Eyes seal

In order for the elixir to completely work, Mu Qian did not use any anesthesia on Mu Wushuang.

During the whole process, Mu Wushuang stayed calm, he didn’t even blinked once.

After the right eye, Mu Qian quickly injected the half medicine to Mu Wushuang’s left eye.

When both eye was done, Mu Qian ordered Mu Wushuang to close his eyes. In a breath of time, the effect of the medicine will show.

Mu Wushuang clenched his fist, in the back of his hand white substances are violently surging from his veins.

“Little Uncle!” Mu Qian caught Mu Wushuans’s hands, she whispered. “You’ll be well soon, those people who made you suffer, I will certainly make them pay a thousand times!”

Mu Wushuang felt an unbearable pain from his eyes, no matter how hard he suppressed the pain, in the end he couldn’t help but shout!

“ARGHHHHH!” Piercing screams from Mu Wushuang spread out.

The white substance turned dark in his veins and currently protruding on his jade-like face, continuously expanding more and more as if it would explode at any second.

After a long while, the dark color of his blood vessels began to return to normal.

The pain lasted a quarter of an hour.

Mu Qian knew how painful it was for Mu Wushuang, if it was an ordinary man he would definitely bite his tongue in just a span of three minutes. Luckily, Little Uncle survived, this proves how strong he is.

Mu Qian gently released Mu Wushuang’s hand, she said. “Little Uncle, slowly open your eyes.”

Mu Wushuang’s fan-like eyelashes flickered as he tried to slowly open his eyes.

It only opened a little but a terrifying aura suddenly broke out from his body!

In the sky, the bright moon was obscured by the dark clouds. The whole Purple Moon Kingdom was wrapped up by a terrible kind of force.

Mu Qian froze; Mu Wushuang’s shadows were also frightened.

“What’s going on?”

At this time, a black figure suddenly appeared, he coldly said. “I’ll take Third Master away from the Mu Jia first, Little Master should follow me!”

Mu Qian recovered from her shock said. “Listen to him! Go!”

She initially thought that it was just a course of action on Little Uncle’s eyes yet what’s with that terrifying force that suddenly appears?

This is the real strength that Mu Wushuang exudes since childhood, once exposed; it will cause a great uproar.

They must leave the residence and find the reason after.

“Yes! Little Master!”

They moved at their fastest speed to run outside the Purple Moon Kingdom, after a short while, they found themselves inside deserted woods.

Suddenly, an ice-cold Yin energy burst into the sky! In the Purple Moon Imperial Palace, only silence filled the area, as if it they were in another space.

A burst of cold air started to swirl, the trees swayed wildly, and the wind blew crazily like it’s the end of the world.

Never did Mu Qian expect that treating Little Uncle’s eyes would cause such a phenomenon.

This is too unusual!

Even Ah Ting who was angry due the interruption on his sleep was surprised, he said in amazement. “What happened ah! Is there a big event? Such strong force!”

Mu Qian said. “I don’t know what happened. This power exudes from Little Uncle’s body.”

“Your uncle is definitely not a human.” Ah Ting said sternly.

Mu Qian’s mouth twitched. “You are the one who is not a human.”

This punk dare say her uncle isn’t a human, if her biological relative isn’t human then what is she?

“I can’t control his power. The only help I could give you is to use an array to protect this place. Don’t let anyone get close; otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.”

He hastily said to Mu Qian. “Quick! Let the dead cat consume the excess spiritual energy!”

Although most of the time Ah Ting is unreliable, she still believed in him this time.

According to Ah Ting’s direction, Mu Qian began to arrange the array!

When the array was fully formed, her surrounding was hidden by a thick fog.

If it wasn’t for the horrible whirlpool of energy looming in the sky, she would think that there is nothing unusual happening here.

Too many strange things keeps appearing one after another in the Purple Moon Kingdom, it gathered the attention of many strong cultivators and even the Emperor rushed towards the forest outside the capital.

From the start, Mu Wushuang has fallen into a coma; Mu Qian felt someone beside her had silently arrived. She glanced and asked. “Jiu Ye, what happened to Little Uncle?”

Jiu Ye only spat two words. “He’s alright.”

Mu Wushuang was placed on the grass, at this time his silky black hair already turned into silver.

He seemed to wake up from a deep sleep, slowly opening his eyes.

Mu Qian didn’t think that Mu Wushuang’s eyes would also change color, turning into silver and purple. This pair of silver and purple eyes flowed with a myriad of cold light, filled with indifference and contempt.

At the same time, Jiu Ye’s icy-blue eyes went deeper, keeping Mu Qian close to him just to be sure.

In the next moment, when Mu Wushuang opened his eyes again, the strange power that can shake the Heaven and Earth finally dissipated.

Mu Wushuang’s one eye returned to its normal color, but the other one remained the same, silvery purple.

Jiu Ye said in a low voice. “The seal isn’t successfully solved yet?”

Mu Qian was startled. “Seal!”

“Xi’er!” A gentle voice came; Mu Qian felt a familiar ward gaze on her body.

“Little Uncle! Are you alright?” Mu Qian walked swiftly towards Mu Wushuang, examining his eyes carefully.

The toxin had been cleared; aside from the wrong color of his one eye everything else looks normal unlike the previous one where his gaze is dim, this time his gaze is full of gentleness like usual.

Mu Wushuang spoke slowly. “Xi’er, I’m really alright. I let you be worried, my niece sure have grown up!”

His delicate face portraying an extreme tenderness. “Xi’er is really well-behaved, Elder Brother will be very happy if he saw you now.”

“Little Uncle, changing the topic is useless! Tell me what happened earlier!”

In Mu Wushuang’s eyes, a hint of helplessness was seen. He spoke. “Because of special reasons, my eyes were sealed by your grandfather. I didn’t think that by curing my blindness, my seal would also be opened by Xi’er’s elixir. The seal has now broken that’s all, this is nothing to worry about. “

Mu Qian said. “Little Uncle, there is no 300 taels of silver buried here.

(TN: means “those self-assured wise men give themselves away by concealing or covering up the truth.”)

If it wasn’t for that big commotion earlier, she will be continuously be fooled by him like a child kept in the dark.

“Xi’er, you already tried your very best to treat my eyes. I certainly can handle other things myself.” Mu Wushuang said in a coaxing manner, he don’t want to let this child be involved any further.

This time, Ah Ting also persuaded her. “Ugly Woman, listen to him. There are things that you can’t involve for now. You are still too weak; I don’t want to be buried with your stupidity.”

This youth is really unpleasant ah! You’re the one who is more troublesome!


(Jiu Ye silently walking beside Mu Qian.)

Jiu Ye: Hey!

Mu Qian: Ah! Fuck!!!

Jiu Ye: ….

Mu Qian: What’s wrong with you ah!

Jiu Ye: I saw strange things coming from here.

Mu Qian: So?

Jiu Ye: I came here to see.

Mu Qian: Did you see enough?

(Jiu Ye looking at her from top to bottom)

Jiu Ye: Not enough.

Mu Qian: ‘You’re strange! Your sister’s strange!’


(TN: In china, cursing someone often includes their relatives and such. HAHAHA! )

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