensing his intense murderous intent, he did not dare to say anything nor tarry any longer.

“Retreat!” Emperor Xuanyuan quickly ordered.

Even the father is scared by his son, there’s no reason way these other people would stay here anymore. As expected, everyone quickly retreated.

In the end, the forest became barren once again, Jiu Ye also disappeared.

Mu Qian hastily said. “Little Uncle, they’re gone! We should go back as well.”


Back at home, everything was quiet.

Mu Qian refined another elixir to turn back Mu Wushuang’s eye to black.

Although having heterochromatic eyes is beautiful, Mu Wushuang can’t let anyone know about his silvery purple eyes.

“Uncle’s recovery must not be spread out!” Mu Qian reminded the Shadows.


Their strength is still far from enough, as of now, they aren’t even an opponent of the Number one sect in the Snow Continent, Cloud Sect.

If the Eldest daughter of the Cloud Sect’s Master came to know that Mu Wushuang’s eyes are now healed, Mu Qian is certain that these people would come back and cause another trouble.

At this time, Jun mo who did not want to live inside the Mu Jia was assigned to live in the Ghost DoctorBuilding instead.

Mu Qian asked. “Jun Mo, you have the ability to create a pill that can make a Martial or Spirit Master to raise their level to King right?”

Jun Mo spoke casually. “Yes, but that is a seventh-grade medicine pill. Refining it will not be easy for you!”

Mu Qian naturally knew this already. “It’s impossible for me but not for you.” She smirked.

Jun Mo exclaimed. “Such a high-grade pill also has a high price you know!”

Mu Qian hold on to his weakness. “How about letting you eat sumptuous meal in the best restaurant for a whole month? Would you do it?”

Jun Mo’s dusty face suddenly blooms with a smile. “Deal!”

Refining a seventh-grade medicine pellet is not difficult for the Medicine King Jun Mo. Soon the pill was made.

“Here you are! Don’t forget your promise!”

Mu Qian asked. “What is success rate of this?”

“Fifty percent.”

“Fifty?” Mu Qian started to fiddle with the pellet.

“Fifty percent is already the best you know! Other alchemist can only refined it with a success rate of 20 to 30 percent. What? You think it’s easy to be an alchemist?”

“Do you mind if I examine this pellet? I want to know if I could improve its success rate.”

“Do you think it’s easy to improve it just by examining it? Let me tell you this, over the years, this medicine pellet was already experimented countless times.”

Mu Qian did not listen to Jun Mo’s nonsense, she left immediately with the pellet in her hand. Inside the Ghost Doctor Building was a special laboratory, Mu Qian after experimenting three times finally succeeded and directly handed the finished product in front of Jun Mo.

“Your refined seventh-grade medicine pellet taken together with my elixir had achieved a 70% success rate.”

“Are you serious?”

Jun Mo hastily grabbed the pellet in Mu Qian’s hand, sure enough with just one glance it made him beyond speechless.

“Even if there is no verification for this… How come you… This could actually work? You…”

Jun Mo’s mouth is wide open, he shouted. “You are simply a demon in terms of ability with medicine ah!”

He has always been known as a genius in the Jun Clan, but in front of these lass he can see the big gap in their knowledge!

Mu Qian added. “This is only a prototype. In order for it to work, I still need to add something.”

In the Medicine King’s eyes, a sly look was seen. He smiled. “This girl is having a bad idea again.”

Jun Mo has been with Mu Qian for awhile now. Plus he already experience falling for her traps many times before, he’s quite sure that her tenacity of being a black-belly had reach the level of being crazy.

Translator’s Note:

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It’s not that serious, it’s just the doctor said I have to refrain from using my left hand for the mean time, at most 2-3 weeks.

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